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Does anybody own the Down Jacket? Wondering how warm it is. Also wondering how it fits.......I am a 40R and Uniqlo's size M hoodies fit me great.
According to the measurements on Context, the New Standard measurements for size 31 and 32 are identical except for the waist. I usually wear a 33 waist. If I get a size 32, will the waist stretch out so that it's too big? I'm worried that a 31 won't stretch enough, or that I'll be uncomfortable unnecessarily. Sizing down to 31 won't change the fit because the thigh, knee and leg opening are the same as the 32. Any advice? Thanks.
I usually wear a 32 or 33 waist. Are these a true 31?
I picked up a Sienna suit in a navy birdseye pattern. (Suit P2445........not available on the US site but available in Europe.),en_GB,pd.html?start=2&cgid=Suits&prefn1=fit&prefv1=Sienna It's a subtle birdseye (looks like solid navy) and fits me great, but I am concerned that it is not appropriate for business because of (1) the bright red lining and (2) the ticket pocket. Can I wear this suit for a job...
I just tried to get Nordstrom to match, and when I (and the Nordstrom salesperson) went to check the website all traces of the sale had suddenly vanished. ARGH.
I, too, have been looking for a navy Sienna. Were you able to get a solid navy? They don't have a solid navy Sienna on their website, and no U.S. store has one either (according to the people I talked to on the phone).
Anybody looking to unload a solid navy suit in 40R? I'd consider new or used, and I would spend up to $1,000 for the right suit. Thank you!
I visited the Washington DC store yesterday and really liked it. The Sienna 40R fit me perfectly OTR........all I'd need to do is hem the pants. But they didn't have it in a solid navy, and neither does their website. Does anyone know whether Suitsupply ever stocks the Sienna in a solid navy? Thanks for any info you may have.
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