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I actually like Hublots design more than Royal Oaks, just like the rounder bezel and the case it sits on, just a personal preference. I think that is a big difference between them and AP, the round bezel and I don't know why they get flack for that when they did try to separate themselves by doing what AP wasn't doing like having a round porthole and adding a rubber strap. Why doesn't AP get flack for putting a rubber strap in their RO? They "copied" that from...
Another limited edition Omega moon watch, this time the grey side! I make fun of Omegas but I really do want a Speedmaster Pro, just hate that the 39mm version only comes in a leather strap. 42mm is just too big.
Why? I think Hublot gets unnecessary flack just because they rose up off the ground so quick and kept running. I get the hate because they will sponsor any athlete that would wear their watch but it's really no worse than Omega, tag, Rolex, etc... when it comes to sponsorship and they are all fighting to be a event sponsors to get their name out there.What do you guys mean by chunky on the A&S? It's 40mm and is actually pretty thin. I prefer them to be in the 38mm range...
I'm open to all opinions as I am still on a journey. I post them because I'd like to get peoples opinion and open my eyes on things I may not see or considered.
Since it's been pretty quiet here I guess I'll share another possibility for a rose gold dress watch (preferably w/ black dial) I found and actually cheaper than the Moser, VC, Lange, etc... Arnold & Son HMS1 All in-house and the movement is made specifically for this watch and case and not used in any of their other watches.
Waiting for HS Vandals!
There are still lots of fights I'd like to see before they both hang it up. The last 2 fights by Mayweather was probably the worst I've seen him in a good part of the decade(?). His fight with Alvarez was surgical and was a beauty to watch, the 2 battles with Maidana wasn't pretty and that second one was just worse for Maidana though Money did eat a few shots in the face that he probably hasn't experienced in a while. I was surprised to see his face a bit swollen after the...
Hender Scheme FW14 "hommage" collection http://shop.havenshop.ca/collections/hender-scheme
I figure they'd just keep it like in the back of the closet, display it as a trophy or just wear it in anything that isn't an event? I don't think Omega requires them to wear nothing but Omega all the time, do they?When it comes to shoes, Wade for instance is signed to a Chinese company Li-Ning but on his off days he still wears Nikes and Jordans.
IIRC Tudor doesn't use 904L steel either.
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