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Nah, you still have to wear socks under them. But really it's no different than the sockliner on any shoes, many wear theirs with no show socks and even sockless sometimes and they get soaked with sweat either way. Just got to let it sit and dry and maybe spray some febreeze or something once in a while if they stink up too much.
And I know this sock-extended-flyknit is Nikes new thing but I think they over did it with this one Should just stick to this length but it's still look awkward
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Again, not saying this is the only reason why the critics hated it but I do think since Marvel has pretty much standardized their style of CBM that some might be influenced by it. So what exactly is a 70mm, IMAX and IMAX 70mm? I clicked on that link but the standard isn't 70mm from what I understand, is IMAX 70mm the biggest in that gif from the link?
The screening I saw it on was in IMAX, it was cool but I think only a few shots were shot with an IMAX camera so I am not sure but for the most part these types of movies are almost always better in IMAX. I'm seeing it again tomorrow but in 70mm, not really sure what the difference is.
I like that take on the film and it does makes sense but I could also see where people might just see it as BS or as an excuse.As for that issue: [[SPOILER]]
I'll touch up on that again once you see the film on what could have been done to solve that issue.Overall from what I am seeing, general audience mostly likes it to loving it while critics are either ok with it or just hates it. Though some of the reviews complaint is that it isn't as happy as Marvel or that it is too serious, I mean understandable but I don't think it is valid to say the movie is bad just because it isn't in the same formula as Marvel films.There are...
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