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I want to read more about Revan, seems like one of the most interesting characters in the whole SW world.
Wonder Woman will have more than a cameo, she shot a few scenes though not sure if we see her fight, maybe in the end of the threat is big enough? Doomsday? Brainiac infested Lex? Cyborg might appear in StarLabs before he is turned into a, well, Cyborg. lol He might experience an accident or get hurt by the big battle in the end that turns him into what he will eventually become. Aquaman will likely be a short cameo, likely post credit just to show his existence. There...
Only explanation is.... he's Batman
Pretty cool with the rifle but yeah it seems like a hassle to go up top of a building/tower like that just to check out the city. lol
Since we are speculating, in the teaser when the batwing attacks those criminals and practically obliterates them, I can see it being controlled by Lex and that is one of the reason Supes confronts Bats. Then Lex probably also has a plan to set off Bats to thinking he has to confront Supes too. By the way, I watched this trailer on a 65" UHD TV and damn is all i got to say. I just looks so much better and the scene where Bats is looking up in his TDKR armor just looks...
I think it's certainly a selling point and I do think they will emphasize on it. This is still a JL prequel so they really do not need to get with the bromance til towards the end. But it really is all speculaltion because the teaser was a big vague as expected. It's fun watching all the breakdowns for the teaser though, like someone pointed out that in almost every shot with Supes in it, he was elevated over others all the time giving that god-like imagery which is what...
Nah, it's still about 11 months away and they are probably still editing and adding cgi and stuff to the film.
I might check it out as they have a free month going on. Any particulars to read up on first? Like which would be the must read that is good to start with?
I really want to get into the books because just reading all these Siths (Exar Kun, Plagueis, Revan, etc...) and Jedis and the different levels alone just make it sound so fucking awesome. It's like Lucas didn't bother exploring the other part of this universe when he made his films.
If I were to guess, I'd say it'll build up the fight for at least half of the film and then go bro-mates afterwards. First part is going to be Superman getting trashed by the media/people/Lex and then Bats finding a reason to fight Supes or vice versa. There's going to be plotting and scheming to get the two to fight. I can't see them going at it on the first act. I mean they could probably open the film with them beating on each other already, a good battle for a minute...
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