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Yeah their design philosophy is somewhat like Porsches, just tweaks here and there, which is something I actually really like. I understand that most really can't distinguish one from the other just like with Porsches but I could, i guess that's just being a fan of the brand itself.
Well when i said last year, I also meant last season. I'm not sure but maybe other stores didn't order much/any this season because they didn't move well? If you really like/want it and don't want to miss out, just buy it at retail. Who knows, there might be a price hike next season. I just checked and Barneys.com still has those boots in almost every size. I don't think those went on sale there last season though so I wouldn't even wait if you want them.
Design-wise, Aston makes the most beautiful cars in the world, to me at least. They just hit that design well and have been riding it for a while and really people has come to expect it and when they take a few steps away from it, most are disappointed. I've just always loved Astons though, from the DB1, DB4, DB5.... all the way to the Vantage, Vanquish, DB9, Rapide, etc... They are just all gorgeous. I think Porsche and Ferrari are the only one that are in the same way...
The boots were everywhere last year, I am not sure now. Barneys.com and SSense had them for sure. Matches and LVR had them too, as well as the jacket iirc. There was even a debate here whether the boots were just really polished or if it's patent leather. Those boots, as nice as they are, didn't really fly off the shelves.
Permanent collection items can go on sale outside of the SLP boutiques. MrPorter had those classic bikers for 50% off and I've seen the classic sneaker go as low as 70% at Bergdorf.
Yeah if I can have my dream car, really just got to jump on it. I have another 10 months on my Z4 so I have plenty of time, the new R8 might even be out by then. But unless the Aston drives like crap, I just can't see how I can pass it up if i can get my hands on one. I also know it's a GT car and I am perfectly happy with that. I would love to have a Macan and Vantage GT in my drive way in a year or two.I think you'll be very happy with the Cayman and every woman I know...
Yeah I test drove the 2007 or 2008 V8 Vantage and it wasn't as good as I expected, tested both manual and auto while both weren't exceptional the auto was just terrible, almost useless to drive it in auto.The newer (2009 and up I think) were a bit better though.Next car I were considering were the Cayman, Corvette Stingray or 911 (maybe even an R8 if I was feeling yolo) and really for the price, I'd really pick the Aston over the 911 and R8 since I won't put it on the...
Haven't posted here in a while but I may have found my next car after I return the Z4....$99k Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT [[SPOILER]]
Damn, feel bad the Suns didn't make the playoffs. West is going to be so good though. Any team the Clips plays feels like it's going to be a bloodbath whether it's the Dubs (likely first round), Grizz (not sure they've won against them this season), Mavs (3 game they won were comebacks and mostly double digits) or Blazers (very tough match-up). it'll be very physical for sure. Spurs can't seem to beat the Rockets so that'll be interesting to see, OKC kind of...
So swagggggyyy!!!
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