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X-posts from various threads, I guess these NSM outfits belong here too: http://www.styleforum.net/content/type/61/id/870233/width/500/height/1000 [IMG ALT=""http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-ct2ZTDWDKQk/UcniI1_7q0I/AAAAAAAAN1Y/xTbbYF2kMco/s640/NSM-l%C3%[IMG] Photo: The Journal of Style The Napoli Su Misura Linen suits are a three-piece double breasted ivory in W. Bill Irish linen, the brown a three-piece single breasted. The waistcoats are slipped with slips the colour...
The champ is here. Ignoring the pattern challenge clarification; a rare miss on the patterns...thinking solid white shirt shirt with the featured tie and a white linen PS square. Fit is unreal per uze.  [/quote] I agree completely! (and thanks!)
I had no idea, probably bought this 40 years ago Upon scrutiny of the lining, I see that it is made by French Façonnable!
X post from Challenge - 2X2 stripes and dots Steven Hitchcock pin stripe, Sean O'Flynn butcher stripe, dotted unknown pS and tie:bigstar: Uploaded with ImageShack.com Uploaded with ImageShack.com
Perhaps, although here is a well dressed Italian wearing it: Uploaded with ImageShack.com
Not Crust's sextuple stripes but 2X2 stripes and dots Steven Hitchcock pin stripe, Sean O'Flynn butcher stripe, dotted unknown pS and tie Uploaded with ImageShack.com Uploaded with ImageShack.com
Welcome! Waistcoat not long enough and/or rise too low - the belt Is showing (should never be worn with a waistcoat anyway)
Gentlemen, Please note that I have at no time felt that this was directed towards me in a negative way, and consequently have not in any way been offended (how could I with all the compliments -thanks!) - but I do believe it has been a very useful discussion!
This is very interesting.If Claghorn is right, it seems to me:That in his opinion, the members are not able to abstract from a good fitting suit, to decide whether the challenge's criteria has been met and how it stands up to the other participantsormembers with "amazingly well tailored clothes" should stay away and not participate in these challenges.In the first instant I personally have more respect for the members abilities, and the second is contradicting quite a few...
Thanks for your kind remarks about the quality of my suits - could you clarify why it is that my pink shirt composition is " not what these challenges are all about" please?
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