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Varejao out rest of the season with torn achilles. JSmoove going to Houston, supposedly confirmed. He clears waivers at 5pm est today.
Dame Lillard has ice for blood!
Lakers Baby Lakers!If the team can keep it up, yeah Kobe can take more rest and let Swaggy P shine!Team just looks so lax and happy that no one is out there yelling at them. It's like the Dubs' scouting report only consisted of how to stop Kobe.
Are you wearing your Air Commands as an alternate to Geos? They were like DBSS status when I tried them on.
I think Scott might actually sit Kobe tonight.
You linked to it but reading this article, the only that came to mind is that "I just read this a minute ago" (meaning pretty much what you wrote): http://www.sportsonearth.com/article/94965546/doc-rivers-gm-los-angeles-clippers-extensionYour format is different but it is pretty much that article outlined.Again I promised not to drag this issue further so I'll just leave it at that.
Like I said, not necessarily. It really comes down to this, I say he can play with the starters to replace Barnes while you say he has to come off the bench. It's just differing opinions but pushing that isn't going to change my mind. In the end, he is still set to have plenty of playing time even if he comes off the bench with Hawes out and the second unit struggling. He won't average his 13/7/5 Nate Duncan says he isn't athletic anymore but most analyst who has reported...
While he is on the waivers, if there are more than one team trying to get him and willing to pay his full contract and has the room to do so, the team with the worse record gets him.
Just looking around, here's somewhat the other side of that argument: http://clipperblog.com/2014/08/29/anatomy-of-a-deal-dudley-delfino-raduljica-and-assets/It also states/implies that it wasn't Doc was somewhat in Sterlings control in his first year:Which also linked to an article in which he stopped a Shumpert trade that Doc wanted to do: http://espn.go.com/blog/truehoop/post/_/id/66204/why-iman-shumpert-is-still-a-knickAnother trade linked from that article about...
New Posts  All Forums: