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ATTACHMENT by Kazuyuki Kumagai 2015 Fall/Winter Lookbook
Wolverine because Mangold is the director of that film, not Apocalypse so his twitter reply pretty much confirms it.
Clips has a better record so they have clinched a playoff spot but Blazers are still #4 because they lead their division.
So the Blazers are at 4th right now with 46-25 record and the Clippers are at 5th with 48-25 record. Since Portland is #1 in their division and the Clips are #2 in their means the Blazers have home court. My question is at what point can the Clips pass them? Right now the Clips has clinched a playoff spot but Blazers hasn't, is them being eliminated from the playoff picture (which isn't happening) is the only way the Clips surpasses them?
Kevin Durant to get another foot surgery, out for the rest of the season. Rehab time is 4-6 months.
First Official Image of Reynolds as Deadpool
He might be wearing a prison jumpsuit in that pic...
Lex Thing
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