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I figured I might as well post up a few pictures of my whites boots. I guess you could say that mine are kind of simi custom. When I bought them they were not one of White's stock styles. The store where I bought them ordered a bunch of them in this configuration. Atleast
Go with the sage. The sage really well.
I have owned a pair of Whites semi dress boots.for over a year. I have worn them pretty much every day. Excellent quality and after break in they are real comfortable.
Depending on what I am wearing I wear either a Tag Heuer Classic or a Tag Heuer Carrera.
The burgandy cords sound awesome. If they come out in time for this fall I will def order them.
They look fine tucked in to me. That would not be my first choice for a boot to tuck jeans into though.
I'm loving the new fabrics. I might have another order after my wedding.
Quote: Originally Posted by winston I would echo the others and say burgundy. The suit looks great. With a press it'll look even better. Is that the spring/summer light grey which on the site is with the tans? I'd love to see a good close-up of it because I don't think the swatch does it justice. Yeah that is the spring/summer light grey.
This is my first post here. I just received my first TAT suit. It is a light grey one button house cut with side tabs. It fits like a glove it just needs to be pressed. I am wondering about what style of shoes I should wear with it? I have decided I want to go with a brown shoe but I am unsure what style. I am thinking a shoe with a very narrow last?
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