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What's you opinion on Cartier as a brand/watchmaker? Not sure many consider them as a high-end watchmaker anymore, not even lower tier high-end. Just from talking to boutique and AD SAs it seems they are trying to be more prestigious and really limit the discount like Rolex has. I think they even pulled all their jewelry from other ADs and are just trying to sell them at their boutiques where discount is impossible to get.
BLNRs are nice in pics and even nicer in person. I'm considering one but I am not in a hurry because that cyclops isn't a favorite of mine. What do you guys think of Cartier these days? More of a jewelry? I know their in-house movements supposedly really good but they tend to put them in their gigantic watches. Was considering a Tank Solo Large a few years back, even almost pulled the trigger on the quartz version because they looked nice on my tiny wrist, is this a...
The pre-order gives you early access to the Vanguard weapons and you buy them at lvl 5, check out the robot vendor by the airships. I was in a hurry when I bought them but I believe they have the legendaries at lvl 20, not sure though. They are good starters but they will be obsolete once you get leveling anyways. Many do not even waste their Glimmer on them.
The blue ones? Yes, the blue is really nice and the green sapphire just looks good with it. My AD was trying to do a sales pitch on me saying it's the first one she's got and if I don't get it on the spot it'll likely be gone that day. I return a week later and it's still there. She was doing the same with the BLNR so I'd buy at retail but it's been sitting on display for a few months now.
I just think the Milgauss would be better without the orange indices and second hand, the blue dial and green sapphire works well together in the newest iteration then those oranges just kills it for me.
Am I the only one put off by the green sapphire with the orange second hand and indices combination on the Milgauss? But that I guess that is what makes the Milgauss a Milsgauss. I'd like it more if the second hand and the oranges indices weren't there and they kept the green sapphire. How do you guys feel about the blue Milgauss?
I got to level 5 playing about 30 minutes each day after release, pretty much enough to get the Vanguard weapons. Got to get cracking on it this weekend, I'm already way behind with my friends.
Ugh, weekend needs to get here now so I can play some Destiny!!!!
Nike Free Chukka kind of has that Mercurial Superfly silhouette.
My ideal trainers these days are the 3.0s and Hyperfeel TR, I just like to get as close to the ground as possible I guess. The crossfit Nikes need to get here now! You can always go retor and train n these Air Max Bo Jackson These are nice and simple: Nike Air Max Lunar1 WR “Pure Platinum”
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