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lots of fights this weekendLebedev v Gassiev
Converse c Nigel Cabourn: http://www.endclothing.com/us/latest-products/new-this-week?p=1&brand=131 Jack Purcell boots
Not to take away from what lebron has done (I stil believe he is the best in the league today and he is having a quiet 24/9/8 statline this year) but we got to give credit to his teammates and what they did to help him win. His decline is probably coming at around 35, dude is a beast physically but those bumps are about to take a toll but he is being smart and actually resting. Speaking of being a beast though, Russ is doing what Russ was made for this year. Dude is just...
I am somewhat glad I am not into baseball or football, gives me more room to watch something else.
Kyrie is still an elite PG and exposed Currys defensive deficiencies. Love has been the goat for the Cavs losing but he has been good last season for them when he wasn't hurt, he is also exposed on the defensive end but locked down Curry on more than one crucial plays. I am not really sure Curry/Klay/Green > Bron/Irving/Love, Bron by himself gave the Dubs problems 2 years ago when Irving and Love were hurt so he is good but without those two, I doubt they would have...
Eh, Love locked down Curry and Irving proved he is an elite PG and both the defense and 3 were clutch. Lebron didn't do it alone.
wasn't as good but it was still good and consistently better than Arrow and yeah it can be a hassle to watch 4 shows in a row especially during NBA season so I usually just watch Flash for the most part and just catch up on the rest when I have free time
It's like Flight Club.
I think it's been pretty much downhill after that Ras mountain battle. Flash has been consistently good though and LoT is just fun in season2, they do not take everything way too seriously so it becomes more entertaining. Barry still keeps making stupid mistakes but I guess it's just one of those things where they have like 23 episodes to fill per season. GRs on Agents of Shield has been good though, much better than any past season so far or mybe my expectations were...
the epic finals comeback has done wonders for Bron to get Sportperson of the Year award considering what Phelps, Bolt and Biles has done this year
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