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It is just somebody else's face that I paste onto my pics - but I do offer graviatas lessons, PM me for price!
May I suggest, subject to your approval Sir, to postphone any further check of our french maid, as she is still not fully recovered ?
Spot one mistake? His waistcoat slip is showing too much - it is only supposed to be just visible Like thisUploaded with ImageShack.us
It gives me pleasure to confirm your assumption, Sir! (and all the maids have thus been thoroughly checked!)
Not history at all!
In principle, yes! I would wear the darker ones with the morning suit to a funeral, the lighter ones at more festive occasions.
Some inspiration for you Photo: Journal of Style
Well, in one v e r y prominent case, the reason they were dropped was because they refused to be payed by invoice - if you catch my drift - and the house in question had grown to such proportions, that they no longer could condone the old practice!
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