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Oh I wasn't considering the Montblanc. I just wanted to get a discussion going about it. It's practically an entry-level complication and even though they give a lot for the price and discount you can get for it later on, there are way more other watches ahead of it in my wish list.
Alright, sorry if I aggravated some with the Montblanc discussion. Let's get some wrist shots in here!
It's 39mm, that isn't huge at all.
Let's continue the watch discussions... Opinions on the new Montblanc Meisterst├╝ck Heritage Perpetual Calendar? The biggest sell for this watch right now is the price, starting at $12,800 for a perpetual calendar doesn't seem bad, no? Biggest gripe from others is the eta-2892 w/ a Dubois-Depraz module instead of an in-house movement but considering the discounts you can usually get with Montblanc (I can see it being at 40% off in the grey market within a year or two?) it...
Put a laser function and I am all over it!
Not many ADs in my area even carry Cellinis. I recently noticed the AD I frequent has one lonely piece sitting by the very corner that seemed like it's been there for maybe 5 years.
About the Cellinis, that's pretty accurate to the feelings I get from most. There are better alternatives for the price. I think the new ones are an update from the past but I only really like the time version because the dial is simple. If i were honest though, if they didn't make a rg x blk combo, I might just glance past it.Like making a Goldfinger watch even though James Bond wore a Rolex in the film? And of course you have to put the 007 logo in there somewhere!
shearling lined 5zip
Yeah it does seem made to attract women more than men but it's undertandable as everything at Basel was pretty much aimed for mens anyways.Speaking of new Rolexes, what do you guys think of the new Cellinins? Looking forward to checking them out in person. The Cellini time in Rose Gold and black dial (second from the left) looks pretty damn good.Actually all 3 in RGxBLK are nice. [[SPOILER]]
Oyster Perpetual or 116000Not discontinued btw.
New Posts  All Forums: