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That title goes to Bieber
I read nothing about anyone bitching out in that article at all. What was said makes sense.
Maison Martin Margiela fighter?
Froch is just lost at the moment.First he says:Then Eddie Hearn claims:And apparently now he wants to fight Golovkin too:When last year Froch just said...I guess we'll see if Ward takes this fight after his tune-up next month.
Welp, looks like Jokers does have the forehead tattoo, Letos just gon' have to make it up with his peformance.
You got that right, that is why GGG is playing to the crowd. He moved his base to California, always touts about Mexican style and even boxes in Lakers colorways and his mouthpiece is the color of the Mexican flag. In his post fight interviews, dude even tries to speak Spanish. He is selling himself well to the fans that's for sure and again as we are all hoping that it builds him up a big enough fanbase and be profitable enough to draw a big name.
Cotto has two choices, to me at least, either fight GGG for the title (soon) or drop the belt. Yeah he isn't a true middleweight but he has a belt for it and eventually he either fights or drop it or just retire altogether. If I were to pick a scenario, I'd put Canelo v Cotto for the middleweight title and then GGG fights the winner.
But again, even as Tycoon said, no one wants to face him from the top because it has to be worth the money for the risk. Eventually, someone is going to have to step to him but right now, no one is willing to. Quillin said it himself too, which I actually disagree with because I think him fighting GGG would bring in big money for him at least. Willie Monroe actually asked for the fight, there aren't many fighters out there doing that. I can see Andy Lee stepping up though...
New Posts  All Forums: