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suggest you begin to read your way into biz start up. try Kauffman Foundation for Entrepreneurship, VentureBeat and NxLevel for biz plans
does anyone know what brand of watch andrew zimmern wears on his tv show (bizarre foods)? i like the look of an orange, yellow or blue watch w/casual wear. any suggestions for this type of watch?
my brother lived there for a short time. great outdoor life w/golf, camping, mtn and road biking galore. skiing close by. food culture is improving. university in town so that is available to you. climate is great, warm not hot in summer. not too cold in winter. loads of 20's and 30's around working in tech. you are isolated from metropolitan usa but many go there for that very reason. conservative politics. cost of living is reasonable so great place to save some money,...
Quickbooks is my pick. Also suggest you take a class in small biz. Try NxLevel, a nonprofit and largest entrepreneurship training organization in world. Look on their website for classes in your area. Well worth the time and effort.
i have the green polos, very comfy, lots of compliments.
i have the first shirt listed and can recomd, wonderful fabric.
Quote: Originally Posted by southernstyle guy looks like my old boss, former sec of state george schultz
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger At home sick so we ordered in Middle Eastern...fitting as I have no problem with a Mosque at Ground Zero, but seriously, any Americans here NOT have turkey today? Usually we do, but with some homemade manicotti, miss that today for sure! What non-traditional Thanksgiving food do you eat? home sick in sf bay area so we ordered in crabs, fitting as we have no problems with the clap
if you want more than personal opinions: kauffmanfoundation if you want to do a biz plan:
i like the barba buonomassa. much better fit for me. i think quality is about the same but euro barba is harder to get in usa. get mine via travelling.
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