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New rumor, Kerry Washington might be up for Amanda Waller for Suicide Squad.
I think last years bench is deeper, Collison made a big difference when CP3 sits. Now once CP3 sits, you have Farmar who rather chuck up 3s than distribute and an even fatter Big Baby (didn't think that was even possible) and a inconsistent Hawes (surprisingly) and Crawford has been somewhat inconsistent too (don't think he is 100%) and if Crawford doesn't score, then the bench really isn't going to have much points hence the low bench scoring tonight (he only has like...
They're not the current Lakers though, talking about the other LA team.
This is the Clipper team that made them a championship favorite this year. They just got to play like this every damn game.
They did not cost $250 20 years ago. And you wish Nike would sell their retroes lower than the OGs price.
Want to play this game but Smash comes out tonight at midnight and I'm just about to put down Destiny.Too many damn games this holiday season!
Did I miss a third watch-cop? Or did you not post this one?
Anybody have the +J Chesters? How do you like it so far?
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