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Sorry, that's not a Morning Suit- it is a normal lounge suit!
Absolutely perfect example of how to succesfully avoid the dreaded "boxy" DB look
I think it is - allthough shirt/tie/suit combination is not to my personal taste - Matteo is still among the top 5 best dressed men to-day!
Shame on you Matteo - unbuttoned cuffs! Uploaded with ImageShack.us
That's it!
Steven Hitchcock Blue SB Blazer NSM striped shirt Hermes tie Rubinacci PS By lifestylemanager at 2012-08-03
As it has allready been mentioned + Budd - perhaps some Black Tie accesoires? Savile Row no 1 - Gieves & Hawkes, marvelous building, used to be The Royal Geografical Society - this is where David Livingstone planned his African travels! - have your shoes shined by "The Shoe Snob". Turnbull & Asser - bespoke department, entry from Bury St., ask to see their scrapbook, you wont believe what you see! John Lobb, St. James's - ask if you can see the downstairs in particular...
And the rest of you - you are all wrong, read this and check the link for the complete story:What accounts for this legendary status? Well, it's a top-quality, comfortable shoe of elegance and proportion, to be sure. But Bob Clark has come up with what is perhaps the best answer: "It's the versatility. For half a century now it's been an appropriate choice for both the boardroom and the country club. It lends respectability to the army of lawyers and lobbyists who pervade...
No way I can get on without the pocket - as a magician I need all the pockets I can get! - (it's a good job you can't see the inside of my suits!)
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