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What does SVG and the Pistons have to do with Knight?They got Reggie Jackson.
Here's a good read on MCWs long term benefits for the Bucks.http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2370854-michael-carter-williams-lands-in-perfect-place-with-milwaukee-bucks
It's not really absurd if you look at the bigger picture, it's somewhat misleading to look at the two as a one for one trade. They never trusted Knight and apparently didn't see him as the future PG of their team, he is also about to get paid next year while MCW is still in his rookie contract, was RotY and has potential. He can't shoot (that can be improved) but he is a better passer and better defender (good length) and just as good (if not better) at finishing in the...
While hook hand Aquaman is cool, I want to see water hand on the big screen more.
I don't see OKC beating either Memphis or GSW in a 7 game series so they better have a 6th seed or better to move on to the next round.
Great win by the Clips, way to hold on. Spurs lost their own momentum and rhythm in that hack-a-Jordan game they played.
Deandre with the Jumpman "dunk".
Supposedly 38 players were traded today and that doesn't the 7 or so picks that was also moved.
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