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I think what baffles me is that you can't wrap your mind around the fact that people do not have to be a fucking moron to think the movie is a Cap film. But hey this is your typical "it is only a spoiler if I deem it a spoiler" schtick so I am not surprised. ohh wait, here's the gif
I heard they're not even as comfortable as regular boosts
That sounds about right, i'm usually a 42/9 but in Nikes I am usually a 9.5-10, I'm a 9.5-10 in Vans too though probably due to my wide feet. Also a heads up, Nike.com Clearance has an extra 20% off code with MOTION and ebates has a 15% cashback (shameless plug on w/ the link )
Now you just need some blacked out Air Rifts
crazy how fast these NMDs are selling out
Lara and Trout are Super Welterweights/Jr Middleweigths, again Canelos title is for the 160 pounds Middleweight and he hasn't fought anyone in that weight class.And you can't really give him credit for fighting Mayweather, everyone wants to fight him, just be lucky if you get chosen.I think this sums up GGGs problem with competition:
Civil War was great and be assured JrM, it is a Cap movie through and through. Everybody loved Spidey or BP but I am going to go ahead and say AntMan stole the movie for me. Russos did a great job splitting time for everyone though, no one felt slighted one bit. My only gripe is they better have more for Zemo to do in the future, I want Masters of Evil taking on the Avengers after IW or something. While not the best CBM (I think I still have TDK and IM1 up top) it does...
Well to be fair Canelo is fighting much smaller guys than him, he fights at 154/155 for the 160 belt and rehydrates to around 170-175 on fight night. He's mostly fought smaller guys, hell Khan is a 147 fight that he made go up and Cotto was a much smaller fighter too and can;t even KO him. Plus he was gifted some of his wins, Trout fight was much closer and many argue Lara won against him. While GGG is cleaning up his division and has fought either his mandatory or top 10...
Well that ended exactly as most expected...Got to give props to Khan though for taking that risk and for actually winning the first three rounds.Canelos post-fight interview was hilarious though, saying he invitied GGG to the ring because Mexicans don't play that shit and that he'd put his gloves back on and fight GGG then and there but just a few days ago he was saying GGG needs to fight more and prove himself and work himself up and that he is fighting at 154/155 and...
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