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It's a casual shoes and mainly just for walking, for that purpose it is durable enough. I'd say no different than Rosheruns.
Buben & Zorweg or Underwood or Rapport
I believe it was the Pam 048 and 049 that was 40mm. I remember wanting it a few years back but it was still too big for my tiny wrists. I believe it was the one with a date bubble as well?
Slightly boxy is fine to me, it's workout gear afterall so it doesn't have to be that perfectly tailored look.
Heather grey tech hoody/sweatshirt?
Black metallic and gold volt Kobe 9s
Discount on Rolex isn't impossible, it actually happens often it's just not as deep in comparison to other brands. Most ADs will start with no dicount then go with 2%-3% and then it is up to your haggling skills. And if you visit a boutique, then it is nearly impossible to get a discount.
Just send him a PM and let him know that you are interested in an Explorer I with AD warranty stamp and if he has one in stock then you're in luck, if not then he'd see what he can find. That is really the only downside, you may have to wait til he gets one and he can't always guarantee the one he gets will have the warranty card. If you aren't in any hurry though, just let him know to contact you when he gets one or inquire for a price. There are some cases where grey...
Not really, Jomashop and Authenticwatches are two of the biggest grey market stores online but does not give you the warranty card and they provide you with their own warranty. They will try to fix your watch for you and if you simply send the watch to directly to Rolex, they won't cover anything at all.With the warranty card from DavidSW, you can send it in to Rolex without a problem. That may be the case with more forum grey market sellers but not all does it, there are...
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