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Would you mind showing us some pictures? I ask because I also have a pair of extra wide rain and dont believe mine look at all like the detroit last or are much more rounded than normal width.
they don't, and from my understanding they may not have a whole lot of it. They dont currently make any shoes using navy calf but Allison once mentioned they had some in stock. Not sure whether they would even have enough depending on how many people commit to the GMTO.
Does Carmina actually have a burgundy grain? I've not seen any makeups that use it. I might be interested but I'd prefer a two or three eyelet derby in grain leather. Personally, I think that JL works because the grain seems pretty tight. I'm not sure whether it would look quite as good with the grain Carmina uses since its a captoe oxford and would be formal but a more casual leather.
I'm well aware of the concept but this isnt your typical GMTO when AE has never done one and we are told the pricing depends on the number of orders.
AE has not done GMTOs before so they dont know what everyone else is doing price-wise. Its my understanding from watchidiot's post that Paul might actually give us a price below retail depending on the number of orders.
43. @rc121 EC in navy, merlot or brown grain
AE will not let u change lasts, so none of these ideas will work
Paul already confirmed they could do these styles
I'd do the EC makeup just like tjyoung had it, but would be willing to do it in navy or chili grain and a dainite/mini lug
8G or 8.5F Anything but black, suede, loafer, or on TG or Deco last. £250 one pair
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