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The only only solace that chick have is that Big Baby turned around so she at least she wasn't tea-bagged!
Bruh! Nothing scarier than sitting courtside and seeing these coming your way.
Flyknit Zoom Agility
I still think it'll surprise people, likely not going to be Winter Soldier or TDK good but I can see it being Cap1/Thor1 good and move the franchise forward. Written by Kinberg (DofP) and porduced by Matthew Vaughn sounds good to me from the get go. I also liked Chronicle and I am just happy the film isn't found footage like reported earlier.
Flyknit Lunar 3 MC colorway (not my pic)
I wish they would fix the dunk contest, last year was actually good until we found out there wasn't going to be one winner. It would have been spectacular to see the last 3 in that team to go head to head for two more dunks each instead of the whole team being a slam dunk champs.Also....
Air Force 1s, difficult to tell if mid or high.
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