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Quote: Originally Posted by RSS I'm eager to see Al Franken in the Senate. Never have I given more to an out-of-state political race. It's unlikely I'll be disappointed. it's unlikely the republicans will be disappointed either, given frankens propensity to blurt out inane comments. the opportunity for some real comedy in the senate has been made real. i am eager for that as well he will become another poster child alongside ...
pm on orian 15.75 orange blue button down...sleeve length?
paypal for 19 and 20 weds. am
pay pal for #12, 36w mabitex today
pm on light blue 36 incotex
superb!! thanks for posting the photos...
pm sent on 36 incotex for zegna, light weight/color
dpw (department of public works)....
tried to pm but couldn't so i will take mabitex 36 khaki if suitble for spring/summer and isaia 15.75 blue shirt if still available
fewer charities and non profits = more dependance on government look to europe where this has allready happened. people expect to be taxed and give very little. noble impulse extinguished. more power in the hands of state and federal government and less free choice for individual citizens as to where their money goes.
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