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Thanks - the brown garbardine I don't know, but it is very nice and tend much less to wrinkel than other garbadine I have - I have asked Mina which book it is from and will let you know! - the Ivory very sturdy linen is from W. Bill, also don't have a number, but they should be able to identify it from the pics
Sorry - it and the watch, has been worn by my father, grandfather and great grandfather so I carry on the tradition in spite of the risk of being taken for a rapper
X-post from Challenge: Summer linen - NSM DB with slipped DB waistcoat - NSM shirt - Rubinacci PS - John Lobb St James's nubuck
Sorry - but it is a lovely sturdy ivory - they will know if you show pics
That suit is fantastic! I am thinking about sleeve cuffs on one of my next suits. I usually wait until it's in the 80's before I break out the white suits but you are giving me some ideas...Not cuffs - gauntlets!
Yes, and there is plenty of historical precedents even in tropical conditions
Don't think she has got it - bought directly at W Bill!
Also I was in doubt whether my top post was included in the challenge or not
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