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I think you could email them to lower the value of the package to minimize customs bill too. Are there any restrictions on the OkiNi code though? I tried em on a 5Zip and Rickdidas and it isn't working even though the Rickdidas is clearly marked SS14 and the 5Zip is marked pre-SS14.
Do they also remove VAT on top of that? Or is choosing USD pretty much have the VAT removed?
Not sure if it's been posted, Rick chukkas.
Unlined leather? Or just the regular aviator? I imagine an unlined leather being very uncomfortable to wear.
I also think the sleeve length and slimness of the body on the MA+ are more ridiculous than Ricks.
MA+ always looks great in pics when not worn but you really need to know how to wear it to make it look good. It isn't for everyone.
Also, Batmans new villain in the new game.
Men I still remember the opening sequence of TMNT 2 (I believe it was the second one) where after the intro fight, they just showed people in NY eating pizzas while they play that intro music and sh*t get me hungry and craving pizza all the damn time!
Damn, I need to wake up and go straight to MH everyday. First missed out on the Ramones and now on the Parka!
Same here, I'd like to check it out.
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