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Dont size up if you dont have to, Vass is available in various widths for their different lasts so just go up a width rather than length. 42.5G would be a 9.5E US.
Why go 43? 8 or 8.5 UK would be 42 or 42.5
I'm not sure that is accurate, it only says they are not eligible for AE recrafting. They are goodyear welted so one would think a cobbler should be able to resole them
@armsignet even got the socks to match, O H
@Leaves is H width available in St Crispins?
How about a norweger on f or p2? Its an iconic Vass model and I'd say its pretty versatile. I'd suggest cognac scotch grain since you dont seem to have anything in grain leather (unless your lindrick is grain and not shell).
Go to the normal suit supply website, click on menu and then on ship to/language and set location to one of the EU countries above (Netherlands, France, etc.). You can leave language at English. Close that window and then click on the outlet link http://eu.suitsupply.com/fr/outlet It should now let u access the outlet, this worked for me and many others.
Seemed to work fine for me when I changed it to the Netherlands, but not Sweden
or you could just change your location on the suit supply site to EU and then login to the outlet...
Beautiful jackets, is the gun club purple and black? Its a little tough to tell from the pictures, just wanted to confirm.
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