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I would love to get some opinions on what you think is a fair resolution to this situation as I've never dealt with purchasing a second hand high end watch like this before. I recently purchased a Blancpain Villeret Chronograph 18K gold watch from an international dealer online. The seller, who has a good reputation based on what I could find online, assured me that the watch was in great condition, kept good time and did not have any issues and also offers a one year...
any leather outerwear?
43- is a 43.5
I own 4 pairs of Brioni made by Lattanzi. The outsole on his pair looks the same as every pair that I own. I believe that he has misquoted the retail price. I told him they are made by Lattanzi.
Someone please buy this guy's Lattanzi shoes http://www.styleforum.net/t/374881/shoe-clearance-lovely-brioni-antiqued-oxford-sz-11-lightly-used
I'd suggest throwing these up on ebay. You'll probably get more for them there anyway. Or you could have spoo (luxeswap.com) consign them for you if you don't want to sell on ebay. I'm sure he'd be happy to sell these for you. If they were my size, these would be gone by now.
Those are Lattanzi. Someone should buy these asap
These might be Lattanzi. Can you provide pictures of the entire bottom of the shoe? If they are Lattanzi, this is a screaming deal...too bad they aren't my size.
I am not using the Studio 20's as rear speakers. I basically have a very wide room with plenty of space between the tv and couch. I have all 5 speakers set up facing toward me. I'm currently debating between going with a Marantz and H/K. I personally cannot justify selling the Studio 20's, 40's and center channel to buy a single higher quality pair of speakers. Having the broad range of speakers in front of me makes it feel like the sound is filling the room (I cannot...
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