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Well yeah Delavedovolovarova is a good choice because he is taking everyone out on the other team
I don't think it will be a sweep especially if the Dubs do not close out tonight and gives Irving some time to rest. Didn't the Cavs destroy the Dubs in GSW homecourt in the regular season and the other time when Cavs lost to them Lebron was out? Now I don't think the Cavs will win but I think they can pull off 2 wins off of Lebrons will alone.
To be fair, we might as well not get the Chicago 1s here either because it will surely be kill or be killed trying to get them.
Looks like Marvel is at it again:
I hope Fox pulls this one off correctly:
It only took five years because Singer flipped flopped, he left X3 to do Superman Returns then Valkyrie and the initial plan was Magneto and Prof X and Young XMen origins film (so that was always the plan after X3) and they all combined it into one instead and Vaughn had to do it. Vaughn was suppose to do DoFP too but then he wanted to tackle Kingsman as soon as possible so it fell on Singer again but he delivered a much better film while retconing X1-X3.X3 might be a...
Yah I don't get why Fox can't just stick to comic books on that one, story-wise it would have been fine if they didn't call him Silver Samurai, should have just had the dad suit up in a silver gear and let him be SS. It's like they just can't help themselves, they didn't learn from the Baraklopspool fiasco in origins?
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