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A 116515 with a black dial and the standard indeces just came out/release(?) and man oh man so much want! Why can't Rolex put this on a damn bracelet yet though!?!?!
Not quite the old Lanvin hi-tops but I dig.
Griffin shouldn't have been in that court the last 5 minutes, sick or not, dude was lugging off like a goof and he was just letting rebounds go on offense and just slow as hell on defense. Surprised he scored and rebounded as much a she did but Hawes or even Big Baby would have been better in the court the final few minutes that him.
Can they even afford Love after giving Klay max? I thought they could only offer one and not to both and that is why they waited to give Klay a contract?
Margot Robbie might have just been casted as Harley Quinn.
Thanks for the info. I think the difference between yours and mine is about 0.45mm so I could probably go the thinnest too.
Sweet, I might be placing an order soon too. How thin did you go with yours? I tried swapping some of my straps on my Tank but the leather was too thick by the lugs so it was close to impossible to just put any strap on it, custom seems to be the best route to take.
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