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Actually walked it (over "famous" tweed 3 piece suit) through Savile Row together with TTO Wedensday - no fog, but a few startled tailors (including my own)
NOT to restart the cape discussion - but this is what I wore in the snow! Photo: Journal of Style
Of course!
Well my Sean O'Flynn stuff does the same FWIW!
It came with lot of other stuff - have taken a longtime though due to a lot of work with change of location etc., according to Dino
A Napoli Su Misura arrival - Tomas Mason shirting
I'm sorry, but this is not correct!One does indicate a dress code on formal invitations (as Foo experienced at the Rubinacci affair) - it is not always enough to know what to wear at the time of the day.For instance an invitation for a Black Tie event in Europe, can specify not only that, but also wheather the ladies should wear short or long dresses (intended level of formality). White Tie in some countries can be specified as "Galla" which means the best of the best...
Perhaps you are thinking of the velvet smoking jacket (and not the velvet dinner ditto), which is only accepted in one's home or club - the Albert slipper, with the above proviso, is ok outside these locations.
See related thread: Bespoke Overload
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