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I'm hoping that isn't the case with the two suits I ordered, as I haven't gotten a shipping notification yet.
Got a Washington light grey stripe and Havana blue check, thought about going overboard with these prices but no returns made me restrain myself
Hmmm, those bespoke lobb look like they might just fit one of us wide footed gents.
iirc, Vass did not like using Dainite soles originally because they were not having desirable results with them. They've since been stitching a section at the toes and gluing the rest with much better results, to my understanding. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong, as this was discussed sometime ago.
how would this help him?
I got real excited for a minute when you said suede loafers since AE currently is pretty limited with loafers in suede (only Cavanaugh and sea island). I then saw the pictures
I could be wrong but I believe they said they weren't comfortable working with it when other makers were having problems with the finish coming off.
I'd still go 41.5, especially with a chukka. You could always wear thicker socks if it's a hair big, but I'd rather have that then too small and uncomfortable.
But do you actually mean wholecuts or are you just referrino to balmorals/oxfords? The problem is you won't get much use from those shoes after your wedding day.
I would consider the 3 eyelet derby on U last in a darker color like oxblood or dark brown. I think it's a versatile shoe and you'd get more use out of it after your wedding.
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