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Not this again...
if u want to get technical, I'd call it nails in the bottom of a shoe
Its on the 363 last and, last I checked, was 4400 SEK
Well that sucks for me, as I was pretty interested in getting something. I was surprised that Dean did not respond to my message (it was someone else), so I'd tend to believe him over whoever responded to my inquiry.
September 1st
when did u get this? When I emailed them they told me all samples had been sold
indeed it does sound insane, its a stock model that's supposed to arrive sometime this month. Very eager to see the end result
Any news on the Bonafe baby lama chukkas?
Just wanted to say thanks to this thread, I'm the proud new owner of a navy chalk stripe suit that I picked up from Bloomingdale's in SF. Picking it up later this week, and there was only one sportcoat left in a 50R but the price was like $205 with all of the discounts they are offering.
Has anyone done a MTO with brown grain yet? I might hop in to make 12 but I'm curious as to how it will look. I've already got a pair in an older version of chili grain, which appears closer to brown than the regular chili color. Just wondering how much different this brown grain would be.
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