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I'm thinking an H width if they have it, I tried on a 7.5G (which is about a half size up for me) and I think a 7H would be about right
Go to Google translate and paste the link?
what do you wear in other brands/lasts? I measured my feet as it said and my measurements are way off the chart. 255mm width (by using their method) and 265 in length. I am a 3E in Us sizing so I get the width issue, but the shortest length is 270 and that's a UK 6.
I'd be interested in a suede grayson...
Anyone else on the chili grain Eagle county not get offered seconds pricing? I received mine yesterday and they've got the same minor wrinkling issue. I'd consider them firsts but wouldn't say no to $100 back like everyone else got. Just wondering how consistent the seconds issue was for others.
If when you say normal wide you mean one width up (Vass G width), they also have H width in most lasts including the F last.
It was a joke since you linked the exact same auction as the post above...
Can someone else link the auction again?
So get a U last in a wider width?
Anyone still waiting on the Chili EC? haven't heard anything on status and I know some people have received theirs or at least an update on a remake.
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