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I enjoyed Legions premiere on FX tonight, had you curious and wondering the whole way through. I think this will benefit audience that has no prior knowledge of the character though because mind is kind of going will right now with theories :lol I think it's worth a look.
^ ^ ^ those are cool, not exactly the outdoor version but I actually want the volt version if it ever hit the outlets Margiela Painted Free Flyknit Inspired?
I noticed that it works for some and it doesn't for others. I have no issues whatsoever but I've also read many complaints about the achilles rubbing, even with thicker and longer socks. I was looking forward to the LE2s but it seems like they tightened up the knit underneath the laces so it'll be a problem with my high instep. I'm probably just going to look for as many LE1s on deep discount I could find.
$40 shipped through, there was an error where you could apply the $50 discount without spending the minimum $200 as long as you had a Winning Circle Reward. It's currently $99.99 - $50code - $20 WC Reward = $30 but stupid FNL do not do free shipping on items on sale. Got the 3s for ~$90 too with the same error/trick. They caught on though and put an end to it. A lot of people exploited it because it worked on discount excluded items including the newly...
just tuck it in underneath your jeans/pants and I think you'd be fine
blk/wht pickups
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