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Got to say that was one of the best saturday night ASG events. Slam dunk comp could have kept going, I feel like Gordon deserved a 50 on his last dunk, some judges probably missed how good it was but on replays you are just astonished. all the dunks were very good but my favorites probably the sit down dunk
Deadpool is amazing, it's a must see CBM. I could see it not being for everyone if you don't know the character and you're expecting the typical CBM though. With that said, I'd everyone in this thread who has seen most CBMs and knows the studio situations would enjoy crack on it.
black Xs?
I'm going to try but no big deal if I miss out.
And no fashion show this year, they have a talent show instead.And they're really having big men on the skills challenge? I hope their competing with other big mens only.
NikeLab Benassi
oops, my bad. I just click on "last post" link and it goes to the end and it skips your posts.
New Posts  All Forums: