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oh, i see... the government pays, subsidizes or it's free, how nice. were do taxpayers fit in this equation?
pm sent
i wonder if Babs Boxer can fit under that bus as well? Birds of a feather and all that...
Jeremy Brett did a wonderful job of teasing out my ideal Holmes
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Typical NYTimes reader. Friedman seriousness echos through the corridors of the upper East Side, down the canyons to the beaches in Malibu, and resonates in cozy Marin county homes nestled near Mt Tamalpias.
Quote: Originally Posted by fuji I was there a few weeks ago and whilst there wasn't any good clothes stores there was a great restaurant called Les Caracoles. The address is Escudellers 14. i have been to les caracoles many times, well worth the visit
i suggest a ferry ride to sausalito. cheap entertainment, beautiful views...
Quote: Originally Posted by comrade Again, anyone Battistoni? Battistoni is a fav of mine...
valentino db measurements please
beautiful shoe
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