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Measurements on the Ferretti? Shoulders, Pit-to-Pit, Waist? Thanks!
Interested in measurements.
Depends on the fabric, but I think in the range of $100-200.
+1 on not using too much water and building up the layers very gradually. Also, cloth needs to be very fine and lint free (I use an old tie). Otherwise, it will not create a mirror finish as easily. Take your time and you will feel it "slip" once it's starting to happen.
I would say that asking permission and explaining how you intend to use the photographs seem to keep you within ethical boundaries.
The only advantage I can see is that, if you are drunk or asleep, the conductor can easily punch your ticket and replace it without disturbing you. Otherwise, hate it.
Rugged Old Salt. Most Exerent. Edit. Didn't notice the necrobump.
A man of style and a true gentleman. His wit and advice lifts you up to where you should be in making style relaxed and playful.
It would be great to have an indication of whether you are drawing from ready made stock (assuming 9 cm, 3-fold ) or a custom make up.
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