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Comes out Jan 21st. Supposedly not HTM but still NikeLabs exclusive?
Nike just needs to make this a goddamn general release already!
Lakers are already out of the playoffs.
Book your flight and room now before the fight is 100% confirmed because if you wait then you'll be paying way, way more than you could now. Chances are the prices are already high now but it'll be worse later. Book that May 2nd weekend now.
Danny Garcia vs Lamont Peterson Jr Welterweight unification on April 11 at NBC. Looks like Haymon was saving all the good fights for his deal with NBC.
Yah their record definitely seems worse because of higher expectations (many analyst picked the as the next champs) and really they are suppose to improve not stay the same.I think another factor is their standing, I am not 100% sure where they were at the exact same time last year but I think they were better than 6th place? Many definitely expected them to be #1 or #2 in the West this year and they really haven't even come close and early unexpected lost to the Kings and...
Very long read...
They were going to sign Darius Miller to a 10-day contract, a 24 year but changed their mind and signed Dahntay Jones to that 10-day contract instead, a 34 year old.
Take it for what it's worth...
Loves not a max contract player.
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