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At this point, Mayweather is obviously #1 p4p but who would you guys put in your top 5 p4p (the four that follows Money)? Ratings Magazine doesn't have Kovalev or Golvkin in their top5 and I think I would put them in there along with Terrence Crawford. Can't be mad at their list though except maybe Pac being fifth, Klitschiko (2), Roman Gonzalez (3) and Rigondeaux (4). I haven't seen Gonzalez fight but been hearing great things about him.
I am not sure Manny is getting a pass outside maybe of his country? Dude has lost plenty of respect from both boxing experts and casual fans (he has lost plenty of fans), he's been proven to be second to Mayweather (not even really close) and his ppv buys will likely never be the same again (and probably box only in China til he retires) and dude is being sued left and right and possibly even be fined (could he also be suspended about the filling out the forms wrong? I...
Yah I meant not another origin story but I guess you can call it a soft reboot instead because other than age they really are just going with an already existing entity? Also as for a young one being recruited by the Avengers, in the recent cartoons he has been working with Fury and formed his own group and I haven't read any recent books lately but I think it is also true there? In the books Spidey pretty much just join everyone anyways like Wolverine. And to be fair,...
And don't sleep on MadMax, 99% on RT and all of them are justified.Just a few reviews snippets:
At least it isn't a reboot. Plus I only have faith in it because it is being handled by Marvel though I never really disliked any SM films outside of Raimis third film.
Yo, fuck everything else right now and go see Mad Max. If there is one movie you're going to see this summer, hell this year, this is it.
what a sad, sad display by the Clips
Hulk might be in Civil War?
Which is about the age they are looking for, they are going super young with this new Spidey.
Looks like Asa Butterfield (Enders Game & Hugo) is the new Spidey.
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