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Here's a Burberry Brit version. http://us.burberry.com/quilted-panel-biker-jacket-p38951911
Not my pic below but based on it, I like the 15400 ones better with the dark date wheel and double batons at 12 index. With that said, it seems like the 15400 seems pretty big in comparison so I am not sure if that will affect your decision.
It's an old British brand that is designed by Simon Spurr now iirc.
Yah it was probably Barry and Zoom fighting it out and it was probably Flash that brought Barry out of the house in the flashbacks. It would be cool if it turns out to be Wally West that went back in time too. And Thawne being spared is no coincidence, wouldn't be surprised if he also becomes ProfZoom or if he turns out to be related to Wells in some way (Wells could be from the future too). Really good twists and turns they are taking with the show. Lots of theories...
Yup. In the end they also showed him attaching the tachyon machine to the suit so he was obviously working with himself. Beating himself up was worth it to take any suspicions left away from him. Wouldn't be surprised if the cpu in his secret room was from that future Zoom and he provided Wells with all the info on what he needs to turn Barry into so he doesn't go missing in the future. It is all speculation at this point of course but that theory isn't far fetch.
Time Travel
Maybe Timmy told Melo that his wife tasted like Cap'n Crunch?
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