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i have worried about having large feet for many years. will wearing kiton or besoke make my feet appear smaller? i have long consider myself a libertarian in good standing and given recent election results and market failures should i: 1. beg congress for forgiveness like my hero did 2. listen to many who consider the market mechanisms dead and join the increduously hopeful or 3. jump off the golden gate? yours, anxious in san francisco
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire I recently listened to a reporter for a national magazine, can't remember which one for sure but think it was Newsweek, that applied to work at WalMart. He was on the NPR morning drive, recounting his experience. His beginning slant was definitely to find flaw with Walmart, but to his amazement, he could not find the flaws he had set out to find. He detailed the hiring process, which was lengthy, and explained how...
i have a buyer question. i won a bid for a jacket and seller is refusing to completing the sale citing too low a final bid as the reason for backing out of deal. the seller did not set a reserve price. any recourse? has this happened to any of you? how was it resolved? thanks
measurements #3; neck and sleeve? thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I like Shelby Steele. +1 s. steele is first rate thinker which is probably why he does not run for office.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt The major change has been that I have lived in a city of whining assholes for the last eight years. Now they remain assholes, but whine less. i would amend as follows: "now they remain assholes and have become giddy cheerleaders, but whine less."
beautiful coloring on the ladbroke!
looking for silver talbott cufflinks in either blue (scalloped pillow or banded stone) or purple (domed beetle, pillowed stone or rotunda). willing to pay $75. thanks, dave
Quote: Originally Posted by idfnl Fought off all challengers last night on ebay for this lovely: congrats!! i like it....beautiful suit.
suit measurements please
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