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Pacific Rim not bad for what it is, but I don't think I will ever feel the urge to rewatch it
I'd recommend her full length debut "Neptune City" as an introduction
She reminds me of Nicole Atkins who I like, so thank you for posting
new Oathbreaker album "Eros/Anteros"
wide whale corduroy pants in that color
Me neither...I too have only clicked through it..It appears to be more complex which I usually welcome, and they can't shake the Tool influences off their feet - which isn't a bad thing in this case...There's a rightful place for both bands to co-exist i think as they have different approaches (or sides) to their music...will do more listening next week
A pea coat is to be worn without a jacket underneath, and I don't think that would make any sense in his case....If I could choose out of those 3 for 1 for a work environment I would pick the Chesterfield... But as GBR said, all are fine
He probably wanted to photograph that posing old man, when suddenly that girl walked by and thought "oh gosh a camera"
I have already seen about 235 films of that list, and occasionally do revisit some of them..
that what you have in mind? nah yours are fine
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