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here is how I do it (by Steven Hitchcock/John Lobb)
Is that the same as a 'stroller'? I believe you once posted a beautiful example.[/quote]Yes, Stroller in the US - Black jacket I the UK - Stresemann in Germany - and thank you
Yes. I'm no expert, but I think they descend from the daytime equivalent of formal eveningwear (the name of which escapes me at the moment). But either way, I agree: Single button, flap or jet pockets is best. Further, whereas on a notch lapel jacket, single or dual vent is a matter of taste, for peak lapel I think dual vent has a vast, universal superiority. YMMV.[/quote] City Dress - Black jacket with cashmere striped trousers
That will be quite ok except if you are in France, where only members of the French Academy traditionally are allowed to do so
No, there is not
With a white shirt and a black tie, it's ok if you don't have anything darker
That particular jacket (contest stitching, ticket pocket, etc.), that tie (ugh), that color trouser with that jacket, etc. I understand that Butler knows what he's doing, but my personal opinion is I've never seen him look worse. In other words, that's not my style. [/quote]
It is definitively a sports coat - with pocket flaps tucked in
Very nice hanging trousers
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