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My bad, couldn't upload pics through my phone.Nothing ya'll haven't seen before.Entry to the cyclops club!
The Pasha looks beautiful. I've always had a thing for the Pasha Seatimer too, not even sure why but I just like it.
I don't know why many worry about the finish on the Rolex movements, it's not like they are visible anyways. They are very reliable, robust and easy to service. Who really cares if it is decorated when their watches doesn't even have a showcase back? With that said, I do wish Rolex opened up and showed off what they could do in the new Cellini line. I know they can make nice as they demonstrated in the Cellini Prince casebacks.
Explorer I gets my vote too, to me it's simply the most versatile in that list.
before all the other coppages arrives in this thread...
It's a casual shoes and mainly just for walking, for that purpose it is durable enough. I'd say no different than Rosheruns.
Buben & Zorweg or Underwood or Rapport
I believe it was the Pam 048 and 049 that was 40mm. I remember wanting it a few years back but it was still too big for my tiny wrists. I believe it was the one with a date bubble as well?
Slightly boxy is fine to me, it's workout gear afterall so it doesn't have to be that perfectly tailored look.
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