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About damn time but it really wasn't his fault why they didn't make the playoff this year.
WESTERN CONFERENCE PLAYOFF MATCHUPS 1. Warriors vs. 8. Pelicans 2. Rockets vs. 7. Mavericks 3. Clippers vs. 6. Spurs 4. Trail Blazers vs. 5. Grizzlies* *Grizzlies will have home-court advantage EASTERN CONFERENCE PLAYOFF MATCHUPS 1. Hawks vs. 8. Nets 2. Cavaliers vs. 7. Celtics 3. Bulls vs. 6. Bucks 4. Raptors vs. 5. Wizards
Let's go 'ol Stevie!
Clips might have the homecourt but I am scared for them.
Damn, looks like Clips gon' be in third place since the Rockets gon' blow out the Jazz. Spurs is losing to the Pelicans, almost a blowout too but I wouldn't be surprised if they win the game in the end. OKC blowing out the Wolves too so Pelicans need that win to clinch the 8th.
It's probably going to be online the same day though or may even leak beforehand so it's not a big deal.
My top MCU list changes from time to time but the top 3 remains consistent: 1. IM1 2. Avengers 3. Winter Soldier
Nah, Deborah Ann Woll has a lifetime contract of not showing her nips, just to cocktease the hell out of everyone.
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