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And to think the Porzingis pick got booed in NY.
^ ^ ^ https://kithnyc.com/collections/nike/products/nike-lunarcharge-premium-le-black-multi http://tres-bien.com/nike-sportswear/lunarcharge-premium-le-multi-color http://undefeated.com/footwear/low/nike-lunarcharge-premium-le-multicolor edit - End just dropped theirs too: http://www.endclothing.com/us/nike-lunarcharge-premium-le-923284-999.html
speaking of triple blacks, while waiting for Fantastic Beasts
Disney can bank on just remaking their OG animations to live action because the backlash of changing something is more troublesome to deal with. As I said before, they still make original ones like Maleficent and it really angers no one. It's just like people being against changing the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland, it will just anger too many OG fans despite it being real old and dated. Not only that but Disney doesn't really have all the rights to these...
triple black fk racers are coming out on dec 1st in europe but some speculate a black friday release in the US might be possible?
anyways... Melo should really hand over the reigns now...
ironic coming from posts that are unreadable
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