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I mean Amy Adams can be hot but Snyder chose this Amy Adams... instead of this Amy Adams....
I want Viola Davis as Waller.
They won't call is Suicide Squad for sure, even the animation film base on the team is called Assault on Arkham. Plus iirc they won't even call Deathstroke in the Teen Titans cartoon, they had to call him Slade. They probably wouldn't go far as that and not at all call them Suicide Squad in the film but then again who knows?
He isn't alone. Granted it is a different kind of crazy but crazy nonetheless.
If it is a RG Sky-Dweller, strap or full on bracelet?
Dude is just waiting to explode though. Last night dude was about to swing because someone hit him in the back until he realized it was his teammate Gay patting him in the butt (no pun intended).
RG Rolex.... I'll guess this...
Looking like a Rolex type of Friday. Everybody have a great weekend!
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