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Ward fighting on BET and there's a rap concert before his match? Just get on with the fight!
Ref was trash, would have taken at least 2 points before that first point in the 11th. Broner with the nice hook but I give that 12th round a 9-9. It's a robbery if Porter loses.
I'd say chances are slim but never hurts to try, go to FTL and see if you get lucky with a raffle draw. Or if it does go on sale on the website, keep an eye on twitter and be quick with it, sometimes people do get lucky.
No one is denying the hype, we just to live with it and if you miss out, then move on. But dude literally jumped on the opportunity to belittle anyone who likes the carnivores from the get go once I posted the link, no one has even commented on the price or them selling their right arm to get a pair. Again, most of those who liked the shoe didn't even know the price was going to be $200 and I doubt people here were buying them up in bulk. Just because he didn't like the...
Nah, just stupid to put down what another man likes. I mean the thread is dead already as it is, ain't got to try and stir shit up just so you feel good about yourself, just keep them all positive. If you don't like them, just say so and move on. No need to get your jollies by insulting what others want and calling them sheeps.
Because no way in the world someone just happens to like them? Right? Is it the less than handful of people here who were hoping to cop before the $200 price has been revealed that gave you the impression it is extra hyped and got them by the balls just cuz it's Nike Lab? Shit doesn't even seem like there are 5 people here who wants the shoes and you act like the thread jumped 20 pages of whining and bitching on how it isn't coppable because resellers got them all. I...
Carnivores out: http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/nikelab-free-huarache-carnivore-shoe/pid-10285104/pgid-10942275 Good sizes sold out quick but there are still some smaller and bigger sizes left.
Yah I am not rooting for anyone but deep down inside, I kind of want to see Broner knocked out. Also, I am looking forward more to N'Dam v. Lemiuex over Ward, I think the winner would be a good test for GGG. Make that an undercard for Canelo v Cotto and you got yourself a good PPV. I just hope Cotto just takes that fight instead of waiting for Mayweather to maybe pick him for a rematch. It'll be another good night of boxing tomorrow though that's for sure.
Who you got? I really have no clue, I feel Broner is a skilled fighter... when he wants to be and isn't humping his opponent. I also feel like Porter can just crowd him like Maidana did and put his ass on the mat. I ma honestly more interested in this than the Ward comeback.
Clips got a new look.
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