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Welcome to the Lakeshow?
The Hawks also got a redesign (I guess trying to capitalize on more jersey sales like the Clips) and apparently they plan to mix and match the top and shorts, which just looks terrible.
NikeLab Vandal High The NikeLab Vandal High will be available on nike.com/nikelab and at select NikeLab retailers beginning June 25.
Metta World Peace will make a come back too.
I think Bradley is a bit better just because dude can defend and has a pretty damn good chin while Porter is simply a pressure fighter. Bradleys next match should be pretty good this Saturday against Jessie Vargas, undefeated and also a brawler, could be another Provodnikov type match? Bradley also challenged Golovkin at 160, Id love to see how his chin stands against GGG though.
Yah Broner is just bad and that should be his last main event, seems like he was just happy to take $1.4m(?) and first thing he had to say after the interview was that he is good financially. I mean Porter is good but he isn't really great, he looks like an uncoordinated brawler that just pressures and swings as it goes but Broner just couldn't do shit, it's like if he doesn't hit first then he has no back up plan but to clinch. Such a wasted talent too, he has some...
Wouldn't recommend them for running at all.
Ward looks like he hasn't lost a beat but then again he was there with an overgrown punching bag tonight. N'Damn v Lemieux is the match of the night despite the 4 knockdowns, it was still a hard fought 12 rounds. Either would be a good fight for GGG.
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