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Surprised? They've been playing like shit for the past 2 months.
Good aim!
Is Dwight playing?
That was crazy, exhausting but very good game. Too many damn calls on both sides though but damn this is gon be a good series, probably the best in the 1st round!
Jay don't own the Nets no'mo! Pierce was clutch right there, give the win to him after that struggle the first 3 quarters.
I'd like to know too because I really do have too much black leathers already.Can it be 12-15 orders of the SF-designed jacket but each customer can choose the type of leather and color?
I see, I guess I was hoping, if possible, the design itself was mto but there could be different leather color choices? It's a longshot but I figure it couldn't hurt to ask.
Any chance this new mto leather will come in another color than black? Or is that out of the question?
Saw the Nike sale was a bust? How was Eastbays?
^^^Is that whats going up here:
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