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Stupid cheap Loro Piana Blazer on Yoox http://www.yoox.com/us/49170090TC/item#dept=men&sts=sr_men80&cod10=49170090TC&sizeId=5
New G&G Cambridge Brown Suede for $520 size 9.5 only https://shop.mitchellstores.com/products/898699-gaziano-and-girling-dress
One would think...I tried calling Britex to see if they might know of someone and they don't either
Here's an example of their work. Hard to beat for $1-$2/hole
Called them today. They said they do not do buttonholes, and referred me to Taraval Tailors who also told me they don't do buttonholes. The quest continues...
I have walked in there many times with jackets, never had any issues.
Thank you for your contribution. Very insightful...Happy to post a photo later tonight.
Thank you, will give them a go.Definitely open to good machine made holes as well.
Fair enough...The cuffs are unfinished, otherwise it would be a non-issue.
Not looking to debate the merits of a $12 buttonhole vs. an $8 buttonhole vs. a $2 butthonhole. I agree there is a difference, but I've got a couple of relatively inexpensive jackets that do not warrant $12 buttonholes. In this particularly case, the cheaper, the better.
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