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I think they added the dude dressed as Spidey, I think Universal used to have the rights to him when it comes to amusement parks. Can't wait til they open Star Wars Land in two years time, wonder if they're going to be moving Star Tours over to the new location? Space Mountains probably going to go back to it's original so I need to visit it before then. Hows the Path of the Jedi?
They also added Spidey in there.Need to go back there and experience Season of the Force. It was closed when I was there last then they had a soft opening later that night, if i had known I would have stayed. HyperSpace Mountain looks awesome.
Edit: nvm hope all of you had a great thanksgiving and go watch Creed!
You know what's funny though...It isn't optimism if you're already talking crap about it before you've seen it, just take the Civil War trailer as an example.I mean seriously, how the hell do you know this? Just admit it, you're slowly but surely turning into rambo...
The example you are looking for has very little pool to get a sample size from. So if you're going to narrow it down to those specifics, then no there is no evidence but to be fair, this is also a very unique situation. The film went through many things that they could learn from. Again before all the drama and the director being a dick and discrediting his own film, it was expected to do decently on the box office. Hell even now it isn't in a bad position $120m budget and...
The 1990 Captain America film. Pretty much any Marvel films that was made or attempted in the 80s and 90s. I also truly believe that Green Lantern is about to make that leap as well with the upcoming GL Corps movie and being attached to JL. And while X3 wasn't a box office bomb, many thought the franchise was dead after that disaster. It's easy enough persuade the audience to watch the sequel, get a good director and actually make a good film (I know easier said than...
They can risk it, those actors could get past that first movie as long as the second one is good. They are on a roll right now with the XMen franchise, XMen is getting Singer back after Apocalypse, Deadpool is the most looked forward to and Gambit is getting a lot of hype. I also can't imagine why they won't go all out for Jackmans final Wolverine film, the last one is also one of Fox' box office hit.That F4 with the same cast just needs an extra year and then they can...
That sounds more like poor JR, he has less chance of being a dick in 2017.That really means nothing at this moment, they could just be moving it to 2018 to regroup and not necessarily reboot.
man go back to your star wars thread
Finally got a pair of Metcons in (almost a year later ) and they felt good but there's too much negative space on the top of the toe. It's not too big either because it's just about right length-wise and perfect width-wise for my wide feet. It's definitely better than the TR1but I think overall since I don't do crossfit, just the usual HIIT training that the Zoom Speed 3 might be better, I like the Metcons enough to keep it on rotation though.
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