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yup, ms pond
First Jumanji Pic
Nikes HyperAdapt 1.0 (power lacing shoe) comes out Nov 28 WIRED article: https://www.wired.com/2016/09/nike-self-lacing-design-hyperadapt
lunarepic shields (on feet)
^ ^ comes out Nov 3
It was showing on their main page (the red NMD pic) and linked ot this page: http://www.endclothing.com/blog/this-weekends-sneaker-releases-17th-september-2016/?WT.ac=HomeSlideshow&WT.z_acposition=Position1&WT.z_acoffer=ADIDASNMD-2016-09-17 And it says release is at 10am BST/5am EST/2am PST.
the olives are supposedly very limited, I think only a handful of stores got them I got through but without a bit of nervousness, my card kept getting denied and I had to wait to confirm the security text before I could place the order again but it went through eventually hopefully it doesn't get cancelled, got to the order confirmation page but no email
I'm a 9.5-10 and got a medium and it tends to be long, I do have a wide foot and high instep though. Length-wise, small is probably just right for me. Kind of annoying because End was suppose to drop these shoes including the black FK Racers and all black NMDs at 2AM PST and they dropped it ~10 minutes early and missed out on both of those. Good thing those are more hyped and freed up some sizes for the prestos and sizes are now disappearing.
End has plenty of sizes of hot lava and bamboo.
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