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Swiss Kubiks are well made and I believe the made the winders for Rolex.
The cheap winders will magnetize a watch over a long periods of time but that is probably 5-10 years ago. These days even the cheapest winders won't magnetize them but it still stands that you get what you pay for. Anyways, not sure if anyone would miss it here but apparently the name Air King will now be gone, the reference # stays the same but it is just a 34mm Oyster Perpetual now and "Air King" won't appear on the dial anymore.
To be fair base layer is meant to be worn like undergarments, you still wear tees, shorts, hoodies, sweats, etc... on top of it. Not many would wear that by itself and look like they were running in spandex.
I'd actually rock that because I'm not a gym rat and love working out outdoors but we haven't had a decent winter in SoCal for 2-3 years now. It's pointless for the weather conditions here.
Hyperwarm Flex Base Layer (spiderman would created his costume out of this)
Love this watch but it sucks that you can't put a bracelet on it.
Yah it's about location, location, location. I've asked in other forums about Daytona stock and most on smaller cities responded that they were sitting in the shelves while those who live in bigger cities like Miami, NY and LA (like myself), it was damn near impossible and I inquired in about 5-7 ADs (half of that I trust) in my area and most has a waitlist. Gearys actually has a 5-6 month waitlist. Most couldn't believe me and they said it was just hype created by ADs to...
Yeah the 43mm includes the "ears" but that also constitutes to the size of the watch on the wrist. It's 38mm vertically but with the squared off lugs which could easily make it past 40mm. I think the 5800 is a definite possibility though. Also, are you guys finding the 5711 sitting in stores? They seem to be selling better than Daytonas despite it's price. Supply is just much, much lower from what I understand.
Mine is 6". I know the 5711 is ~43x38? The 5800 is ~38x33? I think the 5711 is too big considering the my Monaco at 37x37 is borderline for my wrist. 5800 might work but it's lugs are more squared off, wish I could find one to try on in person.
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