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^ ^ ^ It has potential since it's a nice and simple silhouette. Plus that full length zoom and no story-telling traction should make it beastly on the hardwood. Edit: Retail for the 31 is supposedly $185 which is not bad at all considering I think the 29s were $225? Also, speaking of Zoom All Outs, did you find the toe part not having zoom kind of weird? The sole also felt pretty stiff when I tried them on.
^ ^ ^ so tempting clearest look at the XXX1
Wilder TKOs Arreola with a broken right hand and torn bicep (same arm I believe). He's out the rest of the year now.
XXXI fading swoosh is kind of cool but that Jumpman should be on the heel or just be gone altogether
somewhat... that's the best I could do without spoiling and Wally West was black in the New 52
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