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Isn't vet minimu like $1.2m or something that low? JR is going to talk to them, not sure if they are itnerested, maybe low ball the hell out of him for opting out of his $6m contract? Delly I think might be gone? I don't remember but I think I read somewhere that he might be going somewhere else but not sure. I think he wanted $5m a year or something?
There was also a twitter feud between Shaw and Pippen with Shaq stating the Lakers all-time bests would beat the Bulls best by 50 points.A quick analysis I read online on why the Bulls picks.
JR Smith turned down $6.4 mil in the final year of his contract from the Cavs to be a free agent, now no one has shown sign of interest and will meet with the Cavs for a new deal which will likely cost less.
I don't think the Warcraft footage ever leaked? Right now other than pics (which i think were posted here) there aren't too many info about it.
blk/wht free flyknit NSW available at CaliRoots now: http://caliroots.com/nike-free-flyknit-nsw-599459-001/p/41736 Really surprised there's still sizes left though I haven't gone through the whole checkout process so it might say sold out when you get there.
Reports are saying the Suns not the Spurs.
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