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Is this a running gag or am I missing something? Bradley Cooper isn't bad and Diesel was great as the Iron Giant and as Groot, dude has one line, "I AM GROOT!" and that is it.
Fox does have the rights on mutants including the usage of the word so Marvel/Disney cant use it.
No twins in the XMen film, at least not the same actors. They have QS confirmed for the next X-film though but SW isn't, there is a pic where QS is with a little girl which most are guessing a very young SW.
Movie was spectacular. Very impressive but still ranks right behind IM1 and a notch below Avengers in Marvels line-up though. MOVIES OUT SO SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! I loved what they did with QS in this one, the silver streaks he leaves behind when he runs, it's already above and beyond what Singer showed with his movement. Olsen looks scary as SW, I like it! I really hope they don't call "mutants" magicals though. Loved what they did with Armin Zola, even though it's...
Comes out tonight at midnight, will be seeing it a few hours, 8PM PST. Who will be seeing it this weekend?
That's with hardware though, no?
It's the other way around for me, lower armholes tends to mean wider sleeves so there is still that range when moving my arms while with higher armholes with a slim chest felt a bit more confined and definitely something I had to get used to. I don't notice it anymore but trying it on the first time felt very restrictive and even moving my arms up can be restrictive as there isn't much slack there by the armpit being closer to your body and all. Just different preference I...
I was asking Distorbiant with his jacket because he said the armhole is low and very restrictive but to my experience, it's the high armholes that feels more restrictive.Both of you are probably right, my recollection is a bit blurry as it's been a while since I tried to get ToJ and pay attention to the leathers used. I did see this on the ToJ thread upon a quick search and Drew talks about 1.5mm lamb jackets.
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