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I dont know but i'd love it if they could make some of my pairs "incorrectly" on the 8 last
no offense, but if you were a 3EEE, you'd realize that even the most generous last won't fit you in your normal size. I did a carmina MTO for the wide version of rain, went a half size up, and it still really wasn't wide enough.
those truffle McGraw loafers in 8EEE have been there forever. They disappeared for a brief period and then returned shortly thereafter. I'm assuming that there must be a pretty obvious flaw, but who knows.
And RE: some delay in communication by Tom, I wouldn't read too much into it, i think he's just a busy guy.
Tom (notch) was great to work with when I ordered my pair with him about 1.5 years ago. However, he mentioned some changes happening since he was doing such a high volume (i.e. having to register for VAT reductions when shipping out of the EU). So not sure the process right now, but I'd shoot him a pm and ask. I wouldn't hesitate to go through him again if I needed to, although I would try to give business to NMWA since they werent around when I ordered my first pair
for real!
yep, I've done quite a few of these through AMEX. This still might be helpful to other first timers though so probably good to post.
Has anyone paid for a GMTO with a gift card? I want to take advantage of the AMEX deal so I was going to go buy a $200 gift card since the new ER orders likely wont be ready before January 1. Will Allison contact us before charging our cc or do I need to submit the gift card to her now with the payment information?
I've just been planning on sticking with the same size of all my other pairs, 8EEE, since it can't get any wider and I dont think I could go from 3E to an E. Any other 3E's find a different size to work out?
This was my first inquiry to Alison when the SF discount started, an austerity McClain. The McClain was my first pair of AE and still my favorite and best fitting pair. She responded that they would not remove the broguing or pinking from the design of any shoe. Apparently, this stance has softened over the last few months, so could be worth a try.
New Posts  All Forums: