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Steven Hitchcock Cashmere SB, no vent with suede details, Sean O'Flynn bespoke gingham shirt, Rubinacci spotted knit, unknown PS, Jack & Jones jeans, Ike Behar blue/brown wowen belt, blue suede tassels, RetroSuperFuture shades
That is a good way of describing it!
I envisage any cut sportcoat/blazer, but not windbreaker etc.stuff!
I apologize, I realized that my answer to Holdfast┬┤s original question was unclear
Let me clarify; All denim type jeans -that is all kinds of blue (hues) jeans are ok
Military family background - and they are not turnback, but gauntlet cuffs
Why - just go with a summer coat! As you like Absolutely
Agree about the increased train wreck potential, but they must clearly be jeans!
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