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Forgot to post about this when the Clips played the Suns about the Morris twins contract (probably posted already):Apparently the Suns said "we have this amount to pay for both of you" and then let them decide how to split it up. The commentators wondered what they were going to do once one of them or both of them gets married.
I felt that last few minutes of the regulation was very badly coached by Byron. Clarkson, the rookie PG, just couldn't handle the pressure and gave up turnovers that led to OT. I felt like Lin played well in the 4th and handles the ball much better and they probably could have hold on to that lead and win in regulation. Ok I get it, he wanted Clarkson to get some experience, somewhat acceptable but what was even more astounding was that Sacre was in there for Boozer (who...
SFB Mountain
Oh you SFbot you!I swear I had a gut feeling which number 2 was yesterday.
Reports were saying that Money was actually telling Pac and his adviser (who was also there?) to stop telling the public they signed some papers and he was asking them to show him those signed papers. Later on Pacs adviser supposedly stuttered and admitted that he was just saying what Arum told him. In the end Money gave Pac his direct number and told him they should talk directly to each other.
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