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Oxxford Clothes Gray Suit in Super 150s multi-pinstripe. Versatile wardrobe staple. Top notch maker that needs no introduction here with all handmade construction throughout. Beautiful soft drape and classic details including hand sewn working buttonholes added by Field's English Tailors Washington, DC. Asking $275. Measurements: Jacket Chest: 20.5" Waist: 19.25" Shoulder: 18.25" Length BoC: 29.25" Sleeves (working button holes) Left: 23 3/8" (with 1.5-2" additional...
Agree on the 82/888 alignment. The 202 in 8 UK E fitting is quite good for me, but because of my longer toes, I do also like the 82 and 888 for the additional toe box length. The 202 seems to accommodate my longer toes with the width of the toe box. I would agree the 82/888 are slightly narrower in the toe box than the 202. The 808 is similar to the 888 while being more narrow in the waist as well.
OK, thanks. I too prefer the lighter dark oak.
I'm a fan of both Burnt Pine and Dark Oak, but when did batches get darker? Is this a recent and intentional move on Edward Green's part or an anomaly?
Great combo!
The definition of insanity is buying Ravello again and again and getting the same delicious results!
Updated with last details.
Up for sale is a New in Box classic staple Alden for Brooks Brothers punch cap toe US 8.5D in color #8. The shoes are new and unworn, but do have slight shop wear from being tried on carpet. The #8 color on these is superb! I also had flush metal toe protectors professionally installed by Sky Valet in Washington, DC. These retail for $650 at Brooks Brothers Yours for $425 plus shipping CONUS. Comes with original box and flannel shoe bags. Snap last - unique to Brooks...
New Posts  All Forums: