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I think we jinxed Russy. Thunder looking like the Lakers in the injury department right now. More players in suits than in jerseys.
Cavs It's like when I play 2K game and put it on easy mode and just make trades to create an all star team and notch everyone's rating up to 90+.
AJI Hi OG blkwht Nov 8 $140
Where does Guidi belong?
It's not really FedEx, from what I understand it's the Dept of Homeland Security/U.S. Customs and Border Protection giving you an importer ID. You only have to do it once and then they'll have you on their record and won't be asked again. For some reason this is a hit or miss on smaller/lower value items but on bigger ticket items it is more likely you'd need to do it.
Tech fleece pants on sale for $52 at Macys (probably a coupon for extra discount there via google too). Only L or bigger left though. http://www1.macys.com/shop/product/nike-tech-fleece-pants?ID=977143&CategoryID=3296#fn=sp%3D1%26spc%3D3%26kws%3Dnike%20tech%20fleece%26slotId%3D1
Yeah but I think that is going to be a very small part of the film. Cap2 had those in bits and pieces too with one-liners that fell flat but it was still an overall serious film and probably the least cheesiest of all. Plus we already know AoU isn't going to end too well with everyone living happily ever after. I think it'll start the film with that humor and then it is just a non-stop action and seriousness from then on.
Yup, Happened to me before.
The Knicks was actually impressive the first few minutes of the game. Some of those plays and execution with Dalembert passing or shooting from mid range and making it made them look like they've made a quick adjustment and then it kind of fell apart there as the game went on. I think by early or late December they'd be much better.
I feel Cap 2 was a bit darker and more serious than the past films and it looks like that trend is about to continue with AoU, Civil War and Infinity Wars.
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