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wearable art!! worth the wait, i am sure.
buy...no. but i have one that i like and still wear it on occasion.
the results of any either/or lifestyle choice leaves me cold. being totally relective of norms or being a totally idiosyncentric fashionista leaves out the common sense approach of a midline experience as the higher ideal. by balancing some of each, i might more easily and comfortably reach a balanced personal expression by following a few basic rules and some of my own whimsy.
Quote: Originally Posted by shellshock Unconquerable World by Jonathan Schell for class assignment. BORING so far. absolute claptrap, boring does not cover the terrible overwrought themes, treated with a decided anti american slant
just back in sf after extended biz trip, very sorry to have missed the fun and frivolity. next time...
i guess it depends on where you are going. a friend of mine was stupid enough to wear a gold rolex on a business trip to africa. a couple of the locals noticed and attempted to steal the watch with a machette. that's right ...arm and all. luckily for him, someone came along and helped him out or he would be eating left handed. i always always used a plastic swatch while running around the 3rd world.
Quote: Originally Posted by dkzzzz I would avoid Russian restaurants in US as they are usually a throw back to Soviet era feeding stations for lumpen-proletariat (nostalgic babushka places). A few times that I have been to Moscow I always ate too much. Food in Moscow is great, even cheap fast food is beyond anything I can find here. Pastries and cakes are well worth the visit. It is not your typical crappy muffing or glazed dohnut. BTW, there is...
Quote: Originally Posted by why Russian caviar? Kabobs? Pierogies? Blintzes? It's not all bad. agree, it's not all bad. i have been to russia many times and it was difficult to find great cuisine. of course very different now, given all the $$, so you can find anything you like. years of communist rule forced restaurants to pay attention to needs of the state and not the customer with predictable results. in addition, the farms and ...
i will take #9, paypal pending question on waist, split waist band? take in 1 inch?
i moved often as a boy as my father's job required family mobility. i have always thought of this as an advantage as i was required to face change often and life is full of that. as an adult i continued the family tradition by living in many different places in the us and in the middle east, latin america and eastern and western europe. i have not regretted living this way for a second. i am sure you have heard phrase "an unexamed live isn't worth living". i would add...
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