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Traditionally the Dutch do not do coronations as such (it is a relative young kingdom), but instead this transfer of "power or responsibilities" - the only ruling monarch invited was Prince Albert of Monaco.
These pictures are from the dinner the night before which quite correctly was a dinner jacket affair (specifing long dress for the women).On the day of the main event an amazing large majority was dressed correctly in formal day wear; Morning Coat.
As a point of interest, my cordwainers (John Lobb, St. James's) recomend n o t to use any protective product for Suede/nubuck shoes. They can be washed if dirty, which will remove everything except oily substances, which none of the available products can avoid anyway!
A Master tailor has completed apprenticeships both as a cutter and a tailor, AND has established his own business!
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My point is not wheather you show socks, but that you see a l l of the shoe (as far as I can see in the crappy shots) - so Barbera (photo) is correct, and also my way
Has no one of the customers inquired directly with NSM concerning the shoulder question - ought to be more interesting than much of the more or less qualified debate here!
Very nice, but the trousers are too short, you see all of the shoe!
Harrisons "Saltire" Cashmere collection of Jacketing is very nice; price about 650 Euros!
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