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Just send him a PM and let him know that you are interested in an Explorer I with AD warranty stamp and if he has one in stock then you're in luck, if not then he'd see what he can find. That is really the only downside, you may have to wait til he gets one and he can't always guarantee the one he gets will have the warranty card. If you aren't in any hurry though, just let him know to contact you when he gets one or inquire for a price. There are some cases where grey...
Not really, Jomashop and Authenticwatches are two of the biggest grey market stores online but does not give you the warranty card and they provide you with their own warranty. They will try to fix your watch for you and if you simply send the watch to directly to Rolex, they won't cover anything at all.With the warranty card from DavidSW, you can send it in to Rolex without a problem. That may be the case with more forum grey market sellers but not all does it, there are...
DavidSW might be grey market but at times he sells watches with warranty in it. I believe he just gets the warranty cards stamped by whichever AD he gets his watches from and leaves the name and date blank for David to fill in with his buyers info. That is as a good as an AD purchased watch.
Yup! Rolex AD.
Contact DavidSW, he is probably your best bet for the biggest discount. And it is possible to get a discount from a US AD, really depends on how well you haggle and your relationship with the AD. Most will pass on the saving from credit cards fees if you bring in cash, that is a god starting point.
It's "inspired" by it but you aren't going to mistake one for the other. Doubt the Ramones are in trouble despite it kind of like a roided up pair of chucks.
Isn't it always?
EBs plan/schedule:Erza Miller cast as Flash though I am not sure if it is confirmed to be Barry or Wally.And Momoa finally "confirmed" to be Aquaman.The plans doesn't include a solo Superman or Batman films though.
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