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what is orange boss made of? poly, cotton or fleece? thx
good info here as i am about to list a few items for sale. thx to all who contributed. dpw
i like earnest but don't know one from the other from the other... so are these relaxed fit or slim? or put another way; what is hutch? thx, dpw
anyonr have experince in shipping topcoats, large winter coats, that is type of box etc ? i am going to sell some this fall.
i live in sausalito, just across the bay from san francisco. suggest you take a ferry ride from sf to sausalito around lunch time. grand views of the golden gate bridge and alcatraz island. stop at gene hiller. a very good men's store. it would be an afternoon well spent.
room to let out saks orange waist 1 inch? do u still have shark pants, size 34? same question, 1 inch? thanks, dpw
are they light, medium or heavy weight fabric? thx, dpw
pls post measurements for zilleri dark grey jacket...thanks, dpw
look on web for they may have classes in your area...great business plan material for small companies
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