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If you grew up (and/or were watching movies) in the 70s/80s you may remember this... I'd recommend this little gem
JungfrukÀllan (The Virgin Spring) Haven't seen this in decades... One of the movies that left quite some strong impression on me as a kid.. Most of the scenes and details were as fresh in my memory as if I had just watched it yesterday
oh yes, thanks for reminding me of that film
Be prepared for a trillion jumps between IMAX and Cinemascope....This is tearing the film apart..Huge cast, but not enough screen time for every one. This bothered me the most in both of them..Somehow this did work much better in the older all-star ensemble movies of that kind.... Characters, not just one-liners..yes, indeed
go back some years, those movies have some awesome train fights/scenes too:Emperor Of The North PoleRyans ExpressThe First Great Train RobberyThe TrainThe Narrow MarginBreakheart Passthat's the first which come to mind, besides Mission Impossible (and Indy 3)...oh and def. some classic westerns....
The Dark Knight Rises The Amazing Spider-Man The Expendables 2 well, the last one was the most entertaining (brains off), the middle one a surprise, the first surprisingly the most incoherent and unbalanced of them.... Perhaps my expectations after TDK and Inception were too high.... It does boost some pretty damn good scenes, which are clearly better than almost every scene in the other 2 movies I watched... (give or take the opening scene of expendables 2 which should...
one country farther north
yeah, I had high hopes when I saw the first teaser and trailer...The effects and the designs are great, but the movie appears like a halfway finished workcut
Humanoids From The Deep Killer Klowns From Outer Space They Live The Devil Rides Out The Boogens The Return Of The Living Dead Piranha (1978) quite nice to see all those movies in HD I started to write down the recently watched movies, when I had the Idea to reactivate an old imdb account.... This idea ended with me remembering and browsing through IMDB to search all the movies I've ever watched and adding them to a watchlist.... kinda difficult with all the different...
nice to meet yaOut of the mentioned, he's my favorite, together with Bava.. can't really decide which I like more, depends on the films
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