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Pau goes to the Spurs
best part of all this is that this guy has just been unleashed!
Like I said, they'd have to trade Russell away if they get Rondo. Plus that Rondo deal has a team option for the second year so technically it's a one-year commitment at most. Prefer those moves over Mozgov and Deng right now.
That's not bad, wish Lakers would have traded D'Angelo for a big like Nerlens and then sign Rondo to that kind of deal.
Dubs swore they were keeping Livingston, not sure about Barbosa but dude is probably cheap enough to keep even if Durant comes over.
Woo is Tyler Johnson and what has he done to deserve this? $19m on the 3rd year? Sheesh.Clips are screwed especially if Crawford leaves
Rockets got Eric Gordon? Good back-up with Harden I guess? Or is Harden going to run as a PG more? Sucks that EG can't stay healthy, dude was doing real well there for a hot second with the Clips. They got Ryan Anderson so the "3 or die" motto continues?
Jeffersons coming off the bench so he's just there for back-up. Horfords a very good signing but I am still unsure if they come off the top of the East even with Durant. Cavs still has Love to trade and still get better.
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