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It seemed like it isn't 100% his fault, you can see in several plays that the other players simply did not know where they were suppose to be. He was telling Giannis to go screen or run to a spot a couple of times in the 4th. He still has plenty to learn obviously but it's hard to blame it all on him when the other players in his team isn't following the plays drawn up or the coach simply has a terrible game plan.
Not really gon' matter as long as Singer pulls off one of these again, probably the best fight scene he has ever made before the Quickliver scene in DoFP.
Also, his looks might be influenced by the timeframe of the film, the 80s.
They made him an alien and I think we know what planet he came from...
Again I get that but eh. Kevin Love was barely getting into the thick of things but that's been stated a million times.Love is also terrible in defense, one of the main reason I say the Cavs still sweeps the Celtics without him is they have no proper big man. Once they face Milsap & Horford, Pau & Joakim and Nene & Gortat, then they are going to have a problem.Honestly, against the more physical play of the Bulls and Washington, it might be beneficial or blessing in...
I know JSmooves kryptonites the 3pt shot but don't leave dude wide open. it's like a practice shot for him out there.
But the Cavs been a success with very little help from Love, when I watched them at least. I've been more impressed with Tristan and his offensive rebounds to be honest. Mozgov is also a bigger factor than Love in my eyes. Smith can just as easily stretch the floor too and dude is deadly from anywhere on the court, he's been the good NYKer Smith so far. And they need his bench scoring more than Loves contribution. Granted Loves been good to decent in the first 3 games...
Giving up spacing is a given but I still don't think it'll be as big of a factor. JR missing time might be a bigger factor.
Eh, I think Thompson and Perkins can pick up some of that slack. Sure they aren't going to be offensive threats but I don't know, never really feel like Love was a significant part of that roster. I just don't think it'll be as easy or a given for the Bulls already. Atlanta and the Cavs are still strong out there.
New Posts  All Forums: