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my maid hand washes my boxers while I'm still wearing them.
I'm a little surprised at these measurements as well, as I have a 40.5 in the F last and am pretty sure mine measure 4.25" width. The really scary part is that mine are H width, so either Ironist is measuring his differently or he got a really bad pair that does not follow the standard last.
I get the point of chukkas, just not these chukkas. The captoe instead of a plaintoe takes it out of the casual realm for me.
iirc, if you paid cash in the shop they gave you the price minus VAT. I believe that's what Notch did, plus he got a larger discount for buying multiple pairs at the same time. Couldn't hurt to ask Mr Kuti
Have most other non-super skinny people had to size up in Eidos suits/sportcoat? I'm normally a 40 in pretty much everything but I found the arms to be way too slim and the chest also quite small. The 52 fit perfectly and how I would expect a 50/40 to fit.
I agree wholeheartedly. Everyone seems to love the TG73, but I find it far more aggressive than the U and would prefer the U or MH71 over it any day. To each his own...
whats the leather on the monkstrap, the second picture?
Anyone have experience with C&J G width? Particularly interested in the 325 last and what might be some equivalent sizing in other brands.
What last is the Gianni on? I assumed 325 but couldn't find confirmation.
Not this again...
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