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McHale was on the hot seat already since last year, rumors were swirling in the off season that he was practically gone but then they had that great start, they were like 9-1 or something so they kept him. Now that they've lost their first 3 games and are 4-7 to start then they finally found a reason to remove him.
Flash is the best CBM tv show for me, on network tv at least. Nothing beats Daredevil right not but Flash is a close second, it is a bit unfair to compare the two though as DD has much more freedom with the shows direction and how brutal or dark they could go. Back to Flash, I like it that the show isn't afraid to throw almost any villains and heroes in there and that Flash isn't just running around in a red leather jacket being dubbed the blur. I truly believe that's...
Just throwing it out there but after thinking it through, the fight might not be as easy for Canelo as most think.Cotto still got some power and can box. He can cut the ring too, he was Moneys most difficult fight so I think he can move around Canelo.He will definitely get hit and I think his old legs will give out in the later rounds especially if Canelo works on his body and work on him fast early on, the younger one should have the better stamina. Age might have...
edit, never mind gon' go ahead and take the high road and just ignore the ignorance
I thought the plan was continue the trilogies (main story) every other year and then go with a spin-off on the off years?
Jean Pascal now training with Freddie Roach. Cotto stripped of WBC title, now has no obligation to fight GGG if he wins and avoids $300k in sanctioning fees. But Canelo can still be the champ if he wins.
$9K statue not sure if this ones for sale
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