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DRKSHDW Ramones sans toe-cap
Blistered Geo
Damn. RIP
He stepped on one of the twins' foot and twisted his ankle so it hindered his lift and couldn't elevate as much and lost his balance. He probably could have made it if he didn't try to reverse it but that jump messed up his flow.
Get this man his own franchise. He dont even need a team city, just call em the Russell Westbrooks!
Nike Free Hypervenom 2 (which is weird because the first Hypervenoms barely released and barely hit any retailers)
Free Socfly (all 10-colorways here)
Ain't nobody mad you just make the thread unreadable once the subject becomes Manny vs Floyd while staying civil for the most part on other matter relating to boxing that made the thread fun in the beginning.edit: i'll actually omit the rest of the post and just leave this one hereI can go on deeper and dissect that post further but I'll just quote this one:See that last several sentence you posted are clear and concise and insightful and not biased at all. You are...
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