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Everyone gonna be overpaid with the tv deals/salary cap going up.
They sign Mozgov but then....Why?at least this looks like a sound decisionon the rest of the nba...
Looking like Noah might be joining Rose in NY, it is supposedly his one and only choice so he could g back "home".
That's probably the one he was talking about....On another note, anybody have experience with the SS16 Cyclops leather? Is it just me or are the armholes much higher than usual even by RO standards? More specifically the MA1 calf.
BluRay comes out Jul 19 but digital is out now.I agree but I haven't seen it yet so I'd have to see how it all works out before judging. I think since this is a set-up to JL that they just have to plenty to tell. Since it is the ultimate cut, he had to put all of them in there but the film could probably also be done as a 90-100 minute film if edited perfectly.
So apparently the BvS Ultimate Cut is so much better than the theatrical release that now the turn on Snyder is making a 180 and the blame is being placed on WB for forcing him to cut it to a shorter length. and in this day and age, what's a news without memes
A few Tennis Flyknit colorways Federers Oreos Nikes Olympic Line-up
Adidas gon' milk Kanye for as much as they could, gon' be impressed if they open up a store and the whole place just sells out.
I think flyknits did get cheaper, I think there were some Free with flyknit upper in around $110-$120 range? Before they were like $150+. I don't really think it'll go so low, like below $80 retail just because even most of those are made for department stores like Sears or JC Penney takedown model types.
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