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Come on now, I thought it meant that he knew he wasn't good enough to win, not that because god showed him.That title is so misleading, you got to read the article for the full craziness and you'll realize it isn't what it actually meant.
NICE! Looks great. Hows the quality? Mine arrives tomorrow.
Nike Zoom Kynsi Jacquard Waterproof
Nike Payaa
They didn't send me a tracking yet but I checked my order history on their website and it is there. Can't wait til it arrives. Hopefully the blk/gry pair is going to be as an easy cop.
Damn, that quick. Grats!
Thanks for the link but I have a gut feeling most orders will be cancelled. NT got a hold of the link at the same time and with lurkers in that forum/thread, I am sure they got bombarded with numerous orders that their stock won't be able to keep up with it. Hope everyone gets their pairs though.
Nike Zoom Novadome, Nikes new ACG silhouette
More colorways supposedly coming out this fall.
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