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Nah, the general public should be smart enough to be able to separate the tv world and movie world. They probably wouldn't have to touch up on that til much, much later. There is still a chance the tv characters won't be recast for the film so who knows.
Not yet confirmed but.... [[SPOILER]]
Upper does remind of older Diors. A1923 for FW14
Still kind of regret not getting the navy moto from 2-3 seasons back. Got the navye 5-zip and the 44 fits big, bigger than past seasons 44. You still seeing the navy moto in a size 1 anywhere Brad (newer season version included)?
Attachment biker looks awesome for FW14.
Looks like Rickdidas' gon' have the spring blades for SS15
MH can't even sell out their RO leathers at ~$500 brand new.
You're $5k is best spent somewhere else.
The upcoming seasons calf stooges is the best I've seen in a while that isn't oiled calf (doesn't look like oiled calf), just looks so thick and robust. Not sure how it differs from the other stooges but Forward calls it "Cowboy Stooges"?
New Posts  All Forums: