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Looks like SW is indeed on Cap side.
just sad and pathetic
Not sure why they took it down/made it private. It's no tliek it's a leak, it was posted on Star Wars IG: https://instagram.com/p/65PhxOs_RH/
What's the layer/piece added to the sole?
Limited Edition Subscribers Cover
Civil War teams revealed
It won't detract from the look of the boots/shoes if done right. There is a proper way of doing it, by removing a layer of the sole and placing a rubber piece in there of the same height then shaving it off and painting the midsole (not sharpie) so that it looks flawless. It's those small details and proper way of doing it that makes a difference.As for benefits, no more sliding around and crack your head on the pavement when you slip? It's much more comfortable with the...
I think Khan is his best option right now just because of that glass jaw, he really needs a KO in his career plus that will be big if they can set the venue in the UK. Big chance Pac might actually get booed there?
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