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The Current fits perfectly your minimalistic and simple approach to style
thank god I have neither facebook nor friends
they have a (recently re-designed?) website, you can email them
cute bottle from De Dolle too bad I stopped collecting beerbottles years ago
haven't had a scotch in years... but.. nice starting point, MC as someone has mentioned, from the 4 in the picture, 3 are more or less similar tasting, especially if new to whisky... (off-topic: seen you posting on basenotes, so here are perhaps some familiar tips) in my opinion, the best way is to sample each region - Lowland, Highland, Speyside, Islay, Islands, (Campbeltown) as you get a very quick sense of the differences and the general flavour I'd also...
Someone watched/posted this here a few weeks ago, so it came back into my mind - I guess it was you?I like it too, nice work from Preminger and a great castyes, that's evident from the moment he gets dressed
for some (military, working, biker/engineer)
Merkur 37C with Personna Red is my favourite setup
new Trivium album "Vengeance Falls" personally, I liked all of their albums... Shogun and In Waves perhaps the most, because they finally managed to reach their own signature style... Well, the opener was a bit of surprise, but nonetheless good... Right now I'm into #5 and so far I'm digging this album
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