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yah apparently if some certain scenarios occur, the Mavs gets to keep their picks? as for the Lakers, I am hearing they might want to wait for PG to sign with them when he is an FA but that hasn't really worked for them in the past few years so I think Magic should try and get a trade done for him now
I think I just remember it saying Spring 2017 so it might be soon, if stores are getting them now then just monitor the website. I'll update you if I see it go up online.
The Bogdanovic acquisition by the Wizards looks like a good move, I am not sure they'll get past the Cavs, maybe not even the Celtics but it helps solidify their bench considering their starters are pretty damn good these days. I say "these days" because they are all currently healthy *knocks on wood*
I think they are still shopping him, I've read somewhere that Noels is being traded because he is butthurt that Embiid has surpassed him in the line-up/spotlight. Same dude that said he is making a list of all the teams that passed up on drafting him/traded him because they will soon come to regret it.
I believe they will buyout Boguts contract and the Cavs and Celtics are monitoring it. I think Dallas was going to trade him to Philly in the summer too but Bogut threatened to ask for a buyout back then too if traded. It's crazy that they are shopping Butler, pretty much the Kawhi of the East. And speaking of Rondo, if not moved he'd likely be bought out too and the Cavs has interest in him as well.
trade deadlines today, though there like aren't going to be any crazier deals than Cousins or new like Magic, there might still be big names that could move, hearing Paul Georges name a lot
I've read that it's dropping on footlockers now, check out your local store or give them a call.
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