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I like the funnel neck, looks like the logos are reflective and likely not very visible in real life?
Description is leaked, not the trailer itself. Probably just someone who saw the trailer and described it.
Supposedly leaked BvS trailer description from 4Chan:
Might be angles or completely different jackets?
Nah, he actually articulated the response with some intelligence instead of "DC scared of Marvel" diatribe you tried to pull.
MJ punched him in the face?
I'd be very interested to see if GSW is capable of beating the Bulls record though it seems highly doubtful they finish with 7 losses the whole season.
It's not just their books but I believe the whole F4 family is just done for now, as in they aren't going to be in any events? Not 100% sure but they do seem essential as Marvel seems to be rebooting all of their classic arcs like Infinity Gauntlets, Civil War, Phoenix Saga, Age of Apocalypse, Secret Wars, Planet Hulk, etc... I think some X-Books are being cut too, haven't read much detail on that though.
Because everyone knows Marvel isn't making the F4 film? And the fact that Marvel/Disney does get a percentage of the box office dollars from Fox and all Marvel have to do is sit around and spend no money on marketing or invest anything on production? If anything this will just cause more friction between the two and if I were Fox, I'd fight back. The F4 film is likely guaranteed a $500m worldwide, if it were me I'd keep making F4 films and never return the franchise....
How about you don't take every rumor that comes out as fact?Movie doesn't even have a teaser or trailer yet.
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