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don't confuse a smoking jacket with a tuxedo jacket tuxedos are known as "Smokings" in lots of european countries... But those smoking jackets are meant for domestic wear, esp. smoking tobacco, hence the name.
yeah, In Bruges is really fun and charming
may I redirect you to the Streetwear and Denim subforum? This one is more about classic menswear like suits, sport coats and those kind of things.... and not fashion or casual streetwear Welcome to SF for jeans and chinos you have LOTS of choices, both Clarks are fine, and I have no idea why you would try to color-match those pants and shoes
Welcome to the forum it's not striped it's a pleated dress shirt (or black-tie shirt/formal shirt/Smokinghemd) worn with dinner suit/tuxedo/smoking or whatever you call it in the netherlands but nobody, except max. a handful of celebrities... wears those shirts without the proper evening wear..
We usually invite guests into a dining room, the wine cellar or the garden..... But I guess if I would try to serve them books instead of drinks or something to eat, then the library might be a considerable idea.
Nobody ever really escapes.
seeing framed pictures/paintings/whatever leaning on the wall always make me do: 1.) asking the owner if he doesn't need them anymore 2.) if I should show him how to use a hammer 3.) if he displays them for his cats or dogs to enjoy 3.) or just kick them
I like it. I'd say this is #1, and your updated Futura logo is #2.And +1on your preference for light weight for your logo
Perhaps Dürer's vividly coloured Rosenkranzfest could make for an awesome PS....but it isn't square, and cropping it would result in loosing the trees and destroying the symmetries and lines...maybe it could be nicely square framed
and that makes four.. niiiiiiiice I just wondered, because PRL are the only ones out of that pack I need to size up to 40R from 38R...
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