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'Bebop' & 'Rocksteady' Confirmed For TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Sequel Star Trek 3 is titled Star Trek Beyond and Idris Elba confirmed for a badass role.
I believe they get a free Kia Rio with the award or something.
I think it's been the KIA MVP for a couple of years now. Not sure when it started but this is definitely not the first time. Also, should we expect Harden to win the MVP then since Curry has 2 DPoY candidates, CotY candidate and 6thMoY (I really don't agree with Iggy being nominated here but some articles are calling him that for some reason)?
Wow, Budenholzer (Hawks coach) won CotY award over Kerr. Glad to see the Hawks get some shine but damn it's hard to feel that wasn't stolen from Kerr.
First time I actually listened to Clippers radio last night (fios was out the whole weekend, FU Verizon!) and I believe "the Beast" station is the new Clipper radio host so you don't get the usual radio broadcasters for the Clippers. I wanted to change to 710 ESPN but they weren't broadcasting the game. I just found it comical on those two posterizations, I thought someone got shot by the radio hosts reaction. You wouldn't even know what happened, dude would go nuts and...
I don't expect it to be great but I think it'll be at least fun to watch. I want a friend raptor!
Got to give credit to Crawford finally waking up too. Very good timing to get his shot back, just got to keep it consistent so the starters doesn't get too exhausted.
I want to read more about Revan, seems like one of the most interesting characters in the whole SW world.
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