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I have no doubt he'd still win, I really do not see anyone in the division that can beat him. No one has really risen up to that level yet as of today. I guess Crawford but I'd have to see how he does against Postol, that one should be an interesting match.
Many of Garcias fans has turned on him, many believes he lost against Herrera and has just been a disappointment outside of fighting tomato can (Salka) or aging retirees (Malignaggi). Garcia is fighting Berto next and he's going to have to really impress and KO him to really get that fight going and secure him against Money next. Don't think he'll get that 9-figure payday with Garcia though so I don't think he'll take that fight in the end.
Floyds definitely coming out for that 50th fight but sadly I am not sure who he can fight that will get him that 9figures outside of a rematch with Pac. Mayweather Promotions files for 'TMT 50,' 'TBE 50' trademarks
I think the black upper lows with the translucent part of the sole are womens? I could be wrong though, the distribution of these shoes are weird. weekend haul mostly from the Nike outlet with the F&F sale (extra 30% off that stacked). Superfly and Footscapes came to about $105 each, Kobe Xs about $90 and the Racers and NM Distance were about $60 each. Also got some running pants that was on sale with an extra 30% off and the F&F discount stacked and came to about $20...
AF1 Flyknit solves the heat problem. And the upper silhouette actually looks less bulky with the flyknit too. the new midsole makes the shoe weigh almost nothing too.it is a toss up between these two but I think I'd go with the AF1sgot to try on the multi-lows and they were real nice, almost has that iridescent effect
Punisher set to get his own Netflix series
sole wise it is about the same but you could probably size down by half because the upper isn't snug like the primeknits in UB
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