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Ackerman Double Layer
Sony gon' beat everyone to the punch.
Hopefully that's the case, PG has such a big future and it's just sad to see him retire from it.
Different actually, Livingstons a knee cap dislocation while Georges looks likes it snapped right in the middle.Not sure which ones easier to recover from but I figure the bone snapping in half is worse.
Just saw the pic, OMG!Damn that is a career ender. [[SPOILER]]
At first I thought it was just a sprain but it look like he it break something. Damn, really hate to see that happen to anyone.
Where is it showing?
GotG was really, really good! I am not sure I'd put it over Cap2 for comic book movie of the year but movie is a must see. One thing GotG accomplished is making the funniest Marvel film to date without it falling flat or taking you out of the moment. First trailer was definitely misleading with how the comedy was approached, there was still plenty but more toned down. Best way to describe the film is that it is just fun to watch. Plain and simple.
Yeah its on the dark end of red so it's easy to confuse with brown but if you look close on the eagle crest on top, that [art is more bronze-ish. It's also likely Snyders filter that dulls down the colors further. Would be cool to see it like this but again it's Snyder so it's to be expected at this point. Supes suit is actually not as dark and more metallic in real life than when on the big screen.
New Posts  All Forums: