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shearling lined 5zip
Yeah it does seem made to attract women more than men but it's undertandable as everything at Basel was pretty much aimed for mens anyways.Speaking of new Rolexes, what do you guys think of the new Cellinins? Looking forward to checking them out in person. The Cellini time in Rose Gold and black dial (second from the left) looks pretty damn good.Actually all 3 in RGxBLK are nice. [[SPOILER]]
Oyster Perpetual or 116000Not discontinued btw.
They are not for everyone but they are more like Rolexes novelty watches but with that said, they look much nicer in person. Pics below aren't mine but you can see how misleading the stock pics are, they are metallic and the steel sunray dial in the middle is pretty nice. The white grape (on the left) can be apealling to those who may like gold? The change on the 3,6,9 to double batons isn't a bad touch either.
More colorways of the Zoom Hypercross
Zoom Hypercross Trainer
Been wearing this all week and just stealing wrist time away from others.
Elastico Superfly Seriously Nike, just whore out the goddamn Mercurial Superfly already!
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