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If when you say normal wide you mean one width up (Vass G width), they also have H width in most lasts including the F last.
It was a joke since you linked the exact same auction as the post above...
Can someone else link the auction again?
So get a U last in a wider width?
Anyone still waiting on the Chili EC? haven't heard anything on status and I know some people have received theirs or at least an update on a remake.
or polo suede
Anyone interested in a poor man's Dover? Parkway in bitter chocolate or snuff suede. I was not a huge fan of the parkway from the pics on AE's site, but they are definitely much better looking up in real life and one of my favorite pairs.
If it were me ordering my first pair of vass, I would not start with K last if you're worried about width since it has the least room in the toe box. Just a suggestion
I'm an 8EEE in AE and a 7.5 extra wide in carmina rain, although the rain is still not quite wide enough. I have a 40.5 H width in F last that is a bit too snug, but I should have gotten a 41 since that would equate to an 8 US. I think the 41 H would have been perfect.A 43 H on f last should work just fine for you, generally speaking.
I see one G width, more than expected I guess
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