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Air Jordan 6 Retro Black/Infrared 23 Nov 28
It's a travesty to even put Howard in the same sentence as the Bad Boys.
Barkleys been in a buffets since the Lakers first win a week and a half ago dawg! SWAG!
SWAGFLUENCE! Gon' go to Forever 21 to grab some swaggyness!
I got to say, this seasons been real good. If yall haven't been watching, watch season 1 in one sitting (works much better as a whole) and then catch up on season 2.
I get it, all the Lakers needed was Swaggy P! His mere presence alone = instant win!
Warriors would be insane to take that trade. Cavs trade is terrible for the Lakers, no potential there at all. JR Smith to the Lakers? NO THANKS!
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