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In Russy We Trust!
From Letos Instagram Then from Letos hair stylist....
I get that. I saw both dunks and read your initial post of him having a running start on one and not in the other.Geez, is my explanation not enough that I just posted that it was done shoe-less before by the same guy, which was mainly a reply to Namor anyways saying someone is going to steal it for the contest?You want a damn cookie for pointing out the obvious differences? You mad the thunder was taken away from your post or something?
Not taking anything away from it, was just pointing out that it has been done in the contest and by Green himself.
He has already done it in the slam dunk contest.
I don't really want to get into it but Kobe has won 5 chips with Shaq and Pau, he could play with others. Granted dude isn't going to be Shaq or Pau's best man in their weddings but for the most part they got along and played well together to win championships. A 3-peat at that. Ya'll just got to conveniently forget his other accomplishments because Howard didn't want to stay for being a pussy and couldn't take it because Kobe was too rough on him. Now I am not saying...
I thought Batum was dealing with divorce? I just remember dude being a beast on fantasy league 2-3 years ago, close to a triple double average.
Not lower quality, just leftovers of what doesn't sell, returned IDs and b-grades. Sometimes even samples make their way there. Just typical outlet store but will likely get more and better items based on location?
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