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AF1 flyknit sort of want the all white one
Ordered two pairs of Kobe Xs before they took it down, very happy with both.
Rondo trolled Walker to ice him during the final free throw shot that would have given them the lead in the game for the win. Instead Walker missed and game went to OT. Dude has a high bball IQ, last week he also predicted the Hawks final play by sending Cousins to an empty spot on the court. Sadly dude is a headcase to become one of the best PGs ever.
Pops gon' Pop
This isn't even really a dig at you Steve or gloating (Dubs aren't my team) but even the best defender in the game are on skates against Stephgod.
I guess we still don't know.
Change to HBO and watch Mad Max. Turn off the tv and go to sleep if it's Entourage.
Footscape Magista BHM on NDC: http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/air-footscape-magista-flyknit-bhm-shoe/pid-10973374/pgid-11176032
That trade is my own personal scenario. There were no reports of who will actually be traded, just that there were some interests but Stephenson and JSmoove not getting playing time seems perfect and I think they'll work out well in Sacramento especially Stephenson since they need defense badly. And JSmoove has proven to be a good option off the bench if used right, Doc just doesn't know what he is doing with his roster. It took injuries from CP3 and Blake for him to...
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