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You are quite right - it´s an old pic, and has long been corrected!
Thanks - and you have a sharp eye:) It is a pocket watch, but I forgot to remove my wrist watch for this shoot
With a shawl collar obviously it is less likely to be taken for an odd jacket, but probably as a smoking jacket, which is also not correct BT attire outside your club, or as you say in your own home.
Not if used for BT - there would be no way one could differentiate it from a casual odd jacket!
Source The Journal of StyleNot warmer IMO, but this is where the backless waistcoat helps!Well that is how my family has been doing it for generations, (and it is not a satin but gros grain lapel) - the velvet set up, by the way, is to-day accepted BT all the way up to and including (private) royal occasions - a self faced lapel, shawl or peak, is however never accepted as correct.
Here is how I do it:Steven Hitchcock velvet SB no vent with gros grain lapels and gros grain backless waistcoat, Turnbull & Asser shirt, Imperial collar by BuddSource The Journal of Style
I always get a roll to lower button a n d a second jigger button, which leaves me with the option to do both as demonstrated here!
They are a special order Lobb's, I don't remember how old they are - why?
Age and generally neglect, I guess
The versatility of THE ELECTRIC BLUE DB Dormeuil Tonik 30 % mohair suit, by Steven Hitchcock, worn with shirts by NSM and Sean O'Flynn, tie by Hermes, Rubinacci PS, Double Monks by J. Lobb, blue suede tassels by Crocket & Jones. From the proper suit to jacket white cotton trouser combi, to the dreaded, sockless, no tie, and jeans combo Source URL=http://www.the-journal-of-style.com/]http://www.the-journal-of-style.com/[/URL] [/quote]
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