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Well you asked about the most realistic looking female and I am just saying it doesn't have to be for them to make something that people would be interested in. And they are in E3 because there are obviously some overlap there whether they make a game or simply an interactive hyper realistic experience, it's the VR system that brought them there and they want to show what they could do with it.
Have you seen all the Overwatch porn parodies out there? It was a big news last month.It forced the studio to send cease and desist letter to pornhub and other websites.http://kotaku.com/inside-the-surprisingly-big-overwatch-porn-scene-1778229605
I think it's because VR offers plenty just for the experience like just riding a roller coaster or a flight simulator where you don't control it (yet). Or that Dali exhibit they were showing off a few months ago. Plus they could do a tell-tale type games to make them interactive. I could just imagine what Japans cooking up for the VR.
tucked away in the very back of E3...
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Zoom Spiridon Retro
I liked the trailer then saw the demo and turned out to be another zombie game and lost interest. Dude looks like he is Dante from Devil May Cry with the unlimited bullets out there too.
I think that second swipe was an indication that he did it on purpose, without the second swipe it might not look as severe but he tried a second time to get a hit in there when the first one seemingly missed.I really had no problem with the suspension since it was an accumulation of flagrants, it's not like the league decided to suspend him just because like he should have been with the my-core-is-not-strong-enough-to-control-my-legs kick to Adams. He's been warned...
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