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Despite how you feel about the other XMen films, I do think Logan is a must see. I want to see what most of ya'll think of it.
Apocalypse had it's moments, it isn't as bad as say Wolverine Origins or X3. It is hard to get over how Apocalypse looks considering he could have looked comic accurate.
LOGAN is a great movie and an amazing send off to Jackman. Hate all the XMen films you want but Jackman is the definitive and unequivocal Wolverine. I think even JrMouse will like it...
Do they have PPVs in the UK? Khan will sell and I do think it is probably the best fight for the two of them right now. But the sale in the US PPVs are huge part of the $$$ they make too. I'd understand if Pac was still selling like his peak days then they could do a Friday fight but with his numbers already on a decline, I am not sure it's a good idea to lose some of those buys. I mean yes they will still make money and they might possibly beat his last PPV numbers...
Yeah year is looking good so far. Not sure how well the Pac/Khan fight will sell on PPV being on a Friday in the US, his PPV numbers hasn't been great that HBO didn't want to pick it up.
I hope Spurs takes the first place over them, it's the only way the Clips could avoid them as much as possible and maybe get to the western conf finals. Dubs will probably keep homecourt over the Cavs no matter what though, which is probably their biggest concern when it comes to standings.
looks like KD will be back in about 4-weeks
Bogut signed by the Cavs and all of a sudden, the Cavs is going to be the deepest team once the playoff comes around. Once JR Smith & Love returns, they'll have Bron, Kyrie, Deron, Derrick, Bogut, Thompson, Korver, Frye, Shumpert and even Liggins has become a good defender/hustle player.
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