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I don't know if the members are aware of NSM's problems in Naples, here is a quote from an recent E-mail: "I do not know if you knew of recent problems that I had. I make it short, I have taken a new tailoring in Naples in Via dei Mille, and after doing all the renovations, bought and make measurements on all the furniture, the tenant upstairs has seen fit to leave the open water all weekend. That said I've lost all and I have to repeat everything. That is really...
Thanks - the brown garbardine I don't know, but it is very nice and tend much less to wrinkel than other garbadine I have - I have asked Mina which book it is from and will let you know! - the Ivory very sturdy linen is from W. Bill, also don't have a number, but they should be able to identify it from the pics
Sorry - it and the watch, has been worn by my father, grandfather and great grandfather so I carry on the tradition in spite of the risk of being taken for a rapper
X-post from Challenge: Summer linen - NSM DB with slipped DB waistcoat - NSM shirt - Rubinacci PS - John Lobb St James's nubuck
Sorry - but it is a lovely sturdy ivory - they will know if you show pics
That suit is fantastic! I am thinking about sleeve cuffs on one of my next suits. I usually wait until it's in the 80's before I break out the white suits but you are giving me some ideas...Not cuffs - gauntlets!
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