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Lace swap
More added to the rotation.
Snyder challenged Malin Akerman and Calra Gugino (both Silk Spectres) for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and well they accepted....
My Raf Vandals feels narrow too but I do feel CPs are narrower, maybe it's the upper being lower profiles and more constricting so it feels narrower? Then again KVA Icarus also has the same sole and that is overall bigger that I have to size down one full size, I could probably size down another half if they made them. I have a wide feet and to me GATs and Lanvins are pretty wide, wider than most Margom soles.
They definitely fit narrow on CPs.
She was naked about 90% of her screen time but if you're going to pay for that, you might be better off just googling that.
BTW, the best part of the whole film for me wasn't even in the film, it was Tarantinos The Hateful Eight teaser/trailer they showed.
Haven't posted here in a while but just got these two today and just wanted to share. Sorry for the watermark but the last few times I posted pics of watches untagged, I see them used on ebay the next day.
Just got back from seeing Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and I can sum it up easily! DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE! DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE! DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE! DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE! Movie is just bad! Terrible! Excruciating! Insert any synonyms for the word bad here.
Post the title of the article, people might be able to google it themselves. There was also this article from a few days ago talking about the same subject and probably covers the same topic as that one: http://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/08/18/commercialization-of-high-fashion-hedi-slimane-ysl-nicolas-ghesquiere-louis-vuitton/?_php=true&_type=blogs&_php=true&_type=blogs&_r=1
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