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Need some opinions, is the Reverso 1931 simply too big for me? Should I just give up trying to own this beautiful watch? Do keep in mind that the overhang is exaggerated because the strap is too long (I can't tighten it to fit my wrist but it's easy enough to buy a shorter and softer strap so that it wraps around my wrist better) and that the strap is stiff and kind of protrudes out instead of in towards the circumference of my wrist.
Daytona love!
Not true, Zara stretches like a muthaf****
I don't know man... I believe those stupid picking up girls and other harmless pranks are faked/staged but this one, not sure. One of these days one of them will get shot and it isn't going to be so funny to them.
Those vids are the stupidest, they pretty much goad people to hit them and react physically and that's how they get views from youtube and make money. I think they also did the vid where they grab other dudes celphone.
Consortium Primeknit Pureboost
I don't really need the date function, my other favorite in my collections a Portuguese Chrono but I'm usually aware of the day date. I was also never a big fan of the cyclops, I don't hate it and I'd rock a BLNR without a problem but I just love the watches symmetry, you can just see it in the lume shot. I considered the SD4000 with the date and no cyclops but the case was just too thick for my liking.
Finishing off my 3 favorites and at this moment I am not sure there are anything else that can top any of these within the brand. [[SPOILER]]
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