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After all the trades Ridnour has been through this off-season, he was eventually released by the Raptors. Mavs need a PG? Lebron signed 2-year $47m with Cavs, player option for second year. Raptors gets Scola and Caroll. Grizz gets Brendan Wright. Nets gets Ellington.
Seems like the Clips 56th pick might be a decent player.
Austin Rivers, apparently, is still available.
Seems like the cap turned out to be higher than they expected, $3m more than the projected $67m. $84.7m is the luxury tax line. So more room to pay people?
I hope that jinxes your team.
Jinx from GI Joe 2 is Elektra plus teaser The teaser...
Gerald Wallace, not Green.
Looks like David Lee is going to Boston.
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