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def the large
That's a size for tall people.. Europe has different sizes for: a) short (Kurzgrösse / untersetzte Grösse) (normal size / 2) b) normal (Normalgrösse) (max. chest - 1 ) / 2 c) long (Langgrösse) (normal size - 1) * 2 d) Bauchgrösse (normal size +1) in other words - the numbers tell you if it's a S(hort), R(egular) or L(ong).... have a look here: http://www.grössentabelle.org/herren-herrengroessen.html
Agreed.I have a moleskin suit, and splitting it is a no-brainer
I think the answer already lies within your 2nd, 4th, 7th and 8th post.
I always found Kent's international shipping costs to be quite low, at least when choosing the First Class option....btw - received a few pocket squares yesterday - the Unicorn print is awesome...and I didn't realise that the Lindisfarne Gospels also had figures of animals incorporated in the celtic patterns, very cool Thanks again Kent
The restored 1925 version
another one for Blood Meridian But honestly I can't imagine it with a great outcome in the modern movie landscape.. i.e. Appaloosa was good, so was Yuma... but that certain, dirty vibe isn't there anymore... IF only this had existed in the 60/70s and .. let's say Sam Peckinpah had directed it.. hell yes
Of course, the Koshka Brotherhood (though it appears to be the main plot with Ray Stevenson) was kind of a subplot for Dexter's changing and learning curve plot...There were several main- oder subplots if you want to split them up..I'm pretty sure the Series will end with Dexter, Harrison and Hannah happily together on their Farm in Argentinia.. It's the only thing that makes sense..The whole season was a build-up to show Dexter changing from a fake life, to a real life...
District 9 blew me away big timeI liked V for VendettaBrazil & The Blade Runner - no words needed....Death Race 2000 is a Corman Classicbtw - anyone seen Fassbinders "Welt am Draht" ?It's available on DVD and even on Criterion Blu Ray nowadays...I loved that one as a kid..
some classics through the ages
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