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Paging Neo?
The navy versions hit the outlets for about $40-$45 a week or two before it released on NikeLab. Really not sure what the difference is but overall the design wasn't thought all the way through. It has a separate sockliner but it makes the shoes too tight and impossible to put on if you use it with the insole. It's still tight even if you remove the insole, not only that but you also lose some cushioning and comfort. Second option is to wear it without the sockliner and...
NikeLab ACG available on NDC now: http://www.nike.com/us/en_us/c/nikelab/acg?cp=usns_em_20160519_C3575_M_C_HVC_LAB_CNT~USA_EID~&et_cid=613514&et_rid=2101548056045&et_sid=C3575_US_NKLB_ACG&et_li=2336_HTML&et_e=b416d7dcaacf6dccb28fd38b270f1647dc176e9d480c6833782ca50fdfebf213&et_u=31735631&et_jb=13&et_mid=1068051 Lupinek Flyknit Lows are $275 while the Rift Sandals are $100
First Star Trek, then MacGyver and now Training Day tv series There's also Powerless that has WW, GL, etc.. reference in the trailer:
Onto another spy film news, The Rock signed on to another potential franchise series and there might be a chance it crosses over with the Bourne series?
Canelo Vacates the Middleweight titleLooks like dudes going to wait til GGG is 40 before he fights him.WBA says it's make GGG and Jacobs for the belt, which is probably a more interesting fight?
It's the NikeLab Free Rift Sandal
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