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Probably should have started a new thread... the old replies kinda makes it confusing. Anyway, I think it looks fine, just that your pants look kinda baggy for a "slim" fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by fox81 i have a few others that i will take photos for the wiki one day. you should set up some pages for collars, cuffs and buttons. i still havent settled on a collar yet but im all for the trocas buttons +1 on pictures of collars! I think i may go through at least 10 different shirts before I settle on a collar & size that I like...
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Shipping is $40 and customs should run about $15 - 25 if they ding you. Don't bother with the COSC. The Stowa movement is plenty good. There are several used Stowas on Watchuseek and TimeZone. Save that, you've got to get it from them. FYI - Just got my customs bill for $12.15 from FedEx on my Stowa MA.
any pictures?
I had a MTO suit made (not MTM), and after BB altered to fit, I wore it a few times. Then I decided that I'd like the pants slimmed down a bit, so I took it back. I expected to pay something for the alteration, but there was no charge. I have no idea how many times I can go back and have them alter for free, but so far so good. This was at the Riverside Square location in NJ BTW.
Quote: Originally Posted by dl20 I have that watch and wear it with a navy gator band that matches the blued hands. Looks pretty good IMO. Lacquered black looks good as well. Didnt care for the OEM band. dl I agree, I'm not a fan of the OEM napa leather band. May I ask where you purchased your navy gator band?
Quote: Originally Posted by Jbreen1 ^^^ Stowa's are pretty sick. Yours has inspired me to get one. Is the only way to get them from Stowa themselves? I really like the Marine automatic and I think it's like 600 bucks from them which seems like a really good deal but I'm worried about shipping to the U.S. Also, they recommend upgrading the movement for a couple hundred I think. Is this worth it? What are the benefits? Sorry for the newb questions. I was...
My first "real" watch... Stowa Marine Automatic. Stowa's customer service was top notch! I think the Marine Auto makes for a great dress watch. My next purchase most likely will be a Chronograph... perhaps the Archimede Pilot Chrono? I don't think my small wrist can support a watch greater than 42mm. Any recommendations on a Gator/Croc grained leather band?
Quote: Originally Posted by UnFacconable I think I (or more likely my parents) lost my social security card between 10 and 15 years ago. Why anyone would carry it around is beyond me, but I don't have any reason to go get a new card either. As long as you remember the nine digits, the card doesn't serve any function that I can recall. Have you ever applied to and got a job? Employers require their newly hired employees to come in with their...
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos Did you try the suit on at the store when you picked it up? I did, but unfortunately I couldn't directly see the back - only at angles. The BB folks told me it looked perfect... The fit felt better than most suits I owned, so I assumed it was. How do most folks determine if the back of their suits are acceptable? Most of my friends mostly don't even own suits, let alone know what a "good" fit looks like.
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