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Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Grimslade would say that Brooks was always this dumb. brooks does not have much of a brain to drain....which is why he is such a fav on npr, nyt's etc
the economist was, is and will always be a firm believer in large stake for gov action in economy. all you need to do is read a few of their stories on various countiries and look to emphasis in articles on gov. programes, actions etc little or no mention on private sector in weekly country by country analysis. still not sure look at ads, all about ngo's, gov jobs etc
i have been travelling fro the past few weeks but i see matt as brought us back to the central issues again. may i suggest amity shales new book 'the forgotton man, a new history..". good read on hoover, fdr, new deal, class warfare and results of gov. policies on recovery after great depression.
"obama tax plan said to cut into aportnoy 2009 pedocon purchase plan"
by almost every measure, economic fundamentals (growth rate, unemployment, productivity etc) are sound and although there is a crisis in financial markets price of oil is falling, exports are booming and corporate investment in many sectors is beginning to pick up again. depite the fact that many dem pols don't know or care about the actual definition of a recession we are not, as yet, in one.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Perhaps no one is picking up on it because the source is a random Iraqi government minister. I don't think this is true. But I could be wrong. Zebrai, a kurd educated in engalnd and jordan, is not exactly a random official. he is the foreign minister of iraq and as such is the person in government responsible for international affairs. and and yes, when he speaks, he should be taken seriously as he...
there has been movement towards this type of bifurcated legal system in england for some time. multicultuturalists see this as necessary to prove equality between various cultural mores. given the importance of the english legal system over the centuries (the magna carta comes to mind), in my view this is a base blow to englands place in western civilization and the beginnnig of a reversal of a practiced, proud, and practical legal system. and yes, a very sad day... i say...
party talking points smack down... in one corner, mr hannity, king of right wing swing. the grand interupter and always armed with 1 issue he will beat to death. in the other corner, mr olberman, sportscaster extraordinaire. one fast talker and originator of the worst "bush co-conspirator in the world" contest can you imagine the absolute lack of original thought? mindboggling
i guess it depends on where you are going. a friend of mine was stupid enough to wear a gold rolex on a business trip to africa. a couple of the locals noticed and attempted to steal the watch with a machette. that's right ...arm and all. luckily for him, someone came along and helped him out or he would be eating left handed. i always always used a plastic swatch while running around the 3rd world.
palin's experience in family business (fishing) vrs obamas tax plan to use sucessful small business people as a cash machine for income distribution policies really illustrates the vast difference in outlook on economic growth as driver of usa prosperity
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