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If I were to guess, I'd say it'll build up the fight for at least half of the film and then go bro-mates afterwards. First part is going to be Superman getting trashed by the media/people/Lex and then Bats finding a reason to fight Supes or vice versa. There's going to be plotting and scheming to get the two to fight. I can't see them going at it on the first act. I mean they could probably open the film with them beating on each other already, a good battle for a minute...
HD BvS Teaser Trailer officially released: https://www.facebook.com/batmanvsuperman/videos/367382273462359/Snyder tweets:
A very good watch here:
I think it's the armor. It has a very electronic voice to it.I really don't mind the voice though.
Most impressive thing CP3 has done this year is actually play all 82 games.*knocks on wood*
BvS trailer leaked. Not sure how long before it is taken down: https://vid.me/NlzG
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