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Thanks - I just meant my final comment on this particular subject
Yes let's do that!My final comment:I am not only fully conversant with the SF problematic orphan suit-jacket look theory, one can always see it - I fully subscribe to it!But rather than dismissing a combo right away on that account, one ought perhaps (in this case) take into consideration things like the cloth - here certainly a Jacketing, and Cashmere to boot - it would have been been a rather expensive and short lived trouser experience, if made up as a suit!
[ Not sure about grey through and through as in the butler and camoshita pics. Those guys get a pass, but for the rest of us, it will look matchy-matchy in a suboptimal way ("What, couldn't afford the suit?"). What a bizarre notion - pray explain why anybody would think so, as there is no price difference between a sport jacket/trousers ensemple and that of a suit!
Steven Hitchcock are now including Boston in his traveling schedule! The details of the Boston visit: http://thesavilerowtailor.co.uk/contact-steven-hitchcock-london/boston/
After show drink with my tailor Steven Hitchcock upon conclusion of his Master class at Copenhagen's Royal Theatre
Thanks!In my case though, I already at commissioning know that I will use the coat as an odd coat, and consequently will order different buttons. I believe I have posted examples like a blue DB mohair and a Minnis DB flannel - I find that the light brown buttons make all the necessary difference in this exercise
That is another Danish gentleman wearing a bespoke Musellea Dembech, Milano, fresco glen check coat.Classic versus modern, another Danish gent in MTM - same occasion: Photo www.the-journal-of-style.com
Playing with the blues on a windy day in Copenhagen - Steven Hitchcock Mohair DB - Sean O*Flynn butcher stripe and Ferragano tie - Ivory linen trousers (not seen) - Musella Dembech bespoke in the background Photo www.the-journal-of-style.com
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