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was considering the cropped tech fleece because more often than not, cropped pants just happens to be the perfect length for me but checking at pics of the cropped the fleece and some pics shows some severe drop crotch too in some pics, it doesn't look too bad though
that scene was a very pleasant surprise, that intro could have been fleshed out more actuallyand speaking of the Joker, Leto was somewhat mad at the amount they left on the cutting room floor (you'll notice that many scenes in the trailers weren't in the film), here's a supposed scenes that was cut off which includes plenty fo the Jokersscenes: [[SPOILER]]
No worries Also, the Footaction code works on AM1 Flyknits: http://www.footaction.com/product/model:263469/sku:43384100/nike-air-max-1-ultra-flyknit-mens/white/black/?cm=
I just wear higher socks and I've had no problems with the collar on the LunarEpics.If the soles comfort is your main concern though, LunarEpics comes in lows and if you want a cheaper non-FK version, LunarGlide8s are also a good option.Zoom All Outs best for running though if you want more reponse and that snap back to propel you forward. The zoom being cut off by the toe feels weird initially though. They should have done the same as the KD9s where it just extends all...
Footlocker, Footaction, Champs Sports, Finishline, etc... usually get 4%-10% and up to 15% sometimes I think. Those places usually has 20% off codes too like Footaction has one that expires today: ip346h7j (20% off $100+ purchase). For department stores, not sure how often you visit them but they aren't too bad during sale season; Barneys, Nordstrom, Saks, Neiman, Macys, JCrew, Brooks, etc... This past sale season in particular when they had up to 70% off, cashback was...
You can either receive a check or directly deposited through your paypal account. They send out payments every 3 months. It could also take a month or so before you get credit ensure that you do not get sent cachback and then return the item. It's very useful though as some cachback could go up to 20% in certain stores, it adds up if you do plenty of online shopping.
Ward was being Ward though it would have sent a good message if he was able to KO his 39 yr old opponent. The way Kovalev underperformed in his last match, this was Wards chance to really get those 50/50 picks to go on his favor but it really was nothing more than a glorified sparring session.
Don't forget Ebates' 12% CashBack
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