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Probably in the minority but I don't mind the 9 o'clock baton, I feel it balances the white date wheel on t he 3 o'clock side. I think it'll look unbalanced if there is a IX index there. I did this PS for the SD4k date wheel for another forum on how the it would look if the colors are inverse and while I am usually against date wheels that contrast with the color of the dial, I feel in this case it does balance out it out. It looks left sided heavy with the date wheel...
They made it so that Ultron is created by Tony Stark. No Antman, his movie comes after AoU. Age of Ultron arc has nothing to do with the film, all the film adapted is the title and that is it. Problem with Ultrons face in the film is the metal eyebrows and eye balls, very Michael Bay/Transformers-like which is kind of comical. I like the other two Ultron version that doesn't have facial expressions just like in the comics.
He can control his anger and apparently when Bruce transforms willingly he can control him. That is why he went nuts when they were attacked and he turned unexpectedly in the Hellicarrier. They also showed in the end of The Incredible Hulk (with Edward Norton) that he was meditating then opened his eyes and it was green giving a hint that he was finding a way to somewhat control it.
Climaheat Rocket Boosts
Hulks trait has always been like dual personality, Bruce Banner and then the Hulk. In Hulk form, he operates as a different being (with almost a child-like mind-set?) where he just "SMASH". The Hulk can't be controlled and when he gets mad he just goes berserk not caring who is good or who is bad.
The DJII is a fine watch, I think it'll suit you well Moo. Love the grey dial!
I get what you're saying but I just think it is a bad example if you have super-impose the example. :lol I am not disagreeing, just very difficult to see in your example.Daytonas are actually advertised as 40mm but actually 38.5mm.Stolen from TRF for proof (someone put me on this here, credit to him too, forgot who you are though).
He is alone no more....
Must be my eyes but I don't see much difference in that two car pic. :lol Hood looks slightly longer in the first pic but that is it.
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