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Time Travel
Maybe Timmy told Melo that his wife tasted like Cap'n Crunch?
Cotto v Canelo for May 2 of next year.
Man, no one said the IWC is a bargain at 1/6th of the price, point was that no one should expect it to be on the same level with that price difference when the discussion started mentioning every little detail including movements and finishes.I mean seriously, ya'll acting like I just said Lange is an Invicta by saying I thought it looked like the Portofino not to mention the Lange pic posted is shit.All I said based on that crappy pic was...Granted it wasn't even a knock...
Lakers taking care of the Queens just like the good 'ol days!
I hope you guys aren't neglecting the other great mid-season finale in Agents of Shield.Also...
Based on the pic posted? Really?I mean come on. Maybe in person but no way you could telling me the watch looks special based on that pic especially at a glance. Again I admit the A Lange is far more superior in every way and 9.9 times out of 10 I'll take the A Lange (though I believe Portofino cost about 1/6th of the price of Lange?) but that pic is a terrible representation of the watch.
Orange and Camarillo Outlets has the Kobe9 Details, check out the ones nearby and/or make a phone order if interested. (not my pic, got it from NT)
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