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At The Guilds yearly show patronised by HRH Princess Benedikte in Copenhagen Steven Hitchcock suit wih DB waistcoat - Turnbull &Asser shirt with self designed collar by Budd and Faconable tie ] Photo: The Journal of Style http://www.the-journal-of-style.com/2015/11/09/all-guilds-show-in-copenhagen/
can anybody identify this cloth?
A gentleman continously on most best dressed list, has very sloped shoulders, and has his DB suits allmost exclusively made by A&S and an expatriate - and seems to be content with the execution (including the fullness in the sleeves that plays a vital role in the comfort and fit of the "soft" tailoring these houses represent which may be considered an aquired taste) - Yes The Prince of Wales! Here is a shot of Steven Hitchcock at his master class at The Royal Theater...
Anybody know what this is?
One should think it ought to be the other way round, as the front is more exposed with single breasted!
Thanks - I just meant my final comment on this particular subject
Yes let's do that!My final comment:I am not only fully conversant with the SF problematic orphan suit-jacket look theory, one can always see it - I fully subscribe to it!But rather than dismissing a combo right away on that account, one ought perhaps (in this case) take into consideration things like the cloth - here certainly a Jacketing, and Cashmere to boot - it would have been been a rather expensive and short lived trouser experience, if made up as a suit!
[ Not sure about grey through and through as in the butler and camoshita pics. Those guys get a pass, but for the rest of us, it will look matchy-matchy in a suboptimal way ("What, couldn't afford the suit?"). What a bizarre notion - pray explain why anybody would think so, as there is no price difference between a sport jacket/trousers ensemple and that of a suit!
Steven Hitchcock are now including Boston in his traveling schedule! The details of the Boston visit: http://thesavilerowtailor.co.uk/contact-steven-hitchcock-london/boston/
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