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Cavs trying to ttrade Haywood for J Crossover, now Doc has definitely gone lost his mind if he pulls the trigger on that shit.
And why are the Cavs trying to get Joe Johnson?
Looks like the Lakers got Lou Williams and Brandon Bass. Bass seems like a good addition but Lou seems redundant with Swaggy P. Imagine the shot selection between those two then add Kobe and maybe even the new rookie PG? yeesh
^ ^ ^ I think it still all depends on Parker's health. I still feel that without at least a healthy Parker, no chips for them. On another note, Lakers getting Hibbert. I hate Hibbert but I think the Clips should gun for him at least, there's a very small chance that dude could come back to his old form in a new place. As for the Lakers, they're probably regretting passing on Okafor now.
Clips might get the Shaqtin-a-Fool champ.
Really no surprise there, that was his #1 option.Looks like they also want to add David West but I think he'd have to take a pay cut for his best chance at a chip.Also, Cuban on Deandre.
Upcoming Tubulars
Get ready to get all your geek panties wet if this is even slightly true.
Can't beleive Beverley stayed with the Rockets for 4 years/$25m, somewhat of a bargain there just because I think they would have been a much, much better team in the post season had he not been hurt. He was the key in guarding all these PGs. Not sure if they would have beaten the Dubs with him in the line-up but it would have been much more competitive.
Wolves has quietly created themselves a pretty decent, young and exciting roster. Rubio, Lavine, Wiggins and now Towns, it might just be a pretty good team to watch. If Budinger and Martin stays relatively healthy with Pekovic and to an extent KG giving some veteran leadership, is it still too early to say they might be in the mix for the 8th spot in the West? Maybe if they got rid of Flip Saunders as coach, they might be able to get over the hump but I think the team...
New Posts  All Forums: