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That is a good way of describing it!
I envisage any cut sportcoat/blazer, but not windbreaker etc.stuff!
I apologize, I realized that my answer to Holdfast´s original question was unclear
Let me clarify; All denim type jeans -that is all kinds of blue (hues) jeans are ok
Military family background - and they are not turnback, but gauntlet cuffs
Why - just go with a summer coat! As you like Absolutely
Agree about the increased train wreck potential, but they must clearly be jeans!
Thanks very much for your kind remarks and votes. This weeks new challenge will be: TRAIN WRECK CHALLENGE - SC/TIE WITH JEANS! Multi vote challenge - fit must be worn this week- Also, (to quote Sticth): there will be no vetting of fits allowed. You may not post 8 old fits and see what people like best. I will delete such posts. The challenge is in the choosing, so choose wisely. - Deadline Saturday 6 PM...
New Posts  All Forums: