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Or Sony decides to return them willingly? Waller doesn't have to be fat though, skinny Waller works well in Arrow. Plus Davis can act and at least she isn't the sexy type that you almost kind of expected to get horny teenage boys in the seats.
That was a nice stuff on Ibakas face by Gay! wait...
Sony doesn't have that clause in their contract anymore, they gave the Spiderman merchandising rights to Disney/Marvel in exchange for more movie right so Sony can keep the Spiderman movie franchise for as long as they want. Fox properties have a 5 year expiration I believe but they really do not need to deliver a finished product, they just have to say they are "in production" and then the timer resets and that is why F4 managed to take forever to be made but still stay...
When do they move to the new arena? I thought it was going to be this season? Sorry to hear Parker gon' miss the whole season now. I guess Wiggins a lock for RotY.
God, stop bitchin for gods sake.
Probably a teaser for a teaser for the trailer. Also....
Good assessment and you can probably add turnovers to that, I think they still have way too many of them, no?
I like the funnel neck, looks like the logos are reflective and likely not very visible in real life?
Description is leaked, not the trailer itself. Probably just someone who saw the trailer and described it.
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