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AND a normal daytime non starched shirt!!!!!!!!
Anybody know which cloth this is? Thanks Uploaded with ImageShack.us
Ok, as requested The lady in not so red, and yours truly in Steven Hitchcock Morning suit with the happy coupleand my lady in red on way to the dinner in the other wing
I happen to live in a country without a Alden outlet, any ideas of how I can get a pair of these Thanks
Ha ha thats my wife! Will see if the wedding photografer found her worthwile to shoot:bigstar:
Escorting 91 year old mother to a country wedding Tails by Steven Hitchcock, bespoke boiled evening shirt and detachable collar by Budd. Yes I know about the PS, had just been in use! Uploaded with ImageShack.us
I asked, and it is!
Is an overcheck ok?
At least I'm not wearing the kilt!Actually Polo by Ralph Lauren cashmere
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