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I feel like this is related enough to post here. Every Thursday night when the auctions go live, I check ebay and browse by category. For some reason my eBay app on both my phone and tablet no longer allow me to filter by category. Anyone else had this issue? It makes it really difficult to browse now.
what is this pair and what leather? love it
the pricing is good and bad. At this level, most of the pieces are not worth it for resellers. It also stopped me from buying things I dont really need. If you were looking for something specific and it shows up though, i think its still a good deal.
bought the same washington light grey stripe last year for $199, now $249
what last is it on and what is the leather color per Vass?
doesnt mean you won't get charged the processing/handling fees by the carrier though, but that is relatively small in comparison
not for the US outlet which is still not open...
just got an email that the outlet opened and got all excited, still says unavailable. Must have signed up for notification of the eu outlet last time.
based on what evidence?
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