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Could be a source of good conversation here...
Need a lumeshot of how much that thing glows.
But that last possession, what a defense breakdown that was and with .3 second! Just WoW all around.
WOW @ that Kings/Grizz finish.
Next week for those in the LA area... http://www.ablogtowatch.com/its-about-time-watch-get-together-los-angeles-november-19th-2014/
KD is set to be re-evaluated in 3 weeks, it isn't for sure he is returning by then. Westbrook might have 3-4 weeks left however they are in a very, very talented and deep Western conference. I am not sure any teams could afford to go on a huge hole in the beginning of the season in the West. As for the Pacers, I am not sure George Hill will be back at the end of the season but even by then it might be too late and he might be better off resting than risking it for a...
You guys think the Thunder or Pacers will make the playoffs?
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