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the dagger if Lebron finished this jam, would have been the exclamation mark on the win
too soon
I don't think you're giving the Cavs enough credit, they played big and was successful against the infamous line-up of death. They also managed to adjust and get their defense up with switches but they pretty much had Currys number, he was bad from the get go and that has to be accredited to the Cavs and their bully defense.I mean the Cavs played without Kyrie and Love last year and the Dubs was helped by the "universe" too. I mean in hindsight, it can be said the Dubs did...
Nike's Illustrated History of the Air Rift's Success in Japan To commemorate the sneaker’s 20th anniversary.
Small ball lasted but 1 year? Ezeli wasn't going to get a huge contract to me, dude had one good series and it just in flashes, he was getting the ball ripped out of his hands by Love Barnes is going to be affected just because he had such huge games there then all of a sudden disappeared. Lakers was interested in him but now looks like they might be overpaying for him now.
lesson learned, don't call Lebron a bitch
damn, how many chips is that on James Jones just by following Lebron everywhere? Kyrie is cold blooded and Chef CurryGod = Chef ChokeGod, dude was throwing bricks there and couldn't shake Love. Crazy comeback and well deserved by Lebron , he put in work but I might just give them a co-mvp there with Kyrie Grats to the Cavs!
at being the key to the chip being Loves defense on Curry
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