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Cordings call them Gold - I would say Buff!
Steven Hitchcock flannel, no vent blazer, T & A shirt, Cordings moleskins, Hober PS, Hermes green tie - smile by mistake!
Not the most practical footwear for that magnificent trail, a favourite of mine
Herer it is - epic
My DB's are always made to run to the lower button, but with 2 jigger buttons so it will work both ways
[quote name="in stitches" . also, im down for 4 pattern, though we did do that not too long ago. LETS HEAR SOME IDEAS PEOPLE!!!! ![/quote] It is not long enough since that was done!
A few old & new shots in and out of the snow, with and without stubble, of the Lovat tweed by Steven Hitchcock for the Furriners, Danish chapter!
Deets on the shoes, please?
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