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^ ^ ^Are either of those cropped by any chance? Trying to get something that doesn't stack.The NikeLab Essentials looks good but I think it's one of those must try too, in some pics they look too baggy though they do look cropped enough. [[SPOILER]] I think I'm gon' end up passing on those Hypervenoms too, sounding like they're simply going to be too tight and sizing up too much and it's just going to look overly long, think I'm just going to stick to Free Mercurial...
^ ^ ^ If you're foot is narrow, tts is probably ideal. I have no experience with soccer shoes and I have a wide foot, and I actually just got back from trying on the regular HypervenomX and even sizing up half felt pretty tight. I plan on switching up the insole too because I just want it for casual wear so I might go half a size to even a full size up. You can just see how narrow it is by the sole but maybe others that has more experience can chime in?
EQT Support Boost
Looked like Ward was trying to get him out of there in the second half of the fight but just couldn't. I mean he had a slight head butt in the 12th which was one of the bigger risk in delaying his fight with Kovalev so he was trying to KO the guy. He should be relieved that the butt wasn't severe. I think that is pretty much Kovalevs advantage though, his power, he hits something and it falls. Wards punches are sharper and he'd be difficult to hit but for Kovalev, it...
Jordan x Neymar HypervenomX Proximo IC just restocked, I don't even play soccer but I sort of want a pair.
Honestly, that's the first speculation that Leto was just so bad that they had to cut his role. The chemistry between him and Robbie as Joker and Harley worked and to those that has seen the film, it is probably their favorite and they want to see more of it. If I am leaning towards anything, it's the executives telling Ayer to cut his parts as it may border R-rated and not too kid friendly? I mean it is already taking a huge hit in the international box office as it...
From what I've seen, he was perfectly fine as the Joker, different interpretation but it was good. If anything, more of him on film would have been better.Plus some of his scenes being cut sounds like they simply didn't want to make the film too long as it was already two hours.
was considering the cropped tech fleece because more often than not, cropped pants just happens to be the perfect length for me but checking at pics of the cropped the fleece and some pics shows some severe drop crotch too in some pics, it doesn't look too bad though
that scene was a very pleasant surprise, that intro could have been fleshed out more actuallyand speaking of the Joker, Leto was somewhat mad at the amount they left on the cutting room floor (you'll notice that many scenes in the trailers weren't in the film), here's a supposed scenes that was cut off which includes plenty fo the Jokersscenes: [[SPOILER]]
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