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been on vacation for more than a week before it released and was surprised to see it in stores, tried them on and they do feel much more comfortable than usual, padding feels real plushone negative though is that almost every pair I checked out had glue stains but it is Nike/Jordan so no surprise I guessI got a pair but it looks like it'll be going on sale as not many sold out so I might just return and get a pair later on
cyber monday 3s are probably go quick, love the colorway but I don't think I'll be able to get a pair
makes sense but just confusing more colors of Air Unlimited are coming
Lunar Magista II Flyknit (not sure why it's called "II" when there wasn't a "Lunar Magista I" and why call it a flyknit when it's just the collar?
NikeLab Air Unlimited 2017 AirMax
Amber Heard as Mera
the hypervenoms 2s are underrated but I also noticed that many do not like how it fits because of the inner bootie, it was pretty difficult to try on in the store when I was checking it out
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