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Mo Williams traded to the Hornets with guard Troy Daniels for veteran guard Gary Neal and a future second-round draft pick. The Minnesota Timberwolves today announced the team has acquired forward/center Adreian Payne from Atlanta for a protected future first round draft pick. Rumor is Atlanta is clearing a roster spot, maybe for Ray Allen?
Blame ATCs/bots
A SWD favorite: http://www.styleforum.net/t/343980/john-elliott-co-official-affiliate-thread
Plus DoFP just made the most money out of all the X-Films to date and a Deadpool film is moving along too. And next Wolverine film will supposedly be in this new timeline too so they are pretty much disposing all of the past films that not many liked. Then there's also the XForce film with the fan favorite Cable that will also likely include Deadpool. Fox will be fine by themselves for a while.
Fox doesn't have a good relationship with Marvel though while Sonys has had troubles on the Spidey franchise even before the hack. I mean ASM2 made money but they expected so much more that they kind of panicked and threw away their plans for ASM3 & ASM4 with solo Venom and Sin6 films then started brainstorming on an Aunt May films and all female Spidey film. Sony didn't know what to do after it couldn't beat the first one in the box office.
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