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First Look at the Homecoming Suit itchy crotch shot
I think he could just because Arreola is almost always out of shape these days.
haha yeah but Joshua could likely dispose of Arreola quickly too damn, I didn't know the Mares fight was cancelled, Hurd/Molina isn't looking too bad despite it being one-sided
Parker is at least a move in the right direction. Despite fighting bums, seems like he is at least ready to fight the likes of Jennings or Stiverne. Ortiz is probably going to ruin his career if he fight him now. Sucks that Povetkin and Wilder match was cancelled and it's very disappointing dude is fighting Arreola instead.
Pokemon needs to just come out on the Wii U already! And not some fighting tourney type of game.
If you are talking about Canelo being two divisions smaller, the fighter that GGG is asking to fight then you are insane.Talking about girly giggles when you get a hard on every time Money Mayweather is mentioned and you ultimate troll shield is ready on lock.Instead of slandering something that is done and over with, why not just praise Ward for taking the big risk and moving up against Kovalev? Instead you'd rather shit on GGG for some reason.Again, just get over it and...
AM1 Flyknit
It was reported that the Ainge tried to make a deal frantically up to the last second before their pick, they just didn't find any good deals.
yah that pretty much covers the tax I'll probably grab something now
so ebates went up to 9%?it was 1.5% yesterday
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