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Episode VII villain concept
Lucky for you then if you are able to walk in the store and get your size without a problem. Wish it was that easy around here.
Can't wait for Uniqlo to open at Glendale and Northridge.
For walking, I really wouldn't even worry about the sole, I am sure it'll hold up.Plus if you don't want the headache and hassle or risk getting shanked, pay the extra and go the ID route and customize a colorway you want.
Well I was talking about game 7 where odom pretty much picked up the slack of a struggling Bryant especially in that 3rd quarter and entering the fourth. I think Odom only had like 7pts and 7 rebs that night but they were all crucial to stay ahead of the Celtics. At least that's how I remember it unless I am mistaking it for another game? Lots of key factors to them winning the overall series for sure but w/o Odom in that game 7, I am not sure the Lakers would be raising...
Looks like the regular Kobe9 sole to me, it isn't going to be the most durable outdoor sole but it'll hold up well unless you ball outdoors for 5 hours a day, 7 days a week.
TR1s are good, they are not that much bulkier and the front upper is very low and flat. I was surprised how low it actually is, it's also a bit long. Traction is amazing and it is a very stable shoe, overall a good shoe for training. With that said, if you like or want a free-like experience, I'd probably suggest against the TR1. The sole isn't very flexible and the ventilation isn't as good as expected, the upper is mainly made of mesh but there is some fused material...
You can easily argue that the Lakers won their championship against the Celtics because of Odom.
Ep VII Stormtroopers
Kobe 9 Mid EXT
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