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@Rais, you pull of Nike pants well, most tends to look baggy or the thighs too baggy with diaper effect and the calves too tight. What headphones do you have on? And those KD8 Elites look good waiting for them to hit the outlets though. New KD9s looks promising.
If you're into toys or "action figures", this is pretty damn awesome!
Stories usually continue monthly or bi-monthly at times but most arcs overlaps with another series and on comic book pick-up wednesdays, it's impossible to just buy one arc so it's pretty much a weekly event. It all adds up to quite a chunk of change too.
I haven't read too much comics in a few years because it's just gotten with all these alternates but the Rebirth sounds good. I'll wait to see some arcs and how good they are before diving into it. I really just want to read compiled graphic novels these days, can't do the week after week stories anymore.
goddamn that struck a nerve
I think they called a foul on Adams and at anytime they could call a Flagrant 1 so they could review it. I believe I've seen them do it several times where they call a common foul and the guy who gets hit stays on the ground and refs all of a sudden calls a Flagrant so it can be reviewed. They've done this even on less physical plays just to be sure if there was a flagrant or not. Flagrant doesn't have to be the initial call, it's been used as an excuse to review a play...
Not sure why the sarcastic "big surprise" comment, Singer has been consistent with his XFilms and DoFP was very good (people seem to forget this often) and the lead in is Deadpool. Most reviews (from reviewers I trust more often) I've seen also mainly complained that it wasn't as good as DoFP.
I think he was talking about game 2.I still think it is for the Dubs to lose but the team they are facing this year are healthy and has bigs that can play against their "line-up of death".Last time they were down 2-1 was against the Cavs in the Finals last year and that was against a lonesome Lebron bulldozing his way through everyone.And I think Green should have been given a tech forone of these taunts, I really see no difference in it and Ibaka waving his finger at...
Superfly Mercurial and Magista Footscape hopefully they aren't womens only) Roshe Tiempo VI and Free Hypervenom 2
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