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yah all three of those videos are non-spoiler and they guarantee it is a Captain America movie through and through and is a great follow-up to Cap 2.
wait, they sent you the one that was suppose to come out tomorrow? I didn't know it was the one with the white liner/bootie.also, they didn't take your email address when you called and then sent you the receipt there? were you charged $65 before tax and shipping, because shipping alone was like $8.50.
Marvels pretty confident, CW review embargo is up!
and I believe next year begins their 3 movie/year schedule and with the Spidey solo film pretty much on their hand, that's 4 MCU films in a year, technically
Dr. Strange teaser/trailer tonight at Jimmy Kimmel
another colorway of Huarache Carnivore releases on April 14
checked them out in-store this weekend and I don't think that sole will hold up well outdoors, it felt really soft and I think it'll get shredded.not only that but the shoe also wasn't very stable, felt like I could easily roll my ankle just by walking, I can't even imagine doing some lateral movements in them.
New Posts  All Forums: