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only if... [[SPOILER]]
Why not? What if it becomes true? So the Luke photo I posted, if I said it was a bullshit photo and I call bullshit on it then it would have been fine? It's ok for a possible spoiler to be not spoilered because you deem it BS? That's the rule now? Look I am not as invested on this film/series as most here but I respected it enough follow your the crazy fanboy rules but if the only reason to not care about spiling things is to call bullshit on it then fine. Next time...
His identity and who he is. Something that isn't really known or confirmed and a part of the story? I mean it isn't as big as whether Luke is in the dark or light side but I thought spoilers are spoilers?
You were practically ripping me a new one for not spoilering stuff before and now that I do you go ahead an not bother and spil it for everyone anyways.
Sorry if posted and I am not sure if real but apparently Amazon spoiled who Finn is... [[SPOILER]]
I think there is a difference, most regular Nike sneakers that are "weatherproofed" just gets a layer of water repellent spray but water still gets in if you step on something deep enough while the boots that are actually called "waterproof" means water won't enter the shoes at all.
It helps a lot especially when improving dribbling with your off-hand.
Nike has a couple of nice waterproof/weatherproof boots along with a plethora of "sneakerboots". AM90s and AM95s got some weatherproof treatments along with some AF1 duckboots. The Zoom Kynsi Jacquards kind of cool and I'd buy one if it ever snowed in my area. I'd be cool if they make an Air Trainer SC 2 sneakerboot
I believe they're waterproof so probably very useful?
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