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measurements #3; neck and sleeve? thanks
beautiful coloring on the ladbroke!
looking for silver talbott cufflinks in either blue (scalloped pillow or banded stone) or purple (domed beetle, pillowed stone or rotunda). willing to pay $75. thanks, dave
Quote: Originally Posted by idfnl Fought off all challengers last night on ebay for this lovely: congrats!! i like it....beautiful suit.
suit measurements please
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu the leather looks like roast beef. yes, english roast beef....overdone
i just returned from my monthly costco visit. found the shoe trees at the novato, ca store near the mens socks.
Quote: Originally Posted by AdamInSF Made by my wife for our wedding two weeks ago. you are a lucky man!!
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy I am a member of the Color Association. Three years ago they predicted it would be big in 2008 and an early trend in 2007. The CAUSA is just one of many color groups that provide this trend information to creative industries. It isn't an accident that you can find purple everywhere right now. +1...tremendous influence across many industries/products. well known by insiders, almost completely unknown...
beautiful shoes. what a shame you have to let them go... and that they are not my size.
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