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The University of Virginia's honor code is often cited as an example of an especially strict honor code which few dare cross. What you said about ruining someone's life by turning him/her in, I don't quite agree with. I'm not advocating playing God/police or whatever if you don't want to, but it's just the way that you look at it that I can't agree with. What I mean is that the person doing the turning in is not the one ruining a life. You're not the guilty party. It's...
Some people are just hypercompetitive and will do anything to be "ahead" of everyone else. Probably good to keep your distance. One TA in college told us, "If life sucks, lower your standards."
Quote: Originally Posted by designprofessor I was slow man on jv cross country, so mine said: "Will you hurry your ass up already?!" As I arrived back at the school at the end of a long practice run early in my first year the coach asked me, "What'd you do, stop for coffee?"
Check out the book Pink Box by Joan Sinclair.
To me Moore was Geriatric Bond. Clive Owen - who knows? I think that he could have been be a great Bond. Daniel Craig looks a bit more eastern European to me, but he plays the part well. And Sean Connery saying "Pussy," as in Pussy Galore, with his Scottish Burr is just amusing.
The swimming trunks were well-chosen. I have similar trunks. And board shorts.
Centipede, the Spigola monkey boots look really really nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I am scared of Marin County. Strange folks out there What I've commonly heard about Sausalito is that it's home to lots of the "artsy" type. Essentially, I was told, people who "...march to a different beat." It did have a certain charm. As for what I saw of the rest of Marin county...mixed feelings.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt In the end I just didn't think they wre worth getting so I went with something else. Wise choice. I think that most likely Stefano will end up needing to re-make my first pair. As such Stefano and others encourage a first-time client to select a fairly basic leather and shoe design since, even with "provas," the resulting first pair is not always without a problem major enough that it requires a redo. ...
For us mere mortals I enjoyed Poggio in Sausalito.
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