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Hi. Are they still available? how much shipped to Singapore? D.
Datejust on Alligator on Me.
I concur. Was worried about the 36mm size since I was used to 42mms and 46mm BR01-94 But the DJ is sublime. The fluted bezel makes the DJ wear a little bigger. A contrasting dark leather strap also makes it look bigger than its 36mm. Quote: Originally Posted by ArliHawk` I think unless your wrists are >8.25 inches, you can rock the classic datejust. 36mm is more than sufficient for most people. I know I am looking forward to getting my...
Vintage Datejust 1601 Circa 1969 On an Antique Brown Alligator Strap by My Bro Aaron.
incredible price on the barkers!
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent They look unbelievably good value. What's the leather quality like? At that price, order one and try it one out! Thinking about getting the 'batchel' in black or navy.
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc ^That's really spiffy. Love the colors and the minimal, slim style... though I'd never be able to use those colors myself. What is the bag?
C&J Cliffords
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