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cracked leather actually doesn't look bad, might just be the pic but the shade of grey should have been darker
ASG 31s looks sick with iridescent upper, just waiting a bit of discount on it to grab a pair. I want the 1s too but I don't think it's executed as well, maybe it needed to be more black based than white?
Lion King Update: James Earl Jones is back as Mufasa Donald Glover cast as Simba
Logan getting good reviews so far, 17 review in and 100% on RT.
Mel Gibson in discussion to direct Suicide Squad 2.
+1I want to get the same colorway and get some black fabric markers and blackout the pink flywire.
Zoom All Out blk/grn highs are $96 at FNL and lows are down ranging from $96-$112 coupons available: $10 OFF ORDERS OVER $100: 10VALENTINE $15 OFF ORDERS OVER $150: 15LOVE150
you be the judge...
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