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Quote: Originally Posted by JetBlast That is right. I rode in the cockpit jumpseat with my uncle serving as Flight Engineer. I don't remember a whole lot of it but the most memorable part of the experience was literally being pushed back into my seat when the afterburners kicked in. Concorde cruised around 56,000 feet most of the time, so the curvature of the earth was apparent. Certainly a glorious aircraft, it's a shame she is no longer flying. It's...
rome, train to venice ...absolutely the two most interesting cities in italy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur Can someone confirm the quality at TM Lewin? i have a number of their shirts and find the quality level to be appropriate for the price levels they charge. don't expect a charvet but you can expect quality workmanship. the slim fit works best for me. i found the regular fit to be a bit boxy. many others i work with wear their shirts and are happy with them.
Quote: Originally Posted by dopey Grant went broke and then wrote his memoirs to make money. Has anyone read them? yes, memoirs is well written. i would recommend his literary work.
if you ski or golf, close to tahoe...
bravo. great "get" on the cloth. ditto comments on your relaxed, comfortable countenance.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Stealing is the Pelosi family business. +1...long and storied history. dreadful group of misanthropes, thinly disguised as do-gooders
i have always had a buring desire to see the world and thought i might as well get paid while doing it. i choose the thunderbird school of global management. it has been ranked #1 in this arena for many years. a speciality school to be sure, but i really enjoyed my time there. lots of interesting peple from all over the world and once you graduate you have a built in network. no matter where i travel i always have contacts who are eager to help. i have owned my own company...
measurements please...
suggest you write a business plan before you take the plunge. check out nxlevel.com (non profit) largest small biz training group in the world dedicated to helping budding entrepreneurs. i am sure they have classes in your state. good luck.
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