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Price sounds right. I have them now. Braces suck but are a worthwhile investment. It's weird to get used to when you look like an adult but have the teeth of a preteen. Once you get over that though, it's not bad.
What the preferred body shops do is an estimate that doesn't require sending out an investigator. If you keep the car at the current shop, your ins will have to pay the shop a storage fee. They'll also send out an investigator to assess the damages and write a quote for repair. This guy only looks at visible damages. When he writes an estimate it is ofr how much damage he sees. If the shop finds more, they call the insurance company and it's a pay as you go thing. ...
Going to buy the wife a new camera tomorrow. Looked at the Oly E520 vs the D40, and liked the features of the E520 better for same price. The shop I'm going to just got some D3000s in too so I'll check those out, it's $100 more. Anybody got any suggestions or feelings either way? Thanks.
Price drop 200 shipped
No side effects for me, but like the above poster I lost the weight over an extended period of time. I don't know how much difference age makes, but I'm sure being in my twenties doesn't hurt.
Quote: Originally Posted by audiophilia Merry Edwards 2005 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir Meredith Estate Really good stuff. I've got a bottle of 06 Meredith on my rack now, it is awesome, any opinions on the others? Last time I was in there they only had 2 bottles open for tasting. Quote: Originally Posted by audiophilia The colour of this Shiraz looks divine. Want to dive in! If you like Shiraz, give...
Hey audio, I saw you mention Merry Edwards pinot as one of your favorites. Which one? I love their Olivet Lane, and I'm going to head over there soon to pick up some more and would like some recs. Thanks!
It's awesome hearing people's stories. It pumps me up and helps keep ME motivated. Thanks for the props too everyone. Quote: Originally Posted by BP348 I've wondered about WW as well. I have a friend who does the nutri system diet and he really likes it. I was thinking about trying that. Wish I could say loosing weigt is easy. I have a really hard time loosing weight. If you're wondering about WW, give it a try. It's not expensive...
I have to say cutting back on my drinking helped me as well. I learned early on that babies don't give a shit if you have a hangover.
Hi everybody. Recently I posted a suit for sale and stated I had lost a bunch of weight and it no longer fit. Several people pm'd me asking how I lost the weight, so I figured I'd make a post telling about my experience and figured others who have done it can post what they did too! Enjoy: I had starting getting out of shape a couple years ago and last summer had balloned to 235 during my wife's pregnancy (I'm 6'1"). After my daughter was born at the end of last year...
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