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pics or it didn't happen
So how does this whole luxeswap "store" thing work? When I go in, am I only bidding against other people in the store or can I bid over the phone? Or is this a 40 year old virgin type store where I can't actually buy anything in person but you sell it on ebay?
Wanted to get your thoughts on this issue I've had with my pair of Parkways. It appears that the welt and outsole have totally separated on a large portion on the outside of the right shoe. The left shoe looks fine and neither shoe shows excessive wear on the soles or needs to be recrafted other than because of this. Do you think this would be an issue to bring up to AE customer service? Or have I just worn through the stitching on that side and it needs to be recrafted?
Good luck on the new venture Tom! Out of curiosity for us wide (or even narrow) footed gents, are we able to order wider widths from what you stock in store or would this require a MTO and additional fee?
I see lots of 3 button jackets buttoned just fine, and the 3 roll 2 jackets buttoned on the second button "as intended".
Is it just me or do those Sutor Mantellasi chukkas run much larger than a normal US 8?
@bdavro23 do the Nordstroms around you carry eidos? I don't expect the NR around here to get any if our nordstrom doesn't even carry it.
Say what?
Carmina does make narrow width in certain lasts, but good luck getting them without going MTO. EE width is actually standard width for certain lasts like Rain and Detroit, while Rain can also be ordered in wide (EEE) and narrow (D). https://www.carminashoemaker.us/about-last
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