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I don't think GL has to be part of the JL core team just because they are making a whole film based on the whole Corps, I really wouldn't mind that. I kind of wish Martian Manhunter would be there somewhere, hopefully they add him in the future.
Edit: much higher res version of the JL concept art Soundtrack
Maybe but having a GL Corps film about not just a single GL kind of complicates adding just one GL member too. Could be for any reason though but there's also a Shazam film coming (no cast for Shazam yet, just Black Adam) and he is a member of the JL too.
Green Lantern is going to have their own film and it is about the Green Lantern Corps (not just a single GL) so that might explain their exclusion. Keep in mind that it says "Dawn of Justice League" which kind of hints at the ones that might appear/cameo in BvS:DoJ?
First look at Cyborg and Flash concepts WB has also confirmed the artwork
But again you are judging base on trailers (like usual even though majority of people and cb fans love) but the film has a good chance to be good (no interference from producers) and fun (its Deadpool) and if this r-rated film succeeds then that'll give confidence for studios to take risks and we may get more Kick-Ass instead of pg rated Wolverine films. This kind of "slop" is exactly the key that could open that door if it succeeds. Low budget and r-rated without...
Like I said that doesn't tell us much especially when some chick says it's the best movie she's ever seen.
That's not the point, this will discourage the studios to green lighting any r-rated cbms.They had a surprise screening tonight in NY and LA and twitter response seems good but that doesn't really tell us much.
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