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Moon boots... literally... well... sort of...
Kobe is worth the contract just off the tickets he sells. The Lakers may sucks big time these days but their away games are still almost always sold out when Kobe is playing and I think the Lakers is the only team that has an actual good amount of fanbase in every city, even Boston. You always see a plethora of Kobe jerseys in all of the Lakers away games. Anyone who thinks no one would want him in the league these days is crazy, dude is a moneymaker on name alone.
Marvel announces 5 new dates. So far it's looking like...I'm just going to throw things running around in my mind right now.I personally still find it weird that Cap 3 and Doc Strange is only 2 months apart and that there isn't an August or November release in 2016. Then again they are doing it in 2017 so I guess that's their new route. I want to put Avengers 3 at Jul 27 or Nov 3 of 2017, likely July date with May 5th being Thor 3. Then Nov 2017 kicks off Phase 4?Then...
After reading the inscription on Mjolnir though, it does kind of make sense. Maybe it was just a coincidence that Odin named his son Thor? Maybe there is actually a separate Thunder God named Thor he was named after and that is the power it grants Mjolnirs wielder? Thor Odinson (or maybe he'll just be called Odinson now to avoid confusion?) does have Asgardian powers (and the strongest of all supposedly) along with the Asgardian madness so he doesn't really need...
Game is great and fun, pretty much Halo with some MMO aspect. I like it more than Halo to be honest. For PS you need PS+ to play coop so I haven't really got deeper to playing with others in dungeons (I don't have PS+ atm) but the world exploration gets random world events that whoevers in the vicinity could play together and it's really fun.
For PS4, just go to the PS Store and claim the code and it'll let you download the game.
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