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doubt it but I've been wrong on things selling out and not before still missed out on the TB3s at NDC in my size though, gon' have to see what stores around me still has 'em
The lows and highs (or collared version) feels a little different just because the collared version has an extra thicker insole so to me that makes it more comfortable. The LunarGlide 8s also has the same sole (difference is the laser cut on the midsole) as the LunarEpics and that one is a bit more firm too.
^ ^ ^link for the rest of the collection: http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pw/acg/p8v?mid=38660&cp=usns_aff_nike_080113_je6NUbpObpQ&site=je6NUbpObpQ-ieqNd0q8s6HvEKHP_BKggA
2016 Holiday ACG Apparel
I like them and wish they aren't as limited since I want to try them on (I've read a few sizing issues) and I was also hoping they'd be a general release so that they'd go on sale later on. How comfortable are they? I assume pretty much the same as the LunarEpics? All black versions cool too.
ACG Zoom Tallac Flyknit Dec 1
^ ^ ^LunarEpics are actually very comfortable, probably the most comfortable in Nike's whole line right now. The rocks wasn't really noticeable and again I was running on a dirt/gravel road and that was the result.I ran a 10k on the regular road last week and the bottom looks like this:The shoe was as comfortable as when I got it, which is actually surprising because lunar foam tends to bottom out but this one is standing up well. I personally wouldn't run in them for...
if it's on your list though, even at the bottom, if you had the code that allowed you to buy early and easily then it would been difficult to pass up because every other shoes coming out are likely gon' be very difficult to get a pair
i'm not one of those members
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