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I just don't like the advice, it read like you could just go to any cobbler deemed "competent" and they would do a good job and won't damage your shoes. It isn't as basic as you think it is. I've had to go through a handful of cobbler before I found one that does it well and all the others I've tried were deemed "competent" or "good" and been around for ages. Same goes for tailors, there is this very well regarded tailor that's been in the same spot for decades so I was...
Umm the cobbler could just put a layer of rubber on top of the leather, they could use cheap glue, leave glue stains all over the shoes, leave a gap between the leather and rubber, do not shave off the rubber to even it out, not repaint the mid-sole, polish the shoes when it doesn't need it (if shoe is distressed or meant to be matte), they do not balance the shoes on the heels, they could lop off a piece of your leather sole the incorrect way (or too much) and stick a...
nope!not true at allI personally would not trust just any cobbler to work on my shoes
Lea Seydoux cast as 'Bella Donna Boudreaux' in GAMBIT
New helmets for Rogue One posted by Donnie yen but them immediately taken down. [[SPOILER]]
Nike Free Run 2.0 "Suede" Pack
not all items appear on the YSL/SLP website simple as that
the light side
Got mine last week but in brown.
And word is Terrence Crawford vs Pac next year. That will be an interesting match, Crawford is good but I am not sure if Pac should be his first fight at 147. He should have a tune up fight.
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