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Thank you very much for your concern - As you can see, I'm alive and kicking - here demonstrating the versatility of THE ELECTRIC BLUE DB Dormeuil Tonik 30 % mohair suit, by Steven Hitchcock, worn with shirts by NSM and Sean O'Flynn, tie by Hermes, Rubinacci PS, Double Monks by J. Lobb, blue suede tassels by Crocket & Jones. From the proper suit to jacket white cotton trouser combi, to the dreaded, sockless, no tie, and jeans combo...
Apparently I addressed some of those issues!
Sorry to disappoint, but the boring truth is that the shot of me sitting alone in Las Vegas Airport, was heavily photoshopped by Vox in The Mr.Sam Gallery of Snarky Masterpieces!
Yes - you did, Congratulations
When I sat up the poll,I couldn't get the expiration date to work for some reason - expiration is midnight EST 21st April however!
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