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I got real excited for a minute when you said suede loafers since AE currently is pretty limited with loafers in suede (only Cavanaugh and sea island). I then saw the pictures
I could be wrong but I believe they said they weren't comfortable working with it when other makers were having problems with the finish coming off.
I'd still go 41.5, especially with a chukka. You could always wear thicker socks if it's a hair big, but I'd rather have that then too small and uncomfortable.
But do you actually mean wholecuts or are you just referrino to balmorals/oxfords? The problem is you won't get much use from those shoes after your wedding day.
I would consider the 3 eyelet derby on U last in a darker color like oxblood or dark brown. I think it's a versatile shoe and you'd get more use out of it after your wedding.
Anything in E or EE
where is the stitch located? From the picture you posted, it looks like a piece of canvas with a loose thread, way different than burning a loose welt thread or stitching on leather.
@Manuel nice of you to share but this is an affiliate thread for gentlemensfootwear.com. I'd recommend starting a new thread or posting in the shoemaker thread.
he doesn't have a website, you have to email him. His email address has been posted above.
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