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AF1 Flyknit solves the heat problem. And the upper silhouette actually looks less bulky with the flyknit too. the new midsole makes the shoe weigh almost nothing too.it is a toss up between these two but I think I'd go with the AF1sgot to try on the multi-lows and they were real nice, almost has that iridescent effect
Punisher set to get his own Netflix series
sole wise it is about the same but you could probably size down by half because the upper isn't snug like the primeknits in UB
ZX Flux boots ($50 at Macys.com), came with blk/ylw laces and just had to switch 'em up to solid black and I think it looks 100x better. Y3 Approach
he grew out of them already?
RIP to one of the greatest
nah it is indeed sold out, it got cleaned up when it first became available last weekcongrats on getting a pair
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