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A view of Batmans Flying Foxthe description from of the medias set visits of the Flying Fox
extra 25% off clearance at NDC with the code 25MORE 9% on ebates
I think they might sellout initially because I am not sure if it is a general release, if it is readily available at b&m's then it will likely sit. I think it will depend on the distribution and stock quantity. Also, the Presto Mid SP comes out tomorrow.
my understanding is that specific model isn't releasing to the public, it's just for their runners trying to break the 2hour mark for marathons but they are using that new cushioning called ZoomX which is confusing because supposedly it doesn't have any zoom bags, they should have just named it something elseit is Nikes response to boost, Runners World said that they tested Boost with a 70% energy return but with zoomX they found an 85% energy...
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