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Rosherun SneakerBoot
Without knowing the brand (well most of you guys probably know anyways) what do you guys think of this watch?
I think you can find a good middle ground. Diplomat and Heiden might just be good enough for you. Their cases range from $50-$1000. Next level is Volta and Wolf and then Orbita and Scatola And Rapport and it just goes baller after that.I've always wanted it but since I am in no hurry to buy I am considering all options. For Lange I am considering the Saxonia, maybe the Dual Time is the busiest I'd go with the dial.
I've dealt with a lot of orders from outside the country, items be it big or small, there are always sellers willing to mark down to make a sale and buyers willing to lie to save a few bucks.Anyways, I was reading up on it and it seems (from the wording below) that they'll only confiscate the watch if it's new unless I am reading it wrong?Now what if the store just labels it used? Are customs going to hold the watch until they are 100% satisfied and sure that the watch...
I do like those a lot but it's too complicated and perhaps too thick(?) for a dress watch. I want something with a cleaner and simpler dial. I am still searching and even though I would really love a black and rose gold combo, this watch is winning the race right now. (not my pic)
By mail, many do not declare it or just ask to lower the value to minimize the duty fees. There are definitely risks but there are plenty willing to risk it to save a few bucks, not saying I would do it on such a big purchase but others have.
I think that is how most do it or just don't put those stuff in your carry-ons? Even if you are one that gets a random search, most do not even question it unless you have more than one. But yeah to be safe, just have it shipped.And you don't even have to wear the watch, when I travel I usually bring a 3-watch travel case with me and never had a problem with it. If I plan to buy something on my trip, I'd just bring the case empty or leave a slot or two available.
Isn't that only a case if you declare it as a purchase as you go back to Canada? I am no expert on this but there seems to be some who buys watches from Hong Kong at a discount and then just bring it back to the US without a problem. It will only become a problem if you bring in several watches but if you just buy one, there really is no way of them finding out it is a new watch you bought from that country.I figure if you are just driving or making a quick flight from...
My search continues for BlackXRoseGold dress watch and this week I am looking at the GO Sixties. Definitely cheaper than VC, Moser, A Lange, etc... But there seems to be something off about this watch that I can't quite figure out, I am not sure what it is but it's just not capturing me the way other clean dress watches in this color combo does or any rose gold case really. Funny thing is I really like this watch in regular SS case whether it's the white dial with gold...
15% off on a stainless steel Rolex is a good deal, on a Sub or GMT or Explorer, that is a great deal! People who walk into an AD without any prior relationship will not even get the amount of tax discounted. They either flat out tell you no discount and if you do some dancing then they might start at 2%-3%. On Daytonas, there is no room for discount at all, at least in my area. Discounts on Omega, Tag, etc... doesn't apply to Rolex and Patek, those two are almost always...
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