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I've heard nothing but good things about Kingsman.
Definitely a big IF when it comes to his health but how can you pass it up when all you have to give up is Lamb?
They are talking about this trad eon ESPN:How the hell is that possible and that is complete robbery by OKC. If healthy, Brooks with OKC is going to be scary good.
Clips might have given up too much though.Farmars not part of the trade though, he is just being waived.Also...Not sure what the need for so much PG now when they are still in need of a decent wing player off the bench.
Sony already debunked that rumor. It's false. Not saying it isn't going to happen but nothing has changed from before and Sony and Marvel hasn't met to talk about it further.
I'm in for the blk/wht pair of these.
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