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yeah, absolutely. Just try out different blades and settle to the one(s) you like most...Trying different creams or soaps is also a good idea, for example traditional manufacturers like Taylor of Old Bond Street, Trumpers, Musgo Real, etc...Don't be afraid of cutting yourself (too much) in the beginning.... It's called a safety razor for a reason
wow, nice pieces you got here & in the tweed thread, jrd.... just out of curiousity - do you take the same size in those Zegna, PRL and Canali?
I hope it improves upon the first... trailer looked great
I do, yeah it's enjoyable enough and having a live-action show browsing through the marvel universe is nice...... storywise the highpoint was clearly Graviton's origin story.. however, I much prefer what CW is doing with Star(ling) City's Hero
I just wanted to watch ONE... well, *knock knock* house of fear I guess
living in a multistory building can have its advantages.. want to socialize with your below neighbours?make a pit latrine and drop them a nice hello
Dior Eau Noire
storing books upright, not to tight, perfectly lined, wall sized bookshelves, behind glass, low temperature and humidity. but that'st just me.
They shouldn't. But I see no reason to change Kent's current logo. I always liked the fact that it's basically a simple text without trying to be more than that.
The "Hauser & Wirth" example works mostly because of the ampersand... and this design is often used by architecture/engineering firms (or modern art galleries)
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