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It only took five years because Singer flipped flopped, he left X3 to do Superman Returns then Valkyrie and the initial plan was Magneto and Prof X and Young XMen origins film (so that was always the plan after X3) and they all combined it into one instead and Vaughn had to do it. Vaughn was suppose to do DoFP too but then he wanted to tackle Kingsman as soon as possible so it fell on Singer again but he delivered a much better film while retconing X1-X3.X3 might be a...
Yah I don't get why Fox can't just stick to comic books on that one, story-wise it would have been fine if they didn't call him Silver Samurai, should have just had the dad suit up in a silver gear and let him be SS. It's like they just can't help themselves, they didn't learn from the Baraklopspool fiasco in origins?
X3 was the highest grossing X-Film til DofP though so that was considered a success in Fox's eyes. Apocalypse is likely going to shatter DoFPs box office too so that is likely a safe bet for them coming off DofP. Even Wolverine made $60m more than 1st Class and it feels like I am the only one who enjoyed that film. F4 I could see doing $400m easily these days with international numbers being more relevant than domestic. The first two were at $330m and $290m. Budget for...
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But the thing is Marvel still gets a percentage of profit from all Marvel films Fox does so why not just ride it along and get the money without any investment tot eh franchises at all? Its like free money. Disney/Marvel also owns part of the merchandising rights for these Fox films (like they do with Spidey) and they didn't even make merchandise for DoFP. Not even cartoons that they do not seem to be rolling out as much as they can that are plain bad (New Avengers,...
I wonder why?Could it be that Marvel has an Inhumans film coming up?That the Inhumans was the center of Agents of Shield show in the second half of season2?Or that Marvel can't use the word "mutants" in any of their show and films?Hmmm...
Blade should make a cameo in the Netflix shows, add in Punisher and Ghost Rider too.
I would love to see a Rater R Namor film with him being an anti-hero.Marvel is holding grudges because they offered Fox to keep Daredevil longer in exchange to use Silver Surfer and they said no. So now they are killing off Wolverine, Deadpool and stopping development of new XMen characters and halting F4 books, coincidentally all property by Fox.
Injured and exhausted towards the end, tweaked his ankle and looked like he was cramping up too.
I am not really sure at this point, supposedly Universal but some reports are saying Marvel can use him if they want. It's probably Universal who owns distributing rights similar to solo Hulk films, Marvel can't make them because Universal owns the distributing rights and there are some complications in that contract.
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