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I think the Cavs are better than OKC. I mean the Raps actually gave them the most problems but they pretty much demolished the Hawks. I know the East is a weaker conference overall but Cavs got better talent than OKC and they have longer rest time than the Dubs. Plus Lebron pretty much won two games against the Dubs last year by himself, this time Love and Irving are healthy and playing well. JR Smith is shooting lights out from beyond the arc and Thompson will likely...
I know righ! Is he even worth max contract?
I think they gave it to Jordan over Cousins and Drummond for being on a winning team. Deandre is probably #2 behind Cousins since LMA isn't considered a center.
Zoom All Out
nah but it was difficult not to see Sansa when she's on screen then speaks, she just isn't that great of an actress. And I almost got into a fight with this dude behind who kept saying hold the door every time she comes on the screen, had to tell him to shut the fuck up!
Apocalypse was ... ok... not as bad as reviews but close Lots of gripes and some thing to look forward to...
Not a reboot, it's a sequel as Fassbender is back in the film.
20th Century Fox has released an official BTS image from Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant, featuring Inherent Vice actress Katherine Waterston as the franchise's new hero, Daniels.
Raps getting doubled up
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