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Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy Clueless...The expenses that go into researching and prodcuing a text book are enourmous. The business model sucks as you sink the prepublication and research expenses before you sell a single copy. Plus, your local campus bookstor is making a huge profit on the sale to you, not the publisher. Disclosure...I work (and have worked) for McGraw-Hill for 10+ years. Disclosure: writing textbooks is...
also love the blue - green and have one much like this made by brioni
Ben: I bought a Brioni, 40R in an oatmeal color from you about 2 years ago. It is such an unusual color and I always get complimnets on it. Thanks for the great service and a beautiful suit. dpw
Quote: Originally Posted by Fred49 close up battistoni shirt collar is grand underrated maker imo
oh, i see... the government pays, subsidizes or it's free, how nice. were do taxpayers fit in this equation?
pm sent
Jeremy Brett did a wonderful job of teasing out my ideal Holmes
Quote: Originally Posted by fuji I was there a few weeks ago and whilst there wasn't any good clothes stores there was a great restaurant called Les Caracoles. The address is Escudellers 14. i have been to les caracoles many times, well worth the visit
i suggest a ferry ride to sausalito. cheap entertainment, beautiful views...
Quote: Originally Posted by comrade Again, anyone Battistoni? Battistoni is a fav of mine...
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