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Yeah the 43mm includes the "ears" but that also constitutes to the size of the watch on the wrist. It's 38mm vertically but with the squared off lugs which could easily make it past 40mm. I think the 5800 is a definite possibility though. Also, are you guys finding the 5711 sitting in stores? They seem to be selling better than Daytonas despite it's price. Supply is just much, much lower from what I understand.
Mine is 6". I know the 5711 is ~43x38? The 5800 is ~38x33? I think the 5711 is too big considering the my Monaco at 37x37 is borderline for my wrist. 5800 might work but it's lugs are more squared off, wish I could find one to try on in person.
Zoom Structure 18s looks pretty good.
Ugh, 5711, another that doesn't fit my wrist. Considered the 5800 but I think it might still be too big. Are the 3800s still being produced/sold new at ADs? That Breitlings nice, one of the cleaner and less garish ones out there. With that said, I am not a big fan of that mesh bracelet, the way it it attached to the lugs just looks very aftermarket-ish. I like it when the bracelet are integrated well to the case and the gap in that style of bracelet just doesn't look...
I'd go for black dial as well. I don't think the green dial goes with the yellow gold plus black bezel well.
The Explorer is pretty much a bigger Oyster Perpetual.
Blue Kobe 9s release Oct 18. SOPHNET. x Nike 15th Anniversary Collection
Wait, ya'll hate the Portuguese Chrono?
My guess is Invicta! Anyways, I thought this was a good read for those who care about movements: Truth In Watch Movement Advertising And Defining Watch Caliber Origins Once And For All
Up to this day, it's still hard not to make those flyknits look bad. Almost all colorways looks good. More Kobe 9s colorways coming out. Plus snakeskin!
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