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Those boots are nice, anybody know who makes them?
Digging this peacoat type thingy
Converse news but since it is owned by Nike I will post anyways. They just showed the "Chucks" All Star II... which looks exactly like the original. Main difference is the material used, it has a padded collar, micro-suede liner, more durable canvas upper and Nikes lunarlon sockliner. Based on the pics, quality does look much better and that lunarlon insole should make them much, much more comfortable than the OGs. Goes on sale on July 28 for $75. And pre-order sold out...
Not sure, don't own a pair but in some pics I've seen, doesn't seem like it.
John Elliot?
of course Doc would. why would he even think of getting a younger player? In all seriousness though, I like that signing.
Jimmer isn't tall (by NBA standards) or even close to being a tweener forward. Isn't he like 6'2" by NBA measurements that also tells us that CP3 is 6" tall? Well, he is going to the Spurs so he might just shine.
I skipped that Spectre trailer because this is obviously the bigger news!
Isn't vet minimu like $1.2m or something that low? JR is going to talk to them, not sure if they are itnerested, maybe low ball the hell out of him for opting out of his $6m contract? Delly I think might be gone? I don't remember but I think I read somewhere that he might be going somewhere else but not sure. I think he wanted $5m a year or something?
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