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But what about Fat Felton?
Hublot IWC Invicta
Pretty much this. Don't like then don't buy so everyone can just...
Ya'll still arguing about IWC? Anyways, got a Polachecks magazine and they had this Panerai 1940 Platino in ivory dial and it has probably jumped to my favorite Pams ever. There was also an ad on the back for the Patek 5170G and damn it's a beauty, screw the 5711! I'm just a slave to marketing. And look, it comes with a movement worth 5 figures so it gets the TWAT seal of approval?
Agent Carters concealed weapons... [[SPOILER]]
I'm good with it since she can act and as long as they don't fuck it up. Same way I was fine with Kingley playing Mandarin until they fucked it up.
What you did there, I see it
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