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As for Shockers suit looking like Fat Bastards skin after he lost some weight, it might be one of those cases where it fills out once he charges up his weapon before firing out the electricity?
very nice, grats!
sweet! royal 1s coming back next summer too this seems old now but the almost blacked out FK Racers looks good, come sout next Thursday
Nike is just weird with their pricing lately, msrp keeps fluctuating, I noticed it more recently with bball shoes though especially when UA and Adidas started actually giving them competition. Like the HyperRevs retailed for $110 then they brought the price down to like $80-$90 (not put it on sale or discount, they literally dropped the retail price on them) and stayed there for a while then they brought it back to $110 retail but then put it on sale and you can stack the...
LunarEpic ID price went from $215 to $207.50. Now that may not seem a lot but since it is now discounted and with a code FALL25 (extra 25% off clearance) then it comes out to ~$156 before tax. (edit: ebates back up to 9%) Other IDs: Huarache ID comes down to ~$109 Free RN Flyknit ID comes down to ~$124 Blazer Mids ID comes down to ~$91
I mean we'd have to see, Jungle Book wasn't a reel for reel interpretation of the cartoon and I thought it was great. Cinderella was practically a direct adaptation and many loved it. I haven't seen Petes Dragon but I heard it's pretty good too. Then there's Maleficent which is pretty much an original take on it and it was terrible. They also made Into the Woods which is a more serious take on these Fairy Tales. Keep in mind that these are made by Disney so they are...
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