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Gon' need that black dial though. (not my pic though I wish it was)
Nike x Camper x BW ?
Oh yah, Daytona needs to explanation.
You'd be surprised how different the Explorer I wears from the Sub especially a Date Sub. Explorer is on a thinner and more sleek side, it could pass as a dress watch or at least tip-toe that border. Sub isn't as bulky or huge as the SDDS but it still has a presence and the solid links and broader lugs/shoulders really makes it bigger than it really is. Plus if you opt for a Sub Date then that as a big difference already versus the Explorers simple and clean dial. And...
I must be in the minority that isn't overly impressed with the platona? The ice blue dial is amazing in person but that brown ceramic bezel doesn't quite work for me. I'm pondering when Rolex will implement a black ceramic bezel on the SS Daytona though, it seems inevitable. Welp, the weekend didn't go quite as planned... ...no Cartier yet but... ...still in their coffins!
Yah classique is one of the options once the 1931 is out of the picture. One aspect of the TTR1931 is their indices though, it's just clean and simple. The same with the Cartier, I like the roman numerals better than the numbers on the classique, just looks cleaner to me. I have to see the classique in person again though, last time I tried one on was maybe 2-3 years ago?
Thanks, it is always fun to have a bunch of watches lined up to try on. I tried on the BLNR too and it is definitely calling me. The blue OP is another that it right there yelling right behind the BLNR. And for reference my wrist is just about 6" in circumference so it is damn tiny, I am glad that it is at least more flat than round so I could usually accommodate up to 40mm round watches. When trying on the tanks, I couldn't tighten any of the straps up because they were...
Couldn't help it, made a quick run at the AD to check out the Cartiers. No purchases yet though. I must say, the Tank Solo Large fit me the best. The rose gold in that size would have been perfect if it had the automatic movement, just kind of hard to pull that trigger on a $5k quartz, rose gold or not. Next that really stood out to me is the Solo XL auto in steel, Dino pretty much read my mind that for a retail for $3700 (and what I feel I can talk it down to) it is...
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