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Beautiful jackets, is the gun club purple and black? Its a little tough to tell from the pictures, just wanted to confirm.
if I'm not mistaken, the darker pair is EG Dover
Didn't you order a wide width? Did you find the heel to be too wide? My OEII have a very snug heel and they are an H width, much better than my wide width Carmina which got very sloppy in the heel.
why not order a wider width in any of the other lasts?
or a half size difference...or the actual UK size...
while it is confusing, it might actually be consistent in this case. Based on the fit, it very well could be a UK 8.5D which would correspond with the insole markings. The confusing part is that one would think a shoe from Barneys would be in US sizing.Now the Cavendish on the other hand is labeled as a 9D and is definitely a half size down from the Wycombe. So I'm assuming they properly adjusted the sizing for that pair. Unfortunately, the insole liner is covering up...
The Wycombe is indeed labeled 8.5 and 4 on the insole.I would have to estimate that, based on the fit, its at least a 9 US if not a 9.5 US
I was very excited about trying out EB but the 946 last is apparently the only one they make in H width. I think the extra wide width adds to the extreme chisel and makes it way too aggressive for my taste.
What has the experience been on US sizing for C&J from Barneys? I bought a Wycombe marked 8.5D and a Cavendish 2 in 9D but the Wycombe feels quite a bit bigger/longer where the Cavendish fits well and even snug over the instep. Would these still equate to a UK 7.5E and 8E or is this not accurate? I'm normally an 8EE/EEE in AE, and I thought there was no way the Wycombe would be large enough for my wide feet, but the facings were actually touching.
love them without the medallion, the toecap is so much better proportioned than the park or fifth avenue
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