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How about we talk about who Money will fight in his last match? We all know it isn't going to be as big as this one but who do you think he should finish his career with? Highly doubt a rematch will happen with Pac. There's Keith Thurman who I think would be a big challenge but he is probably still a fight or two from being a threat, his last two fights where he is suppose to blow up was underwhelming, he dominated but he didn't knock them out like he promised hence...
Opening an LA Store?
I know some of you would just call this being a Clipper stan and I know it's a long shot at this point for the Clipps but how amazing would a Dubs-Clips Conference Final be? I am not sure when the last time I saw a hatred/rivalry between two teams that are this heated. They seem to just genuinely hate each other. It's really the only battle I could see that repeats the Clips-Spurs series.
Croc looks much better here:
Deadshot with mask
Suicide Squad
Wizards about to beat the Hawks. WoW!
Ain't no excuses can be made. Easy win by May. I wouldn't even give Pac a point, complete sweep on my card. Well maybe one if replay played no factor.
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