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Eh, I am as pumped as the next guy but it is definitely a nerd reach to analyze too much int he film as if it will ruin it. It's not like I posted a death scene or a critical scene in the film that will completely kill the movie. Again, i still truly believe that image, even without the backgrounds and stuff you analyze up the whazoo, will be released to the public via trailer, trading cards, promo pics or action figure. And don't take the "nerd reach" as an insult, I do...
I spoilered the Luke pic but I think that pic or image will officially come out way before the film comes out anyways, wouldn't be surprised if it's even in the trailer. And studios just doesn't like anything leaked, even those that has very little to do with the movie plot so that excuse doesn't really do anything.
Luke leaked pic [[SPOILER]]
Looky at Luke at your own peril. [[SPOILER]]
Flyknit AF1s
Nah, there was no post-credit scene at all. Ever since it has become common, I usually look up if the film has one so that I do not waste an extra 5-10 minutes watching the credits roll.
Alright you'll know me, I try my best not to trash the film before I actually see but after I see it, I am honest about it. I just want all of these films to be good so I try to be optimistic despite all the negative news and rumors during productions and Trank (trying to save face now) and his problems. But yah, F4 is bad. Nothing happens in the film and the whole film felt real flat, there are no peak and valleys, just flat with one tone. Really looked like a film...
Nah, it's the script. I mean come on, they shut his mouth shut as Deadpool, you can't blame the actor for that. It wasn't even Reynolds in the end of Origins, it's a stuntman.Just like you can't say Michael B Jordan and Miles Teller are terrible actors just because the F4 movie is being slammed for being a terrible film.
I heard that kids gon' be the next MJ.
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