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^^^Is that whats going up here:
New Jordan XX9 Not sure why they can't make a classic designed Jordans these days, these look like Team Jordan that won't even sell in the outlets. At least the possiblities could be endless with the weaved upper. They could literally draw any pic and design on the shoe to make it look good, they can probably even draw or copy classic Jordan designs on the upper. Tech sounds great as usual though the "woven" upper seems like an updated flyknit.
Most generous? Dude gets beat up like Shaq in the middle and gets no calls. And you can't even say that Bogut encounter wasn't intentional, just another BS tactic to get Blake out of the game. Dude had like 30+pts and 10+ rebs when he got kicked out with plenty of time to play. Bitches do get stitches and that's why the asshole Bogut is out again and Lee is as soft as a pussy can get in the league and always hurt. Don't be mad just because Blakes been able to bang in...
Clips vs Dubs in the 1st round and with Blake being on the limit of his techs, I have a feeling some dirty play will be used to try and take him out of a few games. I really hope it doesn't come to that.
It's suppose to be wide, it's not the intarsia, I think it looks good. NN, I've always like how you pull off Rick more relaxed and this ones no different.
Is it a bench in the back? I somewhat remember them practically having two bucket seats for some reason?
I was actually thinking Red Hood but diglett works.
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