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Quote: Originally Posted by Despos Pretty much need to take the back out, reshape/recut the back and put some skilled tailoring into the garment. Find the right guy and you'll have a nice suit. Is this major surgery on the suit? I'm not sure to what extent BB is willing to tailor this suit for free. I live in the NYC area - would you have an idea of approx. how much reshaping/recutting the back would cost?
Quote: Originally Posted by LawrenceMD is this a black colored suit? (if so i hope its for formal stuff) Yeah, it actually is a black suit. This suit is for my wedding, and my fiancee pretty much said I could get whatever I wanted, as long as it was black. Their navy was reaaaal dark, to the point it was almost black, but she said "no dice".
Anyone? Is this even a problem?
I just received my BB Suiting Essentials (SE) suit after about 4 weeks from placing the order. The Fitzgerald would not fit and the Regent only had pleated trousers, so I had no choice but to go SE. Since it was made-to-order, I chose flat front, double vent, 2-button, pick-stitch (looks very machine-done, but also subtle and barely noticeable so I kinda like it). I picked it up for about ~$330 and it included all tailoring (hems, sleeves, suppressing the waist, brace...
I am putting my AE Fairfax up for sale. It's size 7D in Chestnut color. Still in very good condition, I've worn it to work about ~10 times (I bought it new not too long ago). Shoe trees not included. I'll also throw in the AE chestnut premium polish that I have left. It's been shoe tree'd since the day I bought it and never worn on consecutive days. I maintained the hell out of it always (alternating the use of AE premium polish and kiwi wax polish). I am asking $95...
The waist suppression seems a little bit on the severe side. Or is this how a jacket should fit?
I don't care for monogramming, so I don't want it to be seen. But I'm just curious to know why one would get monogramming at all if it cannot be seen? Is it so that you can find it if it gets lost?
Why do you folks get monogramming on parts of shirts that cannot be seen? I think if you're gonna get monogramming, get it where it can be seen somewhat (flashes of cuff) or just don't get it at all. What's the point?
Furo, where are you located? I live in the NYC/Northern NJ area and would LOVE to find a tailor that would taper shirts for such a price... I'd bring in every single shirt I own
I definitely prefer to show the rolled edge on a TV fold. It adds some texture and depth to an otherwise minimalist fold. If not, then sometimes it can look like someone just stuffed a folded piece of paper in their pocket.
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