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valentino db measurements please
beautiful shoe
pm #1 (EU 54) and #9
congrats... beautiful shoe!
into the minds of many, leaps the genius of one
since visa went public they have been working on developing and introducing credit card enhancements. they come in bundles depending on bank/type of card. some are inclusive, some are opt in. for those (like me) who travel these benefits are very useful. they are going after amex in a very aggressive manor whereby this new competiution can benefit consumers. in addition, they will be offering alot of "deals" on things you might choose to use the card for such as...
2nd on sue fisher king... interesitng things, very nice lady
pm i will take the pants
a = what happens while smoken a odd bit of canabis, then looking through girls friends unmentionables for a shirt? b = been home on the plantation "cookin up a batch of wired". then, off the farm looking for a free meal or two... to fatten up
i really like the stiching on the Suede...good thinking on your part and well executed by EG
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