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But if he signs an offer sheet (which is pretty much a guarrantee) then they would have to pay him the same (via the chart I posted in the last page). They'd have to pay him $15mil or whatever amount either way so I think that is moot. I doubt he doesn't sign an offer sheet and take the $7mil rookie pay. It also states it could be higher if he wins an MVP? Does being DPoY counts in some way? Doubt it actually alters the max he can get paid though.
I thought he is a free agent after this season so why do they have an option to pay him a rookie salarty next year?
Found this chart from last year and it seems like it is about more or less $3mil more within 4 years and then the extra 5th year would cost about $20m while signing an offer sheet only gets him for four years.But that was from June of last year, with the jump in cap space coming up, wouldn't they have to pay more for Kawhi now than that projection because teams can offer much more now as well while if they extended Kawhi he would have been locked for that price which would...
I forget the complete story since we were talking about it in the pre-season iirc but how would it tie up their cap? Wouldn't it be just like the Klay case anyways, whatever they extend to him earlier would have been the same for later? I think one of the reason was they were thinking the max offers wouldn't be there for the market/teams he would want to go to (contenders?) then they can easily match for less instead of paying max? But the way he is performing now, max...
The thing is are the Spurs willing to pay max for LMA if it comes to that? I mean they aren't even sure they want to plunk that much for Kawhi and iirc none of the Spurs players are at max contract right now mainly because they've developed them through drafts but that might soon change with Kawhis advancement. Then Green will be on FA next year (I think they mentioned it during the game) which will likely command big bucks because of defense and spacing on offense. Maybe...
No doubt on his defense, I mean he showed that by shutting down Lebron last year. If that was all he delivers this year again without any improvement, then my stance on him benefiting from Pops system and not worth max would have stayed. But he has made the leap and looks to be a good offensive player (and still improving) now too so now I am more sold on him.
If he scores like this every night (or close to it) then he is looking less of a product of a system but an elite player instead. I mean from 12ppg last year to 16-17ppg this year is a big jump (not to mention more reb, ast and stl) and when he becomes the number one option (and will keep improving), I can see him averaging 20+ now and I really didn't see that based solely on the playoffs/finals last year alone.
Leonard on fire with perffect ball movement plus superb defense, this team is unbeatable when all clicks even when they are semi-healthy. With the Clips, you just stifle the starters and they are screwed. Absolutely worthless bench and their "big' bench acquisition in the offseason isn't even seeing minutes.
Clips the one giving me heart palpitations right now. With that said, not doubting Letos acting skills, I think he'll do great but I am not sure about the look. All other tattoos would have been fine (though I can't imagine the Joker sitting in the parlor getting those tats) but I am not digging the forehead one.
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