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Personally do not see anything wrong wearing them with just shorts, I guess depends what type of shorts? Would probably look off with some cargo khaki shorts... speaking of LunarEpics, I'm probably in for a pair of the blk/wht lows
I don't want him suspended because I actually want to see a close game where the other team might actually win by a single digit but it kind of destroys the NBAs integrity if they do not do it just because he is a superstar. If it was Mo Williams or Ian Clark then they would probably be guaranteed to sit game 7.I really do not care who wins but I just want to see a close competitive game at this point.
Win or lose, I think Lebron deserves the Finals MVP and I don't even like the dude but he's putting in work.
Not rigged, just terrible calls but they definitely got outplayed as well. So to suspend or not to suspend?
got to say though, the last two foul calls on Curry were BS, along with that last foul on Green but still... fan should have pocketed that mouthpiece and threw on ebay. and according to NBA rules, Curry should be suspended for that, I believe Austin Rivers got suspended for throwing a seat cushion and hitting a fan earlier in the season and that was by accident
It's never going to be a "big thing" of course, no one expects it to sell like CoD and that is why there is one company tucked away in the very back of E3 and it isn't being showcased with free demos on the main halls.
so it ends tonight or game 7?
I have some interest in VR but I feel they are still too expensive. Like Sony's is like $400 for the headset but you need the camera and the motion controllers are needed for some games so you're looking at $500 for the bundle. I love the Arkham games so it is the Arkham VR that has really piqued my interest.
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