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man go back to your star wars thread
Finally got a pair of Metcons in (almost a year later ) and they felt good but there's too much negative space on the top of the toe. It's not too big either because it's just about right length-wise and perfect width-wise for my wide feet. It's definitely better than the TR1but I think overall since I don't do crossfit, just the usual HIIT training that the Zoom Speed 3 might be better, I like the Metcons enough to keep it on rotation though.
It is by no means bad, I just liked DD better. Plus one major thing I am reading is that most love the show when Luke Cage is in it, which says a lot I think.
Welp, fight didn't live up to the hype. Canelo after the match pretty much said he'd put his gloves back on then and there to fight GGG. De La Hoya better not convince him to change his mind.
Jessica Jones is good but not as good as Daredevil, not even close but still a must see. Definitely has less of a comic book feel and a lot less action and rarely any easter eggs. Great villain though but I guess any villain that lasts more than an episode would be good.
What do you of an eventual showdown with Wilder? I think he's the biggest threat to Klitschko. There's also this UK kid Anthony Joshua, dude is big and quick and has power, he has a fight in 2-3 weeks so I want to see him in action but he seems to be on a collision course with Wilder. I like it, not as much heavyweights but there's some rising stars that's willing to fight each other. I want one of those two to retire Klitschko.
What do you guys think are Furys chances against Klitschko?
Clips did that, he had 4 fouls and they elected to go small and risk it and their defense was just too good that Dray didn't get 5th to sit him down.
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