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the hypervenoms 2s are underrated but I also noticed that many do not like how it fits because of the inner bootie, it was pretty difficult to try on in the store when I was checking it out
Really depends on the shoes, if you get one of those OG Jordan XI sample with a "45" on the back then you might make bank on that. If it's some dunks in a weird and ugly colorway or a basketball tester then there might not be a market for it.
Dark Tower Trailer Leak https://vimeo.com/186275513
love those Zoom Speeds, especially in that colorway, performs well too Blazer Advanced
outlets been having good deals, just got tech woven pants for $45
Supposedly Sigourney Weavers going to be the villain in the Defenders.
it's more of a made for youtube movie
^ ^ ^ I believe a Nike Store in NY allows you try the shoes on. Lupinek Flyknit Nov 3 $250
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