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I'd just hire Tom Welling to show in a few episodes as Clark and maybe even suits up for an episode or two?
First official Civil War details and synopsis confirms Vision, AntMan, Gen Ross, etc...:http://marvel.com/news/movies/24586/marvel_studios_begins_production_on_marvels_captain_america_civil_war
Fucking Rivers, haven't he figured out yet that he doesn't know how to dribble behind the back yet?
Yah they shot badly but got to give Grizz some credit (not really sure if you're replying to me). To be honest though, I am not sure I've seen Curry throw bricks and airs from behind the arc before?
Giant win by the Grizz. Conley was a beast, 22 pts in 27min. Getting the trophy may have been bad luck for Curry and may have even motivated the Girzz even more to win.
New Posts  All Forums: