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There might be enough interest for Adidas here with the countless designer collabs (Raf, Rick, Juun, J., etc...) and celebrity collabs (Yeezus, Pharrell, etc...) and Y3. Along with their new techs/designs on the rise (Primeknit, Pure Boost,etc..) and classics making a comeback in popularity (Stan Smiths, Shelttoes, Samba, etc...). So post anything 3-stripes that has peaked your interest.
Didn't they just sign Livingston? I think dudes a better option than Blake these days, Steve Blake has been real blah the past few years and he just keep getting worse and worse and the injuries keep piling on.
Gotcha, thanks!
Is it possible to ask for measurements for the sizes 44 and 46 for both the minimalist DNA pants and minimalist slim pants?
How about non-scented febreeze?
This tee + jeans combo looks badass.
I haven't been looking but those actually sold out?
Nah, the upper fits me perfectly fine, I just know that's the main complaint about the shoes.
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