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+1the second one is really good..I think i stopped watching after the 3rd one....
still rewatching some films I either grew up watching on TV or hunted down during the VHS-era in the last weeks: The Beast From 20.000 Fathoms (Eugene Lourie) It Came From Outer Space ( Jack Arnold) It! The Terror From Beyond Space (Eward Cahn) Il rosso segno della follia (Mario Bava) Lisa e il diavolo (Mario Bava) L'uccello dalle piume di cristallo (Dario Argento) Torso (Sergio Martino) All The Colors Of The Dark (Sergio Martino) La casa dalle finestre che ridono...
not sure what films have already been mentioned, so you might take a closer look at these directors:Henri Georges-ClozotJean RenoirJules DassinJean-Pierre MelvilleLuis BunuelCarl Theodor. DreyerJean-Luc GodardFrancois TruffautJaques TatiKrzysztof Kieslowski....
ha, at least we share the same opinion here. sorry for the tall man
see page 298 not too bad, not too good. average.but I think the story material would have asked for a much more darker, nastier movie & cinematography. Especially the second half, the tone was way too comical for me to take it really serious.Boondock Saints:Yeah I know that, it's also highly praised around my parts of Europe, and I can see the reason why it has this huge cult following, it's an enjoyable ride for sure, but other than that, I'm more in line with...
LOL I just realized I already watched a Serbian Film about 2 years ago now that explains why some things seemed so familiar
The Tall Man I guess it's either a love it or hate it movie. I loved it. For me the plot (afterwards) makes perfect sense and so does the movie itself. If you are going to watch it, be sure not to read anything about it
niiice choices you had there!I only have the Criterion DVDs, not the Blu Rays, but both films are awesome classics
Prong - Carved Into Stone Art By Numbers - Reticence: The Musical
Yes, me too.TBH I found it more intense that the other film I just mentioned.
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