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skirt length appears to be pretty spot on
over analyzing something I am obsessed with makes me happy
I was searching for an answer after reading the thread title, but before an answer came up, I saw Fred Astaire's pic and remembered it... and yes - this is def. a contender for it...
same here.
at home, when it's 30+ ┬░Celsius preferably one or two sizes bigger than usual other than that - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
[[SPOILER]] I perhaps like a very few of the shown items/clothes, i probably like the look of the 2 pics with the woman, but I really, really dislike almost everything I see here
"Your mission Jim, should you decide to accept it... [..]"
I know, but I'd suggest avoiding this, unless you know what you are doing
It's more about stripes on stripes than about the posted colours....
If I want to take it off I unbutton it. and when I sit down & eat.
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