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Yah they are pretty much avoiding using Johnny Blaze (nic cage's version) because this one is relatively new with little back story so they can make stuff up for the show.
looks like JB is hintign that a blk/wht pair of 1s are coming out with the blk/wht 31s as well
but GGGs plan of getting hit and fighting wild got people wanting to fight him nowEubanks is the same dude who got offered the same money as Brooks and priced himself out of the fight and now talking big.Then Daniel Jacobs...Same guy who didn't accept a $3m payday offer because he felt he is worth more when his last fight was $1.5m and instead fought Mora last night and probably making less than $1.5m.Then did dude started talking again after pricing himself out to get...
Zoom Mercurial Flyknit
I'm still surprised Brook is going to come in heavier than GGG. At 30 day Brook was 178 and GGG was 165? With 7-days left, Brook was at 168 and GGG at 163.
lucky I tried and no luck, was hoping it was as easy as the closing ceremony XIs but not this time hoping it releases somewhere else or NDC/SNKRS just pulling a fake sellout again
Acronym Presto releases at some store in Berlin tomorrow, still not sure if it'll have a wider release. Jack Purcell x NikeLab/HTM fragment design x NikeLab Rework Another Air Zoom Lauderdale fragment design x NikeLab Tennis Classic AC RGB Pack
this weekend
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