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it's a great shoe if it works perfectly with your feet like to be it just doesn't work because the upper is too tight unless I size up by one which then becomes less ideal for running and yeah every time I go to public bathrooms, I have to be very careful as I slip every damn time
thanks but yah I think they are pretty much sold out everywhere
UltraBoost ATR seems pointless if they aren't changing that slippery sole
you guys got the tan ones? for reference
couple of clean Kobe XIs coming out fundamentals black space drk gry zoom mercurial flyknit
^ ^ ^ sorry to hear and not to rub it in but these are pretty awesome
I wouldn't say you need to watch it to know what happens in the second film, more so that you need to watch it because it is AWESOME!!! Story is pretty straightforward on the first one and I am not sure the story for the second one has leaked but it's likely going to be pretty simple too.
I haven't read or even paid much attention about CW2 but I have read around that it's been pretty bad. If it gets good word by the end, I might pick up the trade. on a non-comic book related.... can't wait for this
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