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Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu the leather looks like roast beef. yes, english roast beef....overdone
happily bastiat, while undergoing a long standing popularity decline, has not been totally forgotten. the bastiat prize is awaded every year to journalists who exemplify, through their writing, bastialian thoughts on law and society delivered with humor and clarity. i thnik would it be grand if all citizens choose to read a bit of this before they voted. we would all be a bit more clear headed and certainly would be in a happier mood
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt If you think that the 232 years up to March '08 looked anything like the past months, you are kidding yourself. It isn't an Obama deal, it is a complete change in what America means. It fucking sucks. Frankly, and I say this with nothing but kindness, the fact that people think that this is just a continuation of the past, and the fact that people justify this as necessary, and say there is a need for our politicians...
i just returned from my monthly costco visit. found the shoe trees at the novato, ca store near the mens socks.
Quote: Originally Posted by AdamInSF Made by my wife for our wedding two weeks ago. you are a lucky man!!
i think friedman is a writer who really knows his audiance and produces lots of meaningless chatter that's right up the alley of those who frequent cocktail parties in the upper east side, malibu and pacific heights. although i have made it through a column or two, i could never stand that kind of banality for a whole book.
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy I am a member of the Color Association. Three years ago they predicted it would be big in 2008 and an early trend in 2007. The CAUSA is just one of many color groups that provide this trend information to creative industries. It isn't an accident that you can find purple everywhere right now. +1...tremendous influence across many industries/products. well known by insiders, almost completely unknown...
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt That is pretty easy to answer, I think. Their goal with the financial bailout was to avoid financial pain, the future be damned, so they supported it whole hog. Their goal with the auto bailout is to invest in green technology, so they demand green technology clauses. The real issue is that, as the most selfish people to ever walk the face of the earth, they just want what they want, and use bad reasoning to attempt...
beautiful shoes. what a shame you have to let them go... and that they are not my size.
itravel a good bit and a top caot is a real necessity. when istarted my carer i went through a couple of cheap ones rather quickly. i decided to try another avenue and bought a rlpl. that coat has been through hell as a pillow, blanket, carry all and other uses i don't care to mention. i have taken care of it and it still looks and feels great. i still get complements. my advice...wait and find a good one on sale (next spring).
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