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A lot of times, if the sides are blousy enough to require tapering, the sleeves generally need to be taken in as well (unless you have large arms). All my shirts I had taken in, my tailor takes in the sleeves. I think it would look out of balance if he didn't do that.
I pay ~$30 for taking in a dress shirt. $6.75 seems VERY low for such a job. My tailor takes it in starting from the sleeve all the way down the side seam. As long as it looks like a normal shirt w/ normal stitching when its all said and done, then its good enough.
Not sure if the sale still is going on, but you can try the Suiting Essentials line from Brooks Bros (slightly more than $300). I'm the same height as you (5'8") but weigh ~140 + 5lbs or so. I just came back from my fitting, and I think the initial fit was quite slim. I had to ask the tailor to let out the pants a bit cause it was too tight.
I don't mean to hijack this thread, but didn't want to start a new one on a simple question... Is it appropriate to mirror shine brown shoes? I've typically only seen it done on black shoes.
I ended up ordering a Made-to-Order Suiting Essentials (Regent cut) so that I can get a 38 jacket with size 30 pants. Unfortunately, it contains some synthetic material (not sure what it is), but I rather have a suit that fits well rather than one with good fabric. With the current sale and 15% discount, I ended up paying about $340, not a bad price IMO.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wes Bourne upbin1, mind if I ask your height/weight? I fluctuate between 140-145lbs and around 5'8" tall
This is my 2nd Jantzen shirt, the first was slightly too loose in the torso. The one thing I'm noticing is that when I raise my arms, the shoulders of the shirt raise up (red circled area of pic) and the sleeves also ride up. Does this mean that some other part of my shirt is sized wrong? Maybe I have sloped shoulders? (I specified regular shoulder in the order) The fabric is real nice, but doesn't quite come up in the photos. Light blue royal herringbone,...
Just an update on the suit - I contacted Jeff and he promptly asked that I return the suit so that he can take hand measurements, just to be sure he didn't mistakenly send me the wrong size. He also contacted M. Valentino to inquire about why the suit may have been so big. The problem was solved when M. Valentino clarified that this particular suit was the "Morpheus" model, which is their generous cut suit. Unfortunately, Jeff didn't have any of the slim-fit models on...
Just a FYI. Despite some of the suggestions, I bought the shoe since I needed something right away. Unfortunately didn't have the time to search/wait for ebay shoes to materialize. Anyway, I just wanted to post actual photos of the shoe. I hope to polish them up and see how they turn out.
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu not a bad last... Yeah, its the last that is making this shoe interesting. I wouldn't mind picking up a pair of AE park avenues, but the higher price + not very sleek is keeping me from doing so...
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