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^ ^Eh, not really fair at all, especially not even before the director was even done finishing the film. Plus both films has proven to be divisive.They are just rehooting the scenes that already exist, they're just extending it.And from what I understand, Will Smith might not be involved in the reshoots because he is shooting another film right now (he is physically int he set of that film right now). From that source:I don't think that will affect the overall movie.Plus...
Not really that bad, movie comes out in 5 months.Civil War had reshoots back in January of this year and took another two and half months to finish (the film) and it comes out next month.It's not a response to a bad review or a previous movie but it is the norm. Singer was doing some reshoots like 2-3 weeks before DoFP released too iirc.I'm also waiting for a more reliable source, David Faraci (the guy who everyone uses as a source for this report) is an avid DC hater....
I think it is still worth a watch and decide for yourself, it's probably the most divisive CBM yet.
yup, so much better than the regular 13s. It actually supposedly performs well too but I'm probably gon' wait til the lows go on a deep discount.
I wish the sole didn't have the gradient effect, I like it that they returned to the more simple free midsole design.
LunarEpic MP down from $175 to $140 on NDC: http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/lunarepic-flyknit-mp-running-shoe/pid-10921822/pgid-11289223?mid=38660&cp=usns_aff_080113_je6NUbpObpQ&site=je6NUbpObpQ-WV27xnt5epCdWwFA5mhUTw
I know it's Reebok but not sure where to post em but they're releasing the Alien Stompers
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