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Correct form (to-day): You specify the correct dress code for the occasion (day/night etc.) and include a voucher to the local rental place for a free rental (of course the rental place are instructed to only supply correct attire, in case of guests potential requests for coloured bows etc.) One includes the cost in the overall wedding budget.
My tailor Steven Hitchcock
Harrisons Saltire goes for 650 euros, about $ 860 per meter
The bottom one is just about right - a bow tie should be the same width as that of your eyes to be correct!
It has been my experience that apart from the highly personal aesthetics question, the comfort ditto, obviously is a non issue if the fit is good. This ,however, may mean bespoke!
596 £ at John Lobb St. James's
Your collection of bags are impressive - the fact that you always bring one, also outside business enviroments in the most casual of surroundings - makes me wonder if you carry a weapon?
Well said!
Sure! (50 years old GMT Master)
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