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Medium brown repello calf brogue "single in the waist" oxford caps JL bespoke St. James's photos: Journal of Style
Like this: Uploaded with ImageShack.us
If you want the single cuff option - why not have BC made with the extra buttonhole and you have both options!
Yes his two ex navy valets does this- and his tailors hate them with a vengeance!
" I don't use another Neapolitan shirtmaker because I don't generally like Neapolitan shirts (I explained why) and can't be troubled to go rummage for one that suits me, particularly when I know it will be a pain to deal with them overseas. Hence, Geneva. It's not my ideal shirt--but it is good enough, the most important part to me (the collar) is just as good as Matuozzo's, and prices are much, much cheaper. What is so hard to understand about that?[/quote]" Based on...
Well it is permissable I guess, but not strictly correct form the last 50 years or so
Well, that is the way Steven Hitchcock/A & S cuts them, very comfortable and with the right amount of room for the french cuffs,me thinks!
It is just somebody else's face that I paste onto my pics - but I do offer graviatas lessons, PM me for price!
May I suggest, subject to your approval Sir, to postphone any further check of our french maid, as she is still not fully recovered ?
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