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I don't like the Zoom All Out lows, looks too boring for me, it's the flyknit upper and ankle collar that made them intriguing and unique. Without those two features, the shoes looks like a very generic Nike running shoe despite the visible full length zoom. They should have done it like the LunarEpic where they kept the upper flyknit. Nike Blazer Studio Low Vachetta Tan Air Jordan 1 High Royal Returns In April
I think Stark or Cap are good candidates as they move forward. To make an impact for the biggest threat they have ever faced, there has to be some casualties and not just some agent that'll have his own tv series in the future. I think the lost of Cap is easier to handle because Bucky could take his mantle but there's been rumors swirling around that they wanted to make Strange the center of the MCU to replace IM and it makes sense as they move to bigger things outside of...
They are currently in Phase 3 and he'd be front and center for the 2-part Avengers film. Not much yet is confirmed for Phase 4 and who would actually be standing alive by the end of this phase.
John Wick 2 is so fuckin' good!
to those in NY and if you're interested
paint is suppose to chip away anyways...
Acronyms sold out quick I guess...
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