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White Mountaineering x adidas Originals SeeULater Boot
Lots of Pac fans out there that are still willing to pay for his matches. Like a Mayweather rematch, many might say that "no one is going to watch that" but there is a big chance that half the people that watch the first fight will watch the next one and that is still big business for them. Hell if even a quarter of that 4.4m ppv buys is going to make that fight plenty of money which I don't think anyone is even touching these days. Canelo-GGG might makes 1m ppv buys,...
this tech fleece reveal hoody (olympics) looks pretty good but $225 is a bit much, got to wait for sale or for it to appear in the outlets
Yah, hype on the uncaged aren't as big so they've been sitting. Colored soles are just paint though so it'll flake in time. Focus are on regular UBs and any iteration of NMD Adidas decides to release. They have like close to 20 different pairs releasing on the 18th. The only pair I really want to get though:
Pac also had tax problems and unlike Mayweather who promotes himself and gets to keep all the money he makes, Manny only gets 30% (i think, maybe even less) of the purse from that big showdown and Arum got the bulk of it. Pac is still very skilled and he is still a big threat to most his weight class, even against Crawford and I think it should be an easy win against Vargas but I just don't want to see dude get hurt. In the end it is up to him to say no to Arum and stay...
NikeLab x RT new line is up: http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pw/mens-nikelab/7puZofo?ipp=63 Free Train Force looks good
UltraBoost 3.0 (pretty much just new primeknit pattern for the upper)
Brook being 176 now means he likely started camp at 180+? I am not eve sure dude could go back to the welter limit of 147 at this point. Before someone accuses me of making an excuse for this fight but just maybe Brook has pretty much moved up because he can't make it back to welter or even light-middle? It is still a dumb move to go against GGG as your first outing in a new weight class though.
Pacquiao v Jesse Vargas on Nov 5.Kind of sad that Arum is going to ride Pac to death and then likely feed him to Crawford or whoever his next big star is once Pac can't go anymore.Dude just needs to put his foot down and retire already.Also, Brook actually outweighs GGG at the moment. I knew he was a bigger welter but damn.
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