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But the Cavs been a success with very little help from Love, when I watched them at least. I've been more impressed with Tristan and his offensive rebounds to be honest. Mozgov is also a bigger factor than Love in my eyes. Smith can just as easily stretch the floor too and dude is deadly from anywhere on the court, he's been the good NYKer Smith so far. And they need his bench scoring more than Loves contribution. Granted Loves been good to decent in the first 3 games...
Giving up spacing is a given but I still don't think it'll be as big of a factor. JR missing time might be a bigger factor.
Eh, I think Thompson and Perkins can pick up some of that slack. Sure they aren't going to be offensive threats but I don't know, never really feel like Love was a significant part of that roster. I just don't think it'll be as easy or a given for the Bulls already. Atlanta and the Cavs are still strong out there.
I think ya'll giving the Bulls too much credit, yeah it was a sweep but those were hard fought games while the Cavs pretty much just rolled over their opponents. I know it's all about match ups but even with Love out, i think they are still the favorites. I mean Love only played one good game iirc (where he made 5 threes?) then got hurt. I am not sure they'll even miss him to be honest or am I missing something?
Not sure if this is true or not but this dude that supposedly works at WB says...And Snyder did tweet this...
That was a nice last play drawn up by Kidd.
Butler the Eastern Kawhi.
But if he signs an offer sheet (which is pretty much a guarrantee) then they would have to pay him the same (via the chart I posted in the last page). They'd have to pay him $15mil or whatever amount either way so I think that is moot. I doubt he doesn't sign an offer sheet and take the $7mil rookie pay. It also states it could be higher if he wins an MVP? Does being DPoY counts in some way? Doubt it actually alters the max he can get paid though.
I thought he is a free agent after this season so why do they have an option to pay him a rookie salarty next year?
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