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Not doubting you, but where are you seeing the size to confirm it is a 43 vs. 42.5? I ask because if its what the shoe trees have marked on them, I believe they only have whole sizes. I dont think my shoes have any marking of size on them except on the trees.
I wouldn't worry about it, he's a busy guy but its worth it in the end
there is an H width on the 946 last, at least that's what I was told
EE is standard width for rain and it is offered in an extra wide 3E, but GMTO must all be the same width so you can't feasibly get a 3E.
@Ironist specs on the pair in the third pic? Great collection
new customers cannot order direct
this is my concern. On the 325 last (marlow wingtip), I still had to size up to a US 9. If we are talking about getting a group together to order something, the point would be to get it in a wide width, not order where we all have to size up.
I guess my point was that this would be an opportunity for us wide footed guys to order shoes that actually fit, as opposed to ordering Carmina's that are wider than standard but not really 3E. Vass and C&J do a true H/G width which I think would be more equivalent to a 3E. In my opinion, the wide version of rain brings it to an E width and then you'd still have to size up .5 to get a "poor mans" 2E.
Those are awesome Stevent!
Hmmm, I was not under this impression. I'm pretty sure the width was the only thing that could be changed on the whiskey shell GMTO's, but not 100%.
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