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Say what?
Carmina does make narrow width in certain lasts, but good luck getting them without going MTO. EE width is actually standard width for certain lasts like Rain and Detroit, while Rain can also be ordered in wide (EEE) and narrow (D). https://www.carminashoemaker.us/about-last
SC Pants Shoes
how do you find the p2 and F last fit in the same size? In the pics, the p2 looks substantially wider.
relatively wide feet? If you can wear a D width in all of those lasts, you'd likely be a standard width in most Vass lasts.
I was originally worried before I received my stuff that if any of it was damaged they would try to offer a credit. As you said, a $200 credit to buy their regular priced stuff doesn't get you very far and isn't equal. I'd either stand firm with the request for a refund, a replacement of the similar suit/jacket, or just do a credit card dispute.
terrible looking...In all seriousness, I think it looks great beyond the issue with the sleeves you mentioned.
And now we realize who the real problem was...
I'm hoping that isn't the case with the two suits I ordered, as I haven't gotten a shipping notification yet.
Got a Washington light grey stripe and Havana blue check, thought about going overboard with these prices but no returns made me restrain myself
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