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Weird, all of the pics I've seen are just of the cape and cowl. Any other angles where you found that pic?
Is that pic legit? All other pics I've seen of the new batsuit only has the cape and cowl. Looks PSed, no?
New Trailer: Documentary On Tim Burton's SUPERMAN LIVES
I wasn't, I mean I like it for what it was but the TDK/TDKR suits is like an enhanced and blacked out riot gear. Outside of being able to move his head, Nolans version just wasn't impressive. He just took the realism too much, I think that also helps Snyders batsuit though, after 3 films of Nolans suit being back to spandex/cloth and more classic suit (especially Millers) just makes it look extra awesome.
I think the action will be epic, the only thing I am not worried about, just imagining the character Snyder has to play with gives me goosebumps.
FK Roshe
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