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You got that right, that is why GGG is playing to the crowd. He moved his base to California, always touts about Mexican style and even boxes in Lakers colorways and his mouthpiece is the color of the Mexican flag. In his post fight interviews, dude even tries to speak Spanish. He is selling himself well to the fans that's for sure and again as we are all hoping that it builds him up a big enough fanbase and be profitable enough to draw a big name.
Cotto has two choices, to me at least, either fight GGG for the title (soon) or drop the belt. Yeah he isn't a true middleweight but he has a belt for it and eventually he either fights or drop it or just retire altogether. If I were to pick a scenario, I'd put Canelo v Cotto for the middleweight title and then GGG fights the winner.
But again, even as Tycoon said, no one wants to face him from the top because it has to be worth the money for the risk. Eventually, someone is going to have to step to him but right now, no one is willing to. Quillin said it himself too, which I actually disagree with because I think him fighting GGG would bring in big money for him at least. Willie Monroe actually asked for the fight, there aren't many fighters out there doing that. I can see Andy Lee stepping up though...
might be spoiler-ish but it looks like no forehead tattoo
Welp, been keeping quiet not to jinx it again but if any team were gon' fuck it up it would be the Clips
I thought GGG had decent defense in the first 2 rounds, he was able to attack and barely got hit cleanly. It was after the two knockdowns that he kind of just hunted for the KO and he just knew he wasn't going to get hurt by his opponent. I think that is true with his other opponents in the past too, he does get hit but only once he feels he can go for the kill and not to mention that he also has a decent chin. Really wouldn't be surprised if he just made himself look...
Did you see the Mathysse v Provodnikov fight? Might be my fight of the year candidate so far.
Yah but you can't blame anyone who reads this thread if they perceive it that way. Most (if not all) your post the past 10-20 pages have been to bash Pac and practically saying the same thing just by different people or it's Pac or his peoples statement which you disagree with. I mean we get it, I think the whole boxing world gets it, I am pretty sure the handful of people who reads this thread gets it. I mean most of it are even unprovoked in this thread, it's not like...
At this point, Mayweather is obviously #1 p4p but who would you guys put in your top 5 p4p (the four that follows Money)? Ratings Magazine doesn't have Kovalev or Golvkin in their top5 and I think I would put them in there along with Terrence Crawford. Can't be mad at their list though except maybe Pac being fifth, Klitschiko (2), Roman Gonzalez (3) and Rigondeaux (4). I haven't seen Gonzalez fight but been hearing great things about him.
I am not sure Manny is getting a pass outside maybe of his country? Dude has lost plenty of respect from both boxing experts and casual fans (he has lost plenty of fans), he's been proven to be second to Mayweather (not even really close) and his ppv buys will likely never be the same again (and probably box only in China til he retires) and dude is being sued left and right and possibly even be fined (could he also be suspended about the filling out the forms wrong? I...
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