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Oh you think I bought it? I just tried them on to show how it fits. It's 100 degrees here, you'd be crazy to even think about layering.
Balenciaga Irridescents GZ Swarovsky Joker(?) slip-ons
I don't mind the triangle on the crossfit Nikes, kind of reminds me of the Kobe 1s. Plus I think it is a way to provide stability to lateral movements. And Reebok just hasn't any good designs lately and the passable ones they have are pretty much Nike rip-offs. But I mean, seriously? Who says "go ahead and put that into production" after seeing this shoe? And to even say "lets price it at $140!!!! It will surely sell!!!!"
Why? Don't be afraid to get them dirty. Also, gon' be waiting for this, supposedly still "top secret" but Nike developing a crossfit shoe. February 2015 release though. Ugh!
Deadpool test footage with Ryan Reynolds. This is what could have been but Fox axed it.
My bad then, I thought it has the usual Vans sole.
Fuck those guys, who needs them!
$70 @ H&M
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