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I mean we'd have to see, Jungle Book wasn't a reel for reel interpretation of the cartoon and I thought it was great. Cinderella was practically a direct adaptation and many loved it. I haven't seen Petes Dragon but I heard it's pretty good too. Then there's Maleficent which is pretty much an original take on it and it was terrible. They also made Into the Woods which is a more serious take on these Fairy Tales. Keep in mind that these are made by Disney so they are...
Luke Cage comes out in ~30 days. Need to stop being lazy and start on Stranger Things already.
Each foot sites (footlocker, champs & footaction) has a launch locator, it isn't always the most accurate but it's a good source to at least see if the store near you will get the shoes. http://unlocked.footlocker.com/launchlocator
might get lucky? can't win it if you're not in it
yah, you have to actually get a ticket and leave your number/email and then they'll inform you if you win
good luck dont forget snkr+ app and don't give up after the first try, sometime sizes disappear then appear again
I wish I could help you out but the size I tried on was a size too big already so I couldn't really gauge if it was tts or fit bigger than usual.
I found a pair of the grey ones at the outlets for like half off, was just a size too big so I had to pass, looked awesome in person thoughHere's more of the upcoming Sneakerboots for FW16.womens
Check out the Wilhorse3 or Terra Kiger3. But I guess it really depends on how "mild" the hiking part is because chances are you won't need trail shoes. Something like the Pegasus or Structure will likely suffice, not sure if those has any water resistant versions available right now but event he regular versions could probably handle light rain.
spray one of those shoe protectors and just be careful to wash them just put them in a pillow case then toss it in the washer
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