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He might be wearing a prison jumpsuit in that pic...
Lex Thing
I got some Kobe 9 EM for outdoor beaters, wouldn't last too long though if you plays a few hours of bball 3-5 a week. Check out the Kobe Mentality though, cheap price but great performance. It's pretty much the Kobe 8 but cheaper.
Nike Frees for 2015 (3.0, 4.0 & 5.0)
Full Trailer
No more max contract for him
Morena Baccarin is playing "Vanessa", that's obviously Vanessa Carlyle, a character better known as Copycat (she appeared in Deadpool's debut issue - New Mutants 98 - but was disguised as Domino at the time).
Hulkbuster armor flies with IM
Nope! Still waiting.
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