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it requires a lot of wear testing
NMDs and UBs are actually easier to get now outside of the collabs so interest might be dwindling but then they'd probably just force more Yeezy colorways out.It's being marketed as a performance running shoe but chances are it isn't going to be the best in that department.And as for price, I a actually surprised Nike priced them at $190 considering the Air Max Flyknit from last year retailed for $220.
all black supposedly releasing on the 26th too
IF wasn't as bad as most review made it out to be but I had a lot of issues with it. Worst of the whole series but I do feel you still got to try and sit through it before the Defenders come out.
great review willy, thanks for sharing
does McGregor have a license to box in Vegas now? last I heard he only has one in CA
Leather Racers?
AquaSock 360
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