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I don't even know because I never got to try but I am hearing tts so probably a 9.5. First time in a long time I actually put effort on some retro J's too and woke up early Lost all raffles (foot-app-reservations-footlocker, champs, footaction-, FNL in-store, Shiekhs, End and DTLR), struck out on SNKRS, Eastbay, Footsites, Finishline on release morning... Stores started releasing unclaimed pairs at around 3pm and people were lined up by 2 and more than half were told...
LunarEpic 2 Lows [[SPOILER]]
I only really like the blk/wht colorways for the most part so that is pretty much the only colorway I was interested in wearing. I think production numbers are limited on it too, mean NMDs are produced in much bigger numbers iirc and those still required a good amount of legwork to get a pair so I am not holding my breathe even if another colorway I like comes out.
yeesh, nice haul if you're going to resell, you'll make like a bandit, must be nice where you live I tried the reservation system on the footsites app and missed out on all but one, in footlocker for some reason I am still on the waitlist
Rogue One was good.Pretty much an action packed 2 hours of fun. [[SPOILER]]
heartbreaking 2016s been a tragic year
then they remembered it was they teammate that got posterized Mozgovs and Pandas reactions at the end are just as good
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