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Ant-Man... I dig it... thumbs up!
Answer is obvious... all of the above!
I liked JJ's Star Trek Though I got to admit, I was never really a trekkie so the changes never really bothers me.
It corrects some paths but not all. For now they stopped it but unless they tell what actually happens in the future then who knows, Sentinels might still be developed but without Mystiques power and enslave mutants again. It might take longer but it could still happen, again it is an open book after DoFP.Based on the footage from SDCC, looks like Deadpool will be getting a new origins.As for Wolverine, in the end they made it seem like it was Stryker that took him in but...
I mean it really is simple. After First Class and DoFP, any film before doesn't exist. That is the simplest way of looking at it. X1-X3, Wolverine1 & Wolverine2 never happened so anything from this point on is new and won't clash with the other events. Now if you want to get kind of confused then consider that X1-X2 and Wolverine2 could still happen later on because as they said in DoFP, time is like a river or lake and you can throw a rock on it that causes a ripple...
clearer pics
Thour Apocalypse isn't the best looking we still got Oscar Isaacs great acting skills to look forward to. Plus Fox actually pulling off real costumes this time with Psylockes comic accurate spandex to Storms mohawk, it should make some fans happy that's been clamoring for some real XMen costume. Should be a good sign for the actual XMen team to rock the OG blue and yellow suits.In the film, it's going to be Angel, Storm, Psylocke and Magneto based on the SDCC footage.
It's his Horseman outfit.
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