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To you analytics/stats fanatics:
Metcon Restock: http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/metcon-1-training-shoe/pid-1570048/pgid-1570046
9,000 Yeezy Boosts on initial release this Saturday and more will be stocked in the future so you ain't got to shank anyone to get yourself a pair.
Just some random news around the league: Looks like Dragic is getting tired of the 3 PG system in Phoenix. Nuggets wants a first round pick for Afflalo but next years player option on his contract makes it difficult to offer. of course the Clips are interested along with Portland, Chicago and Miami. Foye and the newly acquired Nelson also available. Nelson might be old enough for the Clips and Doc. Looks like Amares contract might be bought out too and I am sure plenty...
Heard Melo might not play either. I am not even sure who else is next after Korver? No way it'll Love, can it? I wouldn't call in Rose either. Maybe Knight? Jefferson? I'd go with Jennings but he is hurt. I also want to say someone from the second placed (in the East) Raptors but no one stands out after Lowry, I don't think Derozan deserves it because he was pretty much hurt for a long time.
Who's out? Is it Wade?
That sounds more like a facial...
What about facetious? What is that?
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