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Yah, it requires a lot of walking outside to get Pokemons and taking over gyms.
After seeing Kovalev v Chilemba, if Ward is in tip-top shape then Krushers going to be in trouble. Either way, it's looking like it's going to be a great fight either way.
one of the best, if not the best PF ever...
yah servers been crashing, I think they underestimated the amount of Pokemon fans out there, nostalgia is strong on this one. Childhood dream come to life.
Mo Buckets to the Clips, I guess they could do worse? At least he's a stretch 5 that Doc loves, should open up the floor more. At least it's just for the league minimum.
GGG v Kell Brook on Sep 10. Eubanks Jr supposedly backed out. Good test for GGG or if he actually destroys him then he just fought a welterweight? Similar to Khan fighting Canelo? I do think Brook is a bigger welter and he is better than Khan so it's not the same but what do you guys think? I can kind of see where GGG is coming from since no one wants to fight him and this is probably the biggest name he could get but I am curious why Brook is taking the fight...
Here's a quick guide someone made: http://mylifeasjoekim.tumblr.com/post/146990537154/new-pokemon-go-trainers
Pokemon Go App is out in the US
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