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thisIf you really want a pair, I'd order several sizes
Ordered the Penzance in dark grey cashmere suede in 8EE, they are on the 1105 last. I couldn't find much on the 1105 last so I'm hoping that they fit but at $300 plus shipping, it's well worth the chance.
wow, great choice on the colors and suede/leather combo
do you mean cognac? Never heard of them stocking terracotta
I think it's safe to say he means he can't tighten the laces anymore since the laces are fully closed, and the shoes are too loose.
Wouldn't this be a US 8?
Anyone with the EC/ER find a good pair of replacement laces? I'd love to pick up some Alden replicas (flat waxed) but have heard conflicting opinions on different options. Anyone with a good source and what would the size (width and length) be?
Am also curious although I believe we want H width, as F is standard for AS
Admittedly, I am not a loafer guy although I'm warming to the idea. But I would rock these in a heartbeat, well done.
if I recall correctly the difference in the OE2 and OE1 has nothing to do with the broguing but whether the seams on the quarter touch the welt. If you want no broguing, you ask for the OE plain
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