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I was hoping they'd utilize the Defenders in the film too, introduce Cap Marvel and maybe even debut Doc Strange? Hulk and Red Hulk are supposedly in the film though and there is still the much awaited Spidey reveal along with Aunt May (Tomei is supposedly going to debut in CW).
I have a feeling Vision will likely have somewhat of an epiphany of sorts or something and hesitate to fight other heroes. Also keep in mind that in the comics, Vision and SW has a thing going so if they go a bit that route, that could hinder Vision too. Even if they do not go that way with the story, SW is pretty OP herself.
Looks like SW is indeed on Cap side.
just sad and pathetic
Not sure why they took it down/made it private. It's no tliek it's a leak, it was posted on Star Wars IG: https://instagram.com/p/65PhxOs_RH/
What's the layer/piece added to the sole?
Limited Edition Subscribers Cover
Civil War teams revealed
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