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I hope it's true this time around...
Matt Reeves is now officially directing the Batman movie. And a Nightwing Live-Action film is in the works with the Lego Batman movie director being at the helm.
Raptors gets their Lebron-stopper, PJ Tucker. With Ibaka, they might be poised to give the East some problems.
not sure if there are more new leather options out of the existing ones for the Roshe2s, chances are likely but I wouldn't hold my breathe
Russys getting help.
I was going to say because the Thunder might not make the playoffs but surprisingly they are 7 games ahead off the 8th place so they'd have to really struggle to be out of the postseason.could have sworn they said the same thing about Derozan
yah apparently if some certain scenarios occur, the Mavs gets to keep their picks? as for the Lakers, I am hearing they might want to wait for PG to sign with them when he is an FA but that hasn't really worked for them in the past few years so I think Magic should try and get a trade done for him now
I think I just remember it saying Spring 2017 so it might be soon, if stores are getting them now then just monitor the website. I'll update you if I see it go up online.
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