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Actually it isn't that disturbing.It's very well made with a-class cinematics.But I found that this was also one of its few downsides. The other one, being jumping around between a serious/nihilitisc drama, and a satirical/surreal movie. The scenes you are probably afraid of, are more hilarious than disturbing.But yes, it is definitively something for a small crowd. In other words let's say it starts out in Henry waters, then ventures into David Lynch land, and ends with...
I enjoyed "Ink" also very much. Great little movie.I had lots of time to kill this week, and just finished reading a book about slasher movies which brought back a lot of memories, so I ended up (re-)watching some of them, and then going straight to some newer films...Friday the 13th 1-4, My Bloody Valentine, The Burning, Fritt Vilt 1+2, Tourist Trap, Basket Case, A Serbian Film, A L'Interieur, Super, The Dark Knight Returns Part 1, The Avengers
prepping for climate change?
Country brogues in light colors make fine shoes for autumn... So do boots for winter...
rock around the sock
Try Hartmann. They are located at Jasomirgottstrasse 6, that's right in front of the Stephansdom... They are good enough for cleaning clothes from museums and empress Sissi bedclothes... Enjoy you stay
wait. you had the wallet for 3 weeks, and it already had sentimental value because it was a gift from your girlfriend who has later become your wife etc? you need to slow down your life man
VIPs and celebs get them for free, so that wannabe VIPs feel the urge to buy it too
I dare to say that at least in europe in the engineering branch nice jeans/chinos and a a polo or sport shirt will be fine as everyday workwear.. even sneakers and t-shirts.. unless you have to attend a meeting.. nicer shoes and a sport coat/blazer.. dress shirts, oxfords, ties, suits... ... for formal/official occasions only I'd ask what they mean, or if you get invited to an interview you'll see it anyways.. good luck for brands: lurk, browse, search through the...
welcome to the forums! do you know the "business casual" definition of the office by actually seeing it or being told?
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