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Many thanks Dawn, mine did get stuck in the spam folder, and I hadn't visited SF a while We were just talking about a christmas gift for my dad (I mentioned that ordering a belt might be too late), so the newsletter with the info on your RTW belts did come in handy, but even more so the last ordering date for western/middle europe... Looks like we have to determine the size quickly and place the order today ...and congratulations to the (freshly) Married
Swans - Children of God Hüsker Dü - Pink Turns To Blue Godflesh - Christbait Rising song is from 1989, vid from 90 Masters Of Reality - Blue Garden
loved that as a kid, and haven't watched this in decades... nice to see this in HD
Yes, one of the 142 min versions - either that which is known as the Final Director's Cut, or the European Theatrical Cut.. Only minor differences.The 1-Disc Criterion is the Final Director's Cut
that was a good decision you got pm
I see. So it is basically over but you weren't 100% sure if it is.. Sorry if my post felt like it needed an answer... I was just curious when I saw this thread
I hope you found the answer, but I guess it wasn't the one you would have preferred.
whoever that is, please do not confuse me with him...
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