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Welcome to styleforum, To give you short answers: 1.) don't buy a black suit as a general all-rounder 2.) get a (preferably plain) charcoal or dark grey, OR a navy suit, made of wool 3.) make sure you have a white (or almost white, like ivory etc) dress shirt 4.) for a greyish suit, make sure you have a navy silk tie, for a navy suit go for burgundy 5.) black, nice looking leather shoes should be fine 6.) in case of funerals: add a black tie to your suit that would be...
He would look dapper, even vibrant with her haircolor and a matching belt...She doesn't look bad, except for that nest-building peacock
an invisible one. welcome on styleforum, you posted a blank message
Knize Ten
Ich_Dien was talking about the Marketplace forum here... I may also suggest browsing the Streetwear & Denim forum, it seems it's closer to what you may have in mind? If you have a city nearby, nothing beats trying on clothes
Yes, but it was a shawl-collar suit what Gert Fröbe was wearing
received my first belt (Bakers Oak Brown) yesterday and already wore it today - I must say I'm very impressed, thanks
I was a huge fan in the early days - Pretty Hate Machine, Broken, Fixed and of course The Downward Spiral... and the concert from that tour was fantastic..While I still enjoyed The Fragile, I kind of lost interest during the wait for the next release.. I didn't enjoy With Teeth much..Maybe I should revisit..
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