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Bogut is there to annoy players too and get them to commit fouls/techs and just be physical. He is a dirty player but he is also a good defender, he is a pretty good shot blocker considering he doesn't seem to elevate much in his jump these days but he makes a difference in the paint. He is also pretty smart and you'll see a stark difference when he exits and Ezeli enters.
So let's see some picks... Who wins and in how many games?
Not sure why DOnovan went away from his usual rotation. He ususally sits KD with a few minutes left in the 3rd and then star the 4th and Russ gets a few minutes of rest.In the last two games, both pretty much played the whole second half.Billie sat KD with maybe 2 minutes left in the 3rd and someone got fouled and then KD was back on the court.I think it's just those trust issues, Donovan either felt no one else could keep the lead or close without both on the court...
I don't feel as strongly about the carnivores but I do think I would feel ripped off if I paid the $200 retail. I am not sure how Nike tested the shoes and who even bothered to try to them on because it does feel like you needed to size up by like 3 to wear them comfortably as intended. It'll work as a good summer shoes without the sockliner and just black socks. I have a feeling you'd pull it off really well though as an athletechninja @Rais.
Got no dog in the fight but I just really do not want to see Green mean muggin every single play he makes. StephGods cool but feels like dudes become too cocky for his own good like Green at times. Klays pretty much the only players I like in the team similar to Ray Allen being the only player I liked in Bostons last chip and Miamis few runs. I just hope for a much better series with less blowouts.
I think the Cavs are better than OKC. I mean the Raps actually gave them the most problems but they pretty much demolished the Hawks. I know the East is a weaker conference overall but Cavs got better talent than OKC and they have longer rest time than the Dubs. Plus Lebron pretty much won two games against the Dubs last year by himself, this time Love and Irving are healthy and playing well. JR Smith is shooting lights out from beyond the arc and Thompson will likely...
I know righ! Is he even worth max contract?
I think they gave it to Jordan over Cousins and Drummond for being on a winning team. Deandre is probably #2 behind Cousins since LMA isn't considered a center.
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New Posts  All Forums: