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Well second one is pure cgi but the first one is all Batfleck (and his stunt double). It's still the most natural movement I've seen even comparison to Bales riot gear, might be his fighting style but he still looked stiff in battle.
He is actually more mobile than ever, first time his movement doesn't look stiff at all.
Supes can't snap your neck if you ain't got one.
GGG/Lemieux - HBO PPV, Oct 17th. Not sure if PPV material, GGG is but not Lemiuex, they got sell the fight hard. Looking forward to it though but will likely not pay.
Those boots are nice, anybody know who makes them?
Digging this peacoat type thingy
Converse news but since it is owned by Nike I will post anyways. They just showed the "Chucks" All Star II... which looks exactly like the original. Main difference is the material used, it has a padded collar, micro-suede liner, more durable canvas upper and Nikes lunarlon sockliner. Based on the pics, quality does look much better and that lunarlon insole should make them much, much more comfortable than the OGs. Goes on sale on July 28 for $75. And pre-order sold out...
Not sure, don't own a pair but in some pics I've seen, doesn't seem like it.
John Elliot?
of course Doc would. why would he even think of getting a younger player? In all seriousness though, I like that signing.
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