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Pokemon Go App is out in the US
Riccardo Tisci x NikeLab Preview: http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pw/mens-nikelab-x-riccardo-tisci/7puZpyc Drops in ~2 hours by the time of this post. Free Train Force Flyknit - $150
Crazy that Wades actually leaving, Miami tried to low ball too much after sacrificing so much money to bring in Lebron and Bosh. I think he is getting $47m for 2 years in Chicago? Rondo, Wade and Butler makes for an interesting backcourt. Now there are some fears that Whiteside might pull off a Deandre. Someone check on @Hroi Lakers get Calderon, Richard Jefferson isn't retiring and going back for two more years to the Cavs and Dunleavy goes to the Cavs. Ray Allen...
Really digging this Y3 Sport backpack, like how close it is to the body but the price is somewhat insane considering it doesn't look like it carries much. There is room for a hydration pack in there.
I think Pachulia is more than enough in the center to be honest, they'll just run Green at the center and Durant in the pf more. Varejao might be signed for cheap too so those are two good enough centers.
How about Y3 Qasa or the cheaper alternatives Adidas Tubulars? I think any Y3s would actually work. Nike has a few runners with thicker soles these days like the LunarEpics that could work too, maybe some Prestos? I think nay runners could work if you incorporate the leggings look. If you want something a little chunkier then check out some of Nikes hi-top retros like Air Commands. Onto leathes, love Cyclops' MA1 bomber, calf is so good but damn it is a struggle to...
Nah, West isn't going to play much center position, he'd be Green/Durants back-up. But the Dubs phone are ringing non-stop now from all the veterans looking to join the team.
Is next year the last year the caps going to make a big jump?
Or Russy could just sign with the Lakers next year when he is a FA
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