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My version: Steven Hitchcock bespoke no vent Camel cashmere & flannels with John Lobb St. James's Uploaded with ImageShack.us
Really!San Francisco 805.000Boston 626.000Stockholm 871.000
2 different waistcoats!
Pics please
Apparently your mentor Mariano Rubinacci is not bothered by polyester, as he almost exclusively wears the SG chambrey !
I'd say that's pretty decent customer service on part of Torsten and Grunwald.
+ 1
Traditionally the Dutch do not do coronations as such (it is a relative young kingdom), but instead this transfer of "power or responsibilities" - the only ruling monarch invited was Prince Albert of Monaco.
These pictures are from the dinner the night before which quite correctly was a dinner jacket affair (specifing long dress for the women).On the day of the main event an amazing large majority was dressed correctly in formal day wear; Morning Coat.
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