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tone is different fdrom JJ and DD, this is a lot less dark
Luke Cage was good but probably on the bottom of all Netflix Marvel shows.Music was great.my nit picks... [[SPOILER]]
Air Unlimited triple black
Yah I think GGG is going to win just because I think Jacobs has weak chin and GGG could likely put him down while GGG still walks through punches and when he goes against someone with power and could be a threat like Lemiuex, he'd jab the hell out of them until he strategically break them down. I saw the Canelo replay and he got caught in the ropes a couple of times and that is one thing he can't do with GGG when/if they face off. I get it, he is a counter puncher and he...
Year is going to end very well for boxing fans. 11/19 Ward v Kovalev 11/26 Lomachenko v Walters 12/17 Salido v Miura Pacquiao v Vargas on 11/05 probably isn't a good matchup but it should at least be entertaining. Anthony Joshua has bout coming up too but no one knows who it will be against though a Klitscho bout are being reported to be close, not sure if it's for Joshuas next bout or next year though. Then GGG v Jacobs is still being worked on that might happen...
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Pendleton SFB releases in an hour at END: http://www.endclothing.com/us/nike-x-pendleton-sfb-leather-6-np-qs-875040-101.html
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