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I'd be surprised if someone claims him off the waivers with 2 years and 27mil left on his contract. Those who has the cap space to sign him are either struggling or rebuilding and won't make the playoffs anyways so I don't see a point in anyone claiming him. I don't really pay attention much but very few are claimed on waivers because they'd have to commit to the players remaining contract. Plus the Lakers got Boozer for $3m iirc, he is serviceable enough for that amount.
Boozer wasn't waived, he was amnestied so the teams had to make bids and the highest bid got him. So the teams only have to pay him what the bid for him and the team that amnestied him has to pay the rest of whatever he has left in his contract.
Still contemplating on that jacket, just not sure if the size 2 will work for me (usually wear a 1). Definitely want to see fit pics.
I think only if he clears waivers in 48 hours, if someone picks him up while on the waivers (any team could iirc even if Smith wants to be in that team or not?) then they'd have to pay him his existing contract, which I doubt an team will do. After that 48 hours, he is considered a free agent.
God you bitch and moan more about Kobes being terrible this year than Laker fans just because he affects your fantasy team. Isn't there a separate thread so we don't have to see you whining every damn time Kobe has a game? For a Kobe and Laker hater, you sure mention them more than anyone I know in this thread.
The big contract for a struggling player probably made him very difficult to trade plus it seems Detroit just wants to develop their young players now.Really hope takes minimum and goes to the Clips.
Clips needs to make a bid for him since their bench is just extra terrible this year and with Hawes going down, it just got even worse. Also...
There's gon' be a lot bidding for his services and it might be the best thing to happen to him, he might actually get to a contending team than being stuck with the Pistons who is going to go absolutely nowhere.Swaggys gon' Swag!
Elastico Superfly Not as nice as the Mercurial HTM with the free sole but this should be great for those who actually play indoor soccer?
New Posts  All Forums: