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I got to see this in the theater.
Looks like another L for me.
I think one of their biggest problem is Currys defense, he is now being switched in and out of crucial defensive plays because he looks like he's going to be more of a crutch out there. I mean their defense is great considering they do not have a good big to anchor them but it feels like Iggy has fallen off since his shutdown of Lebron two years ago. Yhey will also struggle at times especially when they get pounded in the paint by skilled big men.
yah dude is impressive and still getting better (and taller?) All Star Voting so far and Zaza as the second highest frontcourt in the West? WTF!!!!
^ ^ ^
Lupinek added on NDC clearance, not sure if it's been there for a while or I just missed them but todays the last day for the extra 25% off with LEGEND25 which brings down to ~$150, somewhat tempting.
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