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Speaking of cheap leather like H&M, I visited a Zara recently and the have leather wit scarstitch now.
Jordan Brand "discontinues" the IIIs. Likely not permanent and I guess it's good to not see it for the next decade or so.
If you're going to buy a new Sinn, do it now because their prices go up on Sept 1.It actually makes a difference, just tried on the blue OP and the blue AK and the OP is already too small for my liking and the AK looks even more puny.
It's definitely the sticker, that thing gets nasty if you don't remove it and then wear it for years.
The OP is nice and a good alternative to the discontinued 36mm Explorer, I like the OP with fluted bezel too.
Looks like Cartier Trinity links.
Training. Those Hyperfeels are the TR version, not the runners. I swapped the laces because I don't like my workout shoes to be too bright or too loud but when it comes to running shoes I don't mind it because it provides better visibility.
New Posts  All Forums: