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If I were you I would direct him to NxLevel Educational Foundation , the largest entrepreneurship training organization in the world. It's a non profit that produces business planning materials and runs classes (nationally) in how to use them. Starting a business without a business plan would probably not be very wise. Going through this process would be helpful to any start up business person.
pm on orian 15.75 orange blue button down...sleeve length?
paypal for 19 and 20 weds. am
pay pal for #12, 36w mabitex today
pm on light blue 36 incotex
superb!! thanks for posting the photos...
pm sent on 36 incotex for zegna, light weight/color
tried to pm but couldn't so i will take mabitex 36 khaki if suitble for spring/summer and isaia 15.75 blue shirt if still available
i have worried about having large feet for many years. will wearing kiton or besoke make my feet appear smaller? i have long consider myself a libertarian in good standing and given recent election results and market failures should i: 1. beg congress for forgiveness like my hero did 2. listen to many who consider the market mechanisms dead and join the increduously hopeful or 3. jump off the golden gate? yours, anxious in san francisco
i have a buyer question. i won a bid for a jacket and seller is refusing to completing the sale citing too low a final bid as the reason for backing out of deal. the seller did not set a reserve price. any recourse? has this happened to any of you? how was it resolved? thanks
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