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Anybody know how Haider leathers are in quality and how they fit?
KB9 Rex EXT Just noticed this shoe doesn't have a visible swoosh on it.
University Reds FK4.0
Damn and they were doing so good too. Is it pretty much due to Cousins being out?He was probably already ready to be axed like Mchale is/was then the Rockets started playing great and now he will likely stay the whole year.
I think tonight was the first time I legitimately felt bad for Lin. Gets put in the game in the last possession, you get the ball and a few second left, great defense so you can't shoot and pass to Swaggy P and make an impossible 3. What does Kobe do? Get on Lins face, yell at him with ferocity and then smack you upside your head while the rest of the team celebrates and congratulates Swaggy P on the side.
Kobe talking shit must have worked. *knocks on wood*
I used the word suspicious to describe why others would think that way to avoid implying that I am 100% sure (with evidence) that they are indeed tanking. I have not stated which side of the argument I am on (at least i don't think so?) despite my countless jokes and jabs at the Sixers.
It is really simple why the Sixers is getting the bad rep of tanking, they practically gave away all their good players and practically all within one season. It looked like they were collecting picks there for a second, I don't recall but didn't they have a stack of like 7-9 draft picks there for a second? It also coincided with what many dubbed one of the deepest draft years there is. Many probably disagrees with that now (the draft year being deep and really talented)...
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