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Also, Adidas now has an answer to Nikes Free Superfly Mercurial... UltraBoost Ace 16+ PureControl
Surprised to hear they're bulkier, probably the midsole?How are you enjoying your free carnivores? Decent shoe when it's hot out too.Check out the lunarepis lows, it might be better if the collar bothers you.Just got the Pegasus 33 for running and it now has a forefoot zoom and while I wish it looked more distinct from the 32, that forefoot zoom feels amazing. Here it is next to the LunarEpics (could you tell I just like b&w colorways?). WOuld be awesome if they integrate...
Honestly, the AlphaBounce is my go to Adidas right now, it's just very comfortable for me.I like the Pure Boost ZG, people are just nuts about them right now and they sell well so it's hard to find on a discount.While I don't have the Y3 Pure Boost ZG, I do have the Adidas alternative also called Pure Boost ZG:It's pretty much the same shoes in comfort and I got the Adidas version at a fraction of the price of Y3.The one on the top left is pretty much it except I uncaged...
yah the two companies are pretty much going to put their own knit material on anything they can get their hands into but Nike does it more than Adidas at this point. Adidas main plan seems to be to put boost sole more on their classics than Primeknits. I've never seen or tried on the Doom Tubulars but they do look like a more lower profile and sleek version of the regular Tubulars. Probably the closest to Qasa alternative you can get from Adidas. I hate Adidas...
They don't go by the numeral indications anymore but the new Flyknit 3.0 is now the RN Motion, real pricey at $150 though. Worth a shot checking it out in store because it will eventually go on a deep discount.
fkf3? I have the older UBs and this newer ones with supposedly 30% more boost material does feel a slightly more plush and that continental rubber sole make a big difference. The uncaged was a different experience for me too, I though the pics looked crap but looked better on foot.
^ ^ ^I went tts with AlphaBounce while I usually go half a size up on UBs, I just find UBs a bit more constricting.I got to say though, AlphaBounce has become my go to shoes lately, it's very comfortable and that neoprene-esque upper is a lot more forgiving and comfortable that UBs primeknit since I have a high instep.It's a great shoe and I am just waiting for better colorways especially pairs without that aramis print.(pics from NT)
boost is life
no hdmi connectivity though
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