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AM1 Flyknit
It was reported that the Ainge tried to make a deal frantically up to the last second before their pick, they just didn't find any good deals.
yah that pretty much covers the tax I'll probably grab something now
so ebates went up to 9%?it was 1.5% yesterday
There's really no one in his weight class that could compete anyways plus I don't think he can get below 170 to fight at Super Middle after the long layoff. IIRC his first comeback fight had to be fought at a catch weight of 172 because he isn't going to reach 168.
hate on GGG is deep just because he didn't face the bigger Ward, get over it Brooks the bum who hasn't fought anyone in the top after beating Porter GGG has pretty much beaten half of the top 10 in his weight class and the one deemed as a true champ in the class keeps running and fighting someone smaller than him, his next fight is at 154 supposedly and vacate the title GGG is trying to work at a Eubanks Jr fight next Anyways, War v Kovalev is on in November as soon...
and people still wonder why this film is being hated before release?
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