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I'm an 8 3E but those have been on the website ever since shoebank.com opened, so either there is a substantial flaw or they don't really exist
I definitely thought they were GG at first glance
I certainly did, but I can still see how it would be offensive to some
@Leaves does bonafe have a tanker boot?
Wow, like this a lot more than the Norwich. This was on the new 2102 last, or was it a different last?
I know they do have wide versions of Rain and I believe forest, but they are probably more equivalent to a US E. They don't have anything to would reach to G or H to my knowledge (when I asked about a year ago). It was also recently relayed that all pairs in a GMTO must be the same width, per Betty, which really lowers the possibility of getting 6 participants.
But how else could you get 1 million posts by saying the same thing over and over again?
F is standard width for Vass, so you'd want G width if u want a wide
there was not one at Biltmore, I think they were limited to the high volume stores in large markets
Looks like it just means metal toe taps with the topy installed over it.
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